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They are the 14 and 15 year old girls , with a nasty look on their face all the time like their smelling something bad. And they have the nicest phones and the shortest shorts. They wear push up bras and their boobs are always showing. My question is I agree with you.

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I think they are just to peirpressured, and think they have to fit in, when they don't. You might be called a nerd for not doing this stuff but hey, you'll be alive when they will be dead from an STD or something alike. I know what you mean.

It sounds like you are describing this girl in my neighbor hood that I cannot stand. I wear short shorts but, Im not looking for attention nor do I wear push-up bras. I think that is disgusting.

I don't even have a cell phone. To answer your question I think that some of the young girls these days are turning into sluts.

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I think it's the media and peer pressure, just to fit in. Who cares?

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I'm 1, and I got a nice phone, some short shorts, and push-up bras although boobs don't always show. I'M NOT A SLUT!! Neva had sex.

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Kissed a few guys, but who hasn't? I really don't know. Some people blame it on the media, others say their family doesn't give them enough attention.

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I personally think it's because they think if they don't wear revealing clothing no guy will want them. And that's not true!

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Yes, you DO get more attention if you wear revealing clothing, but a lot of it isn't positive attention.

It's just guys that wanna get in your pants.

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I rather go with a guy that asked me out when I had a bad hair day than with a guy who asked me out the day I was wearing a low cut shirt. well i totally agree with Life Is Good but i also think it's the way that these kids are being raised im 1 and im known as the preppy black girl and i dont care because i know i was raised right!!

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i had to get out off that nasty dirty car in front of my school! did you see what she has on?

Can you say ap? and like pure pressure too! because this is what i think they want to get noticed by boys so they can get dates and stuff like that!!!

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The media can also be a good influence, my role model is Grace from the Secret Life of the American Teenager [:. the media is a big influence but also parents let their children go out looking like sluts now a days.

even if they buy their own clothes, parents shouldnt let 16 year olds out of the house looking sluts, not to say that they dont and kids change their clothes but u know what i mean im Sign me up! Get Notified! Notify Me! GET ATES!

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Nasty little sluts

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