Bitty Bums Newborn Fitted by Go Green Baby Co.

Bitty Bums Newborn Fitted by Go Green Baby Co.

The Bitty Bum Newborn Fitted Diaper is the designed to fit your tiny newborn until they are ready for a one-size diaper.


Designed for your Bitty One!

The Bitty Bums is the perfect fit for a newborn. It is designed to fit a newborn up until they are ready for a one size diaper. In fact, with this folding technique it will even fit a preemie. This little fitted sure looks a lot like its bigger sibling the Nifty Nappy™.  It has the same snap layout, the same fabric make-up and even a mini version of the lay-in insert. This is the perfect diaper to take to the hospital and use from day one!

This diaper is designed to be worn with a cover.  We recommend the Thirsties Duo Wrap

• Designed like the Nifty Nappy™ so it fits under the umbilical cord
• This will be the cutest diaper in the hospital
• Made with natural materials
• Hidden elastics for ultimate containment and comfort
• Overlapping front snap for custom fit
• Breathability will help eliminate unwanted diaper rashes


-Outer layer: Cute cotton knit
-Sandwich layer: Organic Hemp fleece
-Inside layer: Microfleece
-Organic Hemp Fleece
-Organic Bamboo Velor
This will fold in half and lay in the diaper

Bamboo/Hemp Information

Organic Bamboo Velour is 70% Organic Bamboo Viscous / 30% Organic Cotton
Organic Hemp Fleece is 45% Organic Hemp / 55% Organic Cotton

The Bitty Bums has the snaps through all the layers of fabric so they won’t pull through. Plus the high quality resin snaps make diaper changing a SNAP!


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