bumGenius Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental

bumGenius Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental

Do you want to use cloth diapers with your newborn but not sure where to start? Want to diaper your newborn in soft cloth for only $35/month? Are you planning to use one-size diapers, but they are a bit too large for a newborn? We have the perfect option to get you started.


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Do you want to use cloth diapers with your newborn but not sure where to start?  Want to diaper your newborn in soft cloth for only $35/month?  Are you planning to use one-size diapers, but they are a bit too large for a newborn?  We have the perfect option to get you started.  Newborn diaper rental gives you the oportunity to give cloth diapers a try with little investment and allows you to start cloth diapering before those one-size diapers fit perfectly.  Additionally, if you are not sure what cloth diapers are going to work for your wee one, a rental program can get you off to a great start.

The bumGenius Cloth Diaper Rental includes 24 new or gently used newborn bumGenius diapers.  These are the perfect newborn diaper as go off and on in a breeze and keep baby dry and comfortable.  bumGenius Newborn cloth diapers fit from 6-12 pounds. They are intended for a newborn and fit low, below the navel, to keep the umbilical area dry. This diaper is designed to fit during that itty-bitty newborn stage.

There is no need for a cover, as this is an all-in-one diaper.  Even people unfamiliar with cloth will have not problem using this diapers.

If possible, please place your order one month before your due date and email or call us with your expected due date.
We will mail your diapers 1-2 weeks before your expected due date.  If your baby is already born, just give us a call and we can get a rental sent out to you as soon as it becomes available.  In the event that the diapers are needed sooner please just let us know.

Used Rental Newborn Package Details:

      • The initial  cost of the Newborn Rental Package is $280.  Use the diapers for 3 months and after they are returned we will refund your deposit of $175.  You can also choose to receive your refund as a store credit and will received $185 (A $10 bonus). Therefore, your rental costs work out to just $35 per month.  Compare that with the cost of disposables for a newborn for three months and you will be saving over $150 dollars.
      • We will send you a rental agreement and care instructions with your diapers so you feel confident washing and caring for them with no problems.  If you have questions during your rental period we are only a phone call or email away.
Terms and Conditions:
  • Use the diapers for 3 months. (Or longer if needed, just $35 extra per month). Due to the extensive time required for processing rentals, the minimum rental period is 3 months.
  • The package is $280.00. When diapers are returned you receive $175 cash return. Optional store credit return gives you $10 bonus money to spend: $185 in store credit
  • If you would like to add wipes, laundry detergent, or additional diaper covers please see our Diaper Rental Add-On Package
  • Free shipping is included with the rental. You are responsible for shipping charges when the diapers are returned to us.  We recommend using insurance when returning your diapers as we are only able to issue the refund once we recieve the diapers.
  • Diapers can only be rented to non-smoking households.
  • Renter must agree to use only detergents  and diaper creams that are safe for cloth diapers.
  • We fully understand that diapers will be used and will exhibit signs of normal wear and tear.  However, if diapers are returned damaged, the price of a new newborn bumGenius will be charged from the deposit.
  • Diapers must be returned in a timely fashion and if are not received within 4 months, we will assume you have decided to keep the diapers and you will be charged the full retail price of the diapers.

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