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      BabyKicks 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper


      The BabyKicks 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper is a one size diaper that is incredibly thin and trim. It features a luxurious inner lining that ensures only the softest fibers touch baby's most sensitive areas.

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      BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper


      BabyKicks NEW Basic Pocket Diaper - A budget friendly, trim, one size pocket diaper.

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      Babykicks Duz it All


      Our Duz-it-All offers supreme versatility and can be used as a burb cloth, doubler, and newborn diaper. Made with 2 layers of hemp jersey and certified organic cotton, they are a definite must have for home and the diaper bag.

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      Babykicks Hemp Nursing Pads


      Available in 5 layers of hemp jersey/certified organic cotton or 3 layers of hemp fleece/certified organic cotton, or Nursing Pads do not add bulk and will make every mom feel comfortable knowing she has the best in absorbency and leak protection.

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      Babykicks Hemp Washies/Wipes

      from $1.60

      Our washies are ideal for a thorough cleanup every time. Use the soft hemp fleece and certified organic cotton side for little hands and faces, and the opposite side for more stubborn messes. Great for the changing table, diaper bag and high chair.

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      Babykicks Hemparoo Doubler


      Our Doublers can be added to any type of diaper, and are perfect when a little extra absorbency is needed. Made with 4 layers of hemp fleece and certified organic cotton they can also be used as an insert by themselves.

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      Babykicks Hemparoo Hemp Fleece Pre-Folds

      from $6.59

      The ultimate in luxury and function, our pre-folds, are made with 2-3-2 layers of extra soft hemp fleece and certified organic cotton. They can be wrapped around baby for a snug fit, or folded in thirds for 7 layers of all natural protection

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      Babykicks Hemparoo Premium Joey-Bunz


      A step up from the original, our Premium Joey-Bunz is made from hemp fleece and certified organic cotton, with a split design that allows for faster drying. The top layer can also be folded to create custom absorbency where needed.

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      Babykicks Joey-Bunz


      Our original hemp jersey and certified organic cotton "no folding required" inserts are designed to be trim with unsurpassed absorbency. Ideal for stuffing pocket diapers or an extra boost for heavy wetters, these are a staple in every stash!

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      BabyKicks Organic Hemp Fitted


      BabyKicks Organic Fitted - This fitted does it all and when we dreamed it up we had your baby’s comfort in mind. Our premier organic fitted is designed to be the only diaper needed from birth through potty training. Made of luxurious 50% certified organic cotton for softness, 33% natural hemp for absorbency and durability, and 17%% polyester for stretch, this diaper will wrap around baby hugging every curve and keeping messes in.

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      BabyKicks Premium Duz-it-All


      The same design as our original Duz-it-All, and just as versatile, but with an added layer of our hemp fleece and certified organic cotton blend making a total of 3 layers of soft, natural fabric.

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      BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper


      BabyKicks NEW! Premium Pocket Diaper