BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper

BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper

BabyKicks NEW! Premium Pocket Diaper


$14.99 — $21.50

Quite possibly the most perfect diaper to come into existance, the BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper has undergone a complete redesign and upgrade, but still retains its affordable price tag. As always, it has the convenience of a disposable with a waterproof outer shell, the breathability of cloth from fleece leg gussets, and absorbency like nothing else from an included One Size Joey Bunz hemp insert. Now it also includes a ridiculously soft bamboo VELOUR (ooh la la!) inner lining that is sure to be above and beyond every baby’s standards and a separate pill-resistant stay dry liner.  It is also now available in either Velcro or Snap closures!

One Size Design
o     Fits birth to potty (7-40lbs)
o     Unique newborn fold to fit the smallest babies
o     Use as a training pant (snap version)
Fleece leg gussets
o     Soft and gentle, no red marks on baby’s legs
o     Allows air flow to combat rash and regulate body heat
o     Protects against leaks and blow outs just like a fleece cover
Front stuffing Pocket
o     Keeps insert from shifting out of the back of the diaper
o     Keeps hands away from messes when unstuffing
Bamboo Velour inner lining
o     Soft and luxurious
o     Absorbent for added leak protection
o     Certified organic cotton and rayon bamboo blend (30/70)
One Size JoeyBunz Included
o     Made with hemp and certified organic cotton
o     Super trim and absorbent
o     One size design grows with baby
Stay Dry Liner
o     Included separately
o     Use when you prefer (naps, nights, or not at all!)
Extra Wing Snap (snap version)
o     Secures soiled diapers
o     Use to secure the newborn fold


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