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Nastya Volna is like a wave but underwater. Anna the hot teen in red dress. Ads by TrafficFactory. Join for FREE Log in My subscriptions Videos I like My playlists. Date Anytime Last days This week This month Last months Last 6 months. Our team would swim nude always.

I would always get excited before a race and stay hard for a long time. I do not recall much about the girls competing and there were never more than 20 people watching in the stands. During this time the instructors would talk to us one at a time. They wanted us to be more aggressive.

My hard on would brush against instructor. Only one of the girls would show much interest in boys. She would find excuses to chat after races. I was completely ok with nudity other boys were shy. Author: Jake to Ryan [ Edit View ]. I presume that at 1 when you started on the team you and the other boys were already in puberty or just starting.

Up to what age did you practice and swim nude in front of the female instructors and during meets in front of spectators? I was never on the swim team but I had friends who were and often attended the meets.

The boys in the junior teams up to age 12 or 1 always competed in the nude, but from age 1 they started to wear swim briefs in front of spectators although they continued to practice in the nude.

Like you say many of the junior teams had female coas and instructors and some of my friends on the teams told me that the coas would sometimes swat boys in the locker room after the meets for bad results or not concentrating enough or even for displaying erections in front of spectators.

The part where you say that the boys were made to urinate in the locker room before entering the pool is probably true because it was the same when we had swim classes. Did the female instructors watch you to make sure that you peed before entering the pool and did they ever swat or spank you when you misbehaved during swim classes or at meets?

I do recognize well that middle school was the last stand for dominating women back then to abuse boys but I was never subjected to that at swim. I am not proud to admit now but a few that tried got fear put in them.

My friends were rather rough crowd being a foster kid. some may fantasize about that but the reality is they were in danger and they sensed it. The instructors were genuine and caring. We actually got hugged. We could have worn suit but preferred not not wear it. I swam there for seasons and never wore suits. when I saw college kids they mostly did. We did not get a bad reaction from erections.

Infact they were encourage. She said they looked nice and healthy to show. They were good luck before a swim meet and the instructors said being naked and hard would intimidate the other boys with smaller penises. We did pee all the time in front of her. She did not intentionally watch though. They would bring towels and encourage us. Maybe they were relieved they got excused but they were enthusiastic and encouraged us. If we won they would introduce us to their moms.

We only went to 5 different locations with a few a long drive away. The only time the second instructor would go into the change room were at meets or if they had something to discuss. I did get to see a few girls butts quickly changing but that was it. A few funny things did happen. Both instructors would tell me as a foster kid that I should get married right away so I have a family of my own. They would bring me second hand tshirts and a few shorts. I did not wear underwear or socks in the summer much.

Author: Curious [ Edit View ]. I can recall how they look and sound of voice. One was training semi pro athletes with sports conditioning. The other was doing social work but in all honesty too smart for it. I actually dreamed she was my mom. I knew plenty my ownage but she was maybe 12 years older than me at most. Author: Rita [ Edit View ]. I know that sounds like I only swam to see nude boys and I will admit it definatly had a lot to do with me staying on the team.

I liked swimming and found it exciting but there wouldn't have been an ounce of hesitation for me to quit it if they told us girls were too had to swim totally exposed like them.

I usually got totally embarrassed when my nipples poked out unexpectedly. Between the cold water and air, along with seeing the boys nude and occationslly aroused it would "turn on the headlights" and I would die of embarrassment! I could not even imagine how humiliated they must have been with us seeing all they had down there!

No way I would have joined or stayed! Author: Willy to Rita [ Edit View ]. I know my sister's and girl cousin's did,there was no way they would of swam nude but they acted like it was no big deal for us boys to be nude. I always felt the girls were more modest than us boys I could never imagine the girls swimming nude. I accepted it was appropriate for them to wear swimsuits. html Stan appeared nude both at home and at swim meets. From the age of about 14, he had protective feelings about his sisters: "I wouldn't want strangers look at my sisters like that.

It was the big brother in me to keep my sisters safe and not wanting anyone to look at my sisters like that. So I am in agreement that I have no problem keeping my sisters clothed and not naked, especially in front of strangers. I never felt jealousy of why not girls be nude at the swimming events like us boys. If a couple is caught committing fornication or adultery, the woman tends to get more blame than the man. Could Willy and Stan be conscious of an instinct which most of us are suppressing?

Zine, J. Honor and identity: An ethnographic account of Muslim girls in a Canadian Islamic school. Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, Author: To Rita [ Edit View ]. Were some boys developped or none at all in comparison with some of your girls? Author: Manuel [ Edit View ]. I remember the girls in our team, as well as girls from our class that were spectators at the meets, were always encouraging us.

I loved it when they would introduce us to their moms. in the locker room before the meet, after the girls had changed into their suits and after us boys were naked, many times we had a huddle and review things and given instructions by our coas, both male and female. some of us standing, some of us sitting, boys on one side, girls on the other and able to look at us.

sometimes, the girls would be between us and next to us. we didn't mean to, but sometimes erections happened. a couple of the boys turned red of embarrassment so the coas said not to worry about erections. by this time, coach knew we didn't mean to get erections.

I remember also being instructed to pee before we shower and before we head out to the pool. I remember sometimes I had to pee a few times during the meet. it was kind of cold, especially being wet and out of the pool. I thought it was wonderful when the girls would introduce us to their moms, but especially after we placed and we were wearing our medals.

sometimes, even my tears came to the meets to see us swim and compete. then the following week, our tears and classmates continued to encourage us and tell us they enjoyed the meet. I know my mom and dad, brother and sisters were proud of me. Author: Mike [ Edit View ]. I was a lifeguard and instructor at a local swim and tennis club. All instruction was done with suits on.

This posed a problem for me because they took a long time and I ended up missing my bus home and having to wait an hour for the next one.

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I started waiting for most of them to leave then rushing to shower and dress and make the bus. I still missed the bus a couple of times, so eventually I just went in at the end of the class and showered and changed with all the boys and their moms. I did this for about three years. Author: Jake [ Edit View ]. In any case you were still a young boy since you said that you were still in Junior HS and probably the moms considered you as such.

It would have been different if you were an older teen or adult. Were there just moms in the locker room or also sisters of the boys? You have not said your age when you were in that swimming team and had to compete in meets with the girls members of the team in the same locker room?

I presume that it was not at high school?

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Nevertheless, even if you might be used after a few situations of nudity in front of girls, it might be embarrassing to see the girls looking at you from one side of the locker room, or standing aside you or behind you with your naked buttocks well exposed to their view. Did you undress all together exposed, even the girls, except if they come already wearing their swimsuits? and did you shower also under their sight. I guess that the girls did not remove their swimsuits if they took a shower in front of you?

Did you stand a long time naked and exposed to the view of the girls before the meet to listen your coach. Was it the same at the end of the meet? did the coach gathered you for some comments?

and if you had lost, were you punished by your coach by some slaps on your wet buttocks as it happened sometimes for male members of a team it seems that it was rather at football meets but may be also some other sports? and if it happened was it in front of the girls who could tease after you after having witnessed at your punishment?

and work on your social skills. that's not the way we talked around each other. we rarely even used the word naked or nude back then. and yes, sometimes and more than sometimes but less than always, we had a huddle together, both boys and girls. and in the locker room at that. coas are not going to be concerned with "hey, let's not have a huddle because now jean the frenchie is going to be gossiping about us. I presume that it was not at high school " please work on your social skills.

somehow, it seems like I am supposed to prove something to you. I don't care to prove anything to you or anyone else. if you don't believe, I don't care.

this website is not the website of 'lets prove everything to jean the frenchie'. but none the less, I will comment on some of your questions. I was in the swim team from junior high through high school, grades we didn't have to compete, and we didn't have to be part of the swim team. might be used. if anything, I feel like you are looking for some kind of perverse way that we had in our swimming team. that didn't happen. we were a team.

I wasn't. you must not have read any of my posts. we grew up with family nudity. I have an older brother two years older. I have two sisters, one is two years younger and the other is three years younger.

Nude moms swimming

we had one bathroom, one shower. Dad made our shower just a little bigger than most so we could fit three people, four people would be just a little tight. all four siblings had to go to school at the same time. Dad also built two toilets and two sinks and two mirrors.

it was still a little tight squeeze, but we did the best we could.

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we were also taught not to be ashamed of our bodies, as we were created in the image of God, so why should we be embarrassed or ashamed. that's how we grew up. in our early days, Mom showered us, sometimes Dad showered us. as we got older, my siblings and I still showered together. we had to. we had to get to school in time. when I joined up for swimming, I began at age Mom and Dad gave me the heads up that I would be naked in front of everyone.

I responded with, 'so what's new? everyone sees us naked anyway. mom had siblings, dad had siblings, we had neighbors, we had friends, and we all shared our pool. boys swam naked, girls wore suits. its the way it was back then. so swimming where everyone could see me was not anything new. my mom and my sisters saw me naked everyday.

this wasn't any different. naked buttocks? we didn't talk like that, or think like that back then. and none of us was thinking "quick, everyone, hide your buttocks because jean the frenchie can see our asses. you are looking for some perverse thing that wasn't there. the boys had to wait out by the pool while the girls showered and changed into their swim suits. sometimes, the girls took their time leaving, or better yet, would find a reason to come back in as we were changing, or maybe I should say, getting undressed.

if girls were there as I was getting undressed, I didn't even give it a second thought. probably because of how it was at home. my sisters and my mom many times walked in on me even when I was putting on my underwear, or when I was still naked and looking for underwear or trying to decide what I was going to wear.

my sisters often came in to talk to me about something or other. I had no problem with it. hey, we had just showered together. also, if it was an important meet and coas new it was a strong team we were going up against, they were anxious to give us instructions and would call the girls back in even if one or two of us was still in the shower.

I remember being all wet and drying myself as the coas were talking to us and the girls were already in the locker room. some of the boys and some of the girls would be sitting, some would be standing. so, no, the girls didn't shower in front of us.

keep in my mind that my sisters and I showered together. I had so much respect for my mom and my sisters, that this same respect carried over to the girls in our swim team. yes, I was exposed and in full view of the girls, in practices and at meets. the thing was to listen to the instructions given by our coas to help our team. we had a male coach and a female coach.

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I treasured everything either one of them said. some of the huddles were quick, some a little longer. so, yes, I stood naked for periods of time. that was not unusual, we had to be naked during the meets and in full view of whoever went. usually the meets took longer than an hour or two.

after the short huddle, us boys had to wait for the girls to shower and change, leaving us boys out by the pool. I was the social one. I think the other boys took my cue, and I would see them also socializing with whoever talked to them. sometimes two or three of them would be next to me also talking to whoever I was talking to. sometimes these same boy team mates would make it a point for me to go say hello to their moms and sisters. I had no problems talking to all the moms and sisters of our team mates.

during the meets, the girl team mates would take us to say hello to their parents and siblings. sometimes, I would see my tears, and I felt good about that because I had invited them to come to the meets, and they came.

new day

why are you thinking that? and why does there have to be punishment? I don't remember ever going through some kind of punishment for having lost. if anything, we were still encouraged whether we won or we lost. and after the meets, seems like everyone would come and tell us how proud they were of us. even if we lost. of course, it felt great when we won. slaps - wet buttocks.

apologise, but

yes, I got a few slaps in my butt. I hope you mean slaps like you would mean a pat in the shoulder. these were no different from those. I never saw football players getting punished. they were always treated with respect. I never saw anyone get out of line.

now those football guys were big, tall, and strong. I guess that's the reason I wasn't in the football team. getting hit by one of them? no way. I wouldn't survive. and the basketball players, those guys were tall. I didn't stand a chance playing basketball up against them. and just so you will know, back then I was 5'6" and uncircumcised, considered short and skinny, a swimmers body.

I am still 5'6", but not skinny or anywhere near skinny. were you punished a lot by someone? I got a whole lot of encouragement by everyone. I don't remember anyone teasing me about anything. or maybe you should define teasing.

Touching words nude moms swimming consider

don't get me wrong. mom and dad never spared the rod. they did this early as we needed it. and just enough to where as we got older, we didn't need so much. we were trained in the way we should go. and that way was to follow Jesus Christ, with our whole heart, soul and body. whenever I got punished, I had it coming, and I knew I had it coming. rarely was I punished unjustly. Author: George Spelvin [ Edit View ].

I realize that you were happy to swim in the altogether, but many other posters were not. I realize that you were respected by the girls on the team and the girls and women in the audience, but many other posters were not.

I realize that you recall respectful coas, but many other posters do not. You have a past which many of us can barely even imagine. I have frequently wondered what it would be like to have memories of being corporeally admired as a child or adolescent. What is it like to sing in a choir in front of an audience, wearing only a loincloth, like the boys in Orchid Island?

What is it like to play a drum or a bamboo flute in front of hundreds of people, wearing only a loincloth, like the boys in Japanese drum ensembles? What is it like to run naked in a race, like the boys in the Philippines? What is it like to be photographed nude and displayed to countless book customers and museum visitors, like Emmett, Jessie, and Virginia Mann?

What is it like to be taken to a Caribbean Island and star in a movie completely naked, like the two boys in Robby?

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Last but not least, what is it like to perform nude in a swim meet, to the admiration of mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and women tears, like Manuel? I wish I could tap the brain of any one of you, just for five minutes. my apologies to you. to Jean: my apologies to you.

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I shouldn't have been so harsh. I don't know why I was in such a bad mood. guess it was just an off day for me. let me try that again. I encourage all families to start early and talking as a family. my parents never told us to get dressed after we were bathed.

my brother and I always bathed together. we were just two years apart.

have hit the

then I had a sister who was two years younger than me, and then a sister a year younger than her. so when my brother was 7, I was 5, my sister and the youngest 2. at some point it would be my brother and I bathing together, but usually after he got out in full view of my sisters, then my sisters would join in. when I was 10, I was asked if I wanted to join the Y and get in to swimming.

we had a swimming pool by then. and my brother and I always swam nude while my sisters wore suits. if it was just me and my brother, sometimes my sisters also swam nude. its whenever we had company that they wore suits. anyway, when presented with swimming at the Y, I jumped at the chance.

big pool. how great is that. then my parents told me I would be naked in public, in front of everyone, girls and ladies included. I couldn't figure out the difference. I had already been seen naked by my aunts and uncles, boy and girl cousins, the neighbors and their daughters. so I said it would be okay. you might be thinking about erections. we grew up with erections in our home. and in front of everyone and anyone. even though I hadn't thought about that ahead of time before the journeys at the Y.

but those erections came. on to high school. and with a lot of experience from swimming. I really enjoyed swimming. I really enjoyed being part of the team.

and by this time, I really didn't think that much about being naked.

I was also in the competition swim team at school. Mom let me swim nude. she encouraged me to swim and practice, practice, practice. I had mentioned the speedos and how uncomfortable they were. she said to swim without them. so I did. I was my sisters never giggled or made me feel embarrassed or ashamed. probably because mom never did but encouraged me and said not to be embarrassed, she Sex Mole; Porn Tiki; MA-TURE; My Boner; Tube For Work; Bonus Vid; Fap Tip; Sex With Mature; Infinite Tube; HD Porno Chief; Tube Reserve; Dick Pal; Daily BBW Porn; Tasty Movie; Stale Moms; Several Movies; All models were 18 years of age or older at the time of depiction. has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal Related sears nude swimming mom taboo bikini pool mom nude mom beach swimming pool mom naked girls in the pool outdoor shower mom changes in front of son mom sunbathing pool mature granny backyard voyeur bikini sister pool party mom swimming naked mom pool yasmin dornelles comendo uma femea sister naked at swining pool swimming pool mom

everyone had seen me naked, and even with erections. so what the swim meets were exciting. I didn't always win.

probably less than often. when I didn't win, yes, I was a little discouraged, but there was always someone there to encourage me right back up again. but it was great when I did win. I think I was the one that encouraged everyone to do their best.

if I saw someone embarrassed about his erection in front of someone, I told him to forget about it, just concentrate on the game. the coas did the same thing. if we had an erection, coas never belittled us or told us to put it away or hide it. the girls on our team also didn't discourage us or tease us. yes, I did catch them looking at my erection and that of the other boys, but where else could they look.

and we didn't discourage them from looking. there was a lot of respect between us and for each other. sometimes I couldn't prevent an erection from happening.

those things happen when they want to happen. it didn't take much. once it started throbbing, I knew that was that and there was nothing I could do about it. on the way home, a few times my sisters asked me if I was embarrassed that it was throbbing, I said no, and what could I do about it, there was nothing I could do about it, but to go on.

during that conversation, I would get an erection at that time, and I really needed to release. my parents had already given us the conversation about having to release. and I had no problems telling mom and dad that I really needed to release. they knew what I meant.

my sisters asked if they could watch, and I said no quickly. dad said respect your brother. and they left me alone. before the meets, I mentioned that sometimes we had a huddle in the locker room, even if one or two were still in the shower and the coas would ask us to hustle and come on out so they could talk to us.

can not participate

and the girls were by this time back in the locker room with us. we all knew it was okay, especially since us boys were going to be naked in front of our girl team mates for the next hour or two. I do remember towel drying myself in front of the girls and in front of the lady coach at times. sometimes I had a great urge to pee again during the huddle. the urinal was a trough, and right close to the huddle, I would try to hold it, and I asked the coach if I could pee and that I had to go really bad.

they responded with 'please hurry and remember to shower again after the huddle. and after the huddle I rinsed myself even if a couple girls were still present for whatever reason they were still there. after the meets, like I mentioned, my sisters would come in to alert me that my parents were in a hurry and needed me to hurry.

I don't know who came in first, but sometimes a few of the moms came in to get their sons out for the same reason.

they are in a hurry to do some errands and there was still plenty of daylight to do so. the boys had to wait for the girls to be done with their showers, so the boys moms were getting anxious or ruffled that we had to wait for the girls to vacate.

it seemed like those girls took forever and not in any hurry. go figure. and in case you're wondering, the other team was in the other locker room.

I remember that sometimes I really needed to pee really bad, but we had to wait out there erections and all until the lady coach said we could go in.

the whole time those girls were in that locker room, us boys were out there by the pool in front of all those moms and sisters and female spectators, and of course the brothers and the dads. not that we had a big spectator group. not anything like what shows up for football games or basketball games or track meets. those sports had spectators. that's why I would invite my tears to come to our meets. sometimes they came.

not always. maybe less than that. after the meets I usually would go to my tears and thank them for coming, that is if they hadn't come to me first, or to my team mates. I was happy they came.

I would invite them again, and I would invite them during the week of the meet. I was a little surprised to read about your sisters asking to watch you release and your saying now. I never heard it called "release" before. I have collected posts from a few other posters who grew up in nude-friendly homes, and I must have gotten one of them mixed up with you. Another poster said that he was allowed to masturbate whenever and wherever he wished, and that tissue boxes were placed in divers places in the house for that purpose.

Mom and Dad had talked to us about everything. we talked about everything at some point or other. We talked about nudity and we talked about when to cover up.

as we were growing up, and after showering or bathing, we pretty much stayed nude. they didn't tell us to get dressed unless we were going some place. we talked about erections, we talked about foreskin and foreskin sliding back when erections occurred. for as far back as I can remember, we did this as a family.

and I say that because we were always together when these discussions happened. and usually this happened at the breakfast or dinner table. as we got a little older, the topic of masturbation happened, and the necessity of tissues. Dad made it a point to tell us in front of Mom and my sisters. Mom also said that we can use our dirty shirts or even underwear to clean our mess. usually, there would be tissue really handy by our beds. as far as having tissue anywhere in the house, I don't think that was me that posted that.

even though we were allowed to masturbate, which also included the discussion about ejaculate and semen. boy, I really wish families would talk about all this at home. there was another post I wrote. I should probably look for it and copy and paste.

but I will try to do it this way. as I mentioned, my sisters asked if they could watch and I said no. after one of the meets, and I had been naked in front of everyone for a couple of hours and with an erection that was really throbbing. on the way home, I was in the back seat with my sisters, and I had this raging erection, and I said to my parents that I really needed to release, and I knew they knew what I was talking about.

but so did my sisters. and they asked if they could watch. I had said no, but the look on their faces stayed with me. anyway, several days later, a week later I guess, like after the next meet. same thing, I have a throbbing erection on the way home and it was quite obvious. and I told my parents I had to release and it was driving me crazy. again, my sisters asked if they could watch. I didn't say anything, and I looked at them, we looked at each other.

Mom turns around and looks at us. she was reading our faces. she said only if you want to, don't feel like you have to. Mom said she would have tissue handy for us, and Dad added that when there is no tissue, just use a dirty shirt or anything to clean the mess. I'm sure my sisters were wondering what mess at that time. this is one of those family discussions that should be had. Dad said that if he or mom or even our sisters walked in accidentally or needed to do something while we were 'busy', not to be embarrassed.

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so it would happen that I wouldn't stop or let go. who ever walked in would walked back out. we were told not to be embarrassed about our nudity or erections, and that masturbation and erections were normal and not to embarrassed or ashamed. so when my sisters or mom walked in, they would walk back out.

I may have hesitated or slow down when they walked in, I wouldn't cover up. I pretty much did this in bed uncovered laying down. after practices or after the meets, after having had erections in front of everyone, when I would get home, I really needed that release.

my erections were pretty obvious on the way home. I would tell Mom or Dad that I really needed to release. my sisters also knew what I meant and asked if they could watch.

I said no immediately, and dad quickly responded with 'respect your brother, no is no. that look stayed in my mind for awhile. a few days later, same scene. I had to release, and again they asked if they could watch. so I said okay for this one time. I was going to explode already and I knew it wasn't going to take very long. when we got home, they followed me everywhere. and I couldn't contain myself anymore. I didn't let them help.

and to be honest, I felt like there's something wrong with this but couldn't put my finger on it. I wanted to make sure that it was okay with Mom and Dad. they said it was okay and it was my decision and everyone had to respect that.

everyone had seen my erections. so I let them watch. and I exploded within minutes. my sisters were speechless and couldn't get their eyes off me. all of me. they wanted to help clean up, but I said no, that it wasn't right.

I cleaned up, took a quick shower, but stayed nude for the rest of the day and evening, even during dinner and watching television in the living room. at night, when I went back to my room, my sisters followed me. we bonded even more than what we were. we were close as brothers and sisters are. but we were also friends and could tell each other everything. we were taught to honor and respect each other from the beginning. my sisters did ask a few times if they could bring a friend.

and I know it was okay with my parents. I had told my sisters to ask Mom and Dad first, as I wasn't comfortable at all with it. but I also asked those friends to ask their parents and let my parents know that it was okay. of which they all did. I still wasn't comfortable with that.

and it all comes down to my own decision. in my heart, I don't believe in incest, or exhibitionism. Mom and Dad had talked to us about nudity, but also about incest and other things. I wasn't comfortable with anyone touching me. looking is one thing. yes, there was accidental touching, or tight spaces and necessary bumping to each other.

but I was asked if someone could watch. so I said okay a couple times. the difficult part came later. like at the swim meet. standing there, and a few of these girls had seen me ejaculate. I had told Dad about how I felt about that, and he said that I don't ever have to do this again.

he also said that he was proud of me that I could come to him and say something. he also said go tell Mom. that was more difficult. I have no problem being naked in front of my parents or my sisters. since then, I had no problem talking to Mom about ejaculation.

both Mom and Dad said that what I was feeling was that my body is a temple of the Holy Ghost and that I should keep my body pure. just so you will know, I didn't lose my virginity until halfway through my freshman year at college. and probably because my parents weren't there. I did tell them that I lost my virginity when it happened. I wish I had talked to Dad about it before I did it. I probably would have waited until I got married.

did I ever let my sisters touch my penis, soft or hard. that happened a few times. very few. I happened to have an erection when they first asked me if they could touch it.

we had family nudity out in the open like when we had to go to the restroom. we could go nude back and forth. we still showered together during the week because of needing to get to school in a hurry. so, yes we saw each other naked pretty much on a daily basis. did I see my sisters friends naked?

did I want to? maybe, but it definitely wasn't a driving force. I think that children raised with nudity having seen sisters and moms nude can cope with nudity a whole better than those that never see nudity or are taught body shame.

with you

either way, my sisters had no problem being nude when I was around. we love each other, like brother and sister. Did I ever catch my sisters masturbating? a couple times I walked in on them, too. but I love them too much as my sisters, so I always walked out and gave them privacy.

that's just me. we never masturbated together, no. Author: Andre [ Edit View ]. Generally swimming if a girl was topless or any boys were nude we would always swim nude too. One girl would tickle boys to give them erections. There was a mother that was always pregnant several years in a row and would openly breastfeed. WHne she talk to boys she wopuld sometime cup balls to get attnetion. I thought it was funny. May be it could have been different if there was also sisters older than the small kids who could look at his naked body durinh his shower.

I was a Junior in high school, the third year 11th grade of high school in the U. I had just turned 17 when I started and was 20 when I stopped. Author: Burt to Mike [ Edit View ].

You were a young man and likely in good shape since you were a swim instructor, so it seems natural they would like the view. Did you try to cover yourself as much as possible or did you just act as though the situation was "normal? It was like all one big room, which was not the best setup since the whole room got humid from the showers. There were hooks on the wall near the shower for your towel, but you would still have to walk over to get it.

I guess with me showering right in front of them, it would have been hard not to. I, too, didn't feel like waiting till all females got out. we had to go somewhere. besides my sisters being in there, as I was showering or towel-drying, a Mom would come and tell me congratulations and other small talk.

it didn't matter to me if they were there or not. I did catch them looking at me, even when they were talking to me. it was nice that they would congratulate me and were not offended that I was nude, me or the other guys.

her son also didn't seem to mind. Most of the time it was when I was standing at the locker, either getting ready for a shower or just after.

There were a few times when one would come to the opening of the showers to ask something or even at the sinks when I was drying my hair. Sometimes they were standing as well, but many times they were sitting on the bench waiting for their son or helping them get dressed, tying their shoes, etc. That put them pretty much at eye-level, so it was inevitable that they would look.

Author: Burt to Manuel and Mike [ Edit View ]. How did they react when you caught them looking at you? I get the idea that you were naked for more than just a minute or two. Am I right? How many moms were there in the locker room with you? Most, when caught, would quickly look away, embarrassed that they had been caught.

There were a few, though, who would just keep looking, not embarrassed at all that I caught them. The shower was in full view of the locker area and you had to walk a few steps to get your towel.

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Even then, since there really was no separation between the shower and the locker area, the whole room got humid and made it difficult to get dry.

I would blow dry my hair at the sinks naked. So, I guess I was probably naked for about 15 minutes. The class was limited to 10 kids, but there were never 10 there. I would say there was usually 6 or 7 moms there at a time, sometimes less. the moms that walked in were moms we all knew well. they were our moms. we had been out by the pool already waiting for the girls to get out of the locker room.

I am referring to the days of the meets. the opposing team usually took the girls locker room and our teams took the boys locker room. we would have to wait out by the pool and wait for the girls team to vacate, or at least get dressed enough. I say dressed enough because a couple of times I had to pee really bad and I asked the lady coach to let us know when we could go in as I had to pee really bad.

I don't know if those girls did that on purpose or not, but sometimes it felt like it. I say that because I really had to go really bad, and I didn't want to jump in the pool to pee. we had to pee and shower before the competition so we wouldn't pee in the pool. I am sure that also included regular human body oils, too. after the meets and after waiting for the girls to vacate, some of us couldn't wait and had to pee. we had a long trough for a urinal. and then there were times we were all okay, and okay with the girls taking their time that we didn't notice they were taking their time.

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