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Brooke Christa Shields born May 1, is an American actress and model. She was initially a child model and gained critical acclaim at age 12 for her leading role in Louis Malle 's film Pretty Baby , in which she played a child prostitute in New Orleans at the beginning of the 20th century. Shields garnered widespread notoriety in the role, and she continued to model into her late teenage years and starred in several dramas in the s, including The Blue Lagoon , and Franco Zeffirelli 's Endless Love In , Shields suspended her career as a model to attend Princeton University , where she graduated with a balor's degree in Romance Languages. She also starred in the NBC sitcoms Suddenly Susan - , for which she received two Golden Globe nominations, and Lipstick Jungle - Pickles and its spinoff Momma Named Me Sheriff.

But still It is a little strange. As long as you have no sexual desires for her, and vice versa, then hopefully it is just an innocent and close relationship. No sexual intentions whatsoever. My desires go for someone else who i love intimately. Uh there's no way I can fall in love with her. We just cuddle and that it, leave it at that. Maybe not with my older brother since I have a different perspective of him. I treat my sister like a baby sister which to me she is. I'm very gentle with her.

Angelina Jolie used to make out with her brother and look at her now married to Brad Pitt. Nope I have two sisters, I would be incredibly freaked out if either tried to do this with me. Ummm because it's comes off as very inappropriate!! I consider spooning as something I would only do I with someone I had romantic feelings for.

I can maybe understand the face carress if she's really upset and crying and your trying to comfort her, but otherwise just no. I can understand it as kids, but you're now at an age where you are no longer a kid, and she is at an vulnerable age.

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Why is it seen that it's something needed to be outgrown? If nothing sexual is coming out of it, why label it wrong? Look, if neither of you have a problem with it, then I suppose it's up to you, but people will find it weird.

Spooning someone is generally considered a romantic action even if the both of you say it isn't sexual. Its along the same lines as saying 'I kiss my sister on the mouth, but it isn't sexual it's just brotherly love' when kissing like that isn't considered something done between siblings.

Thank you, but I still need to understand now that this is a no. As much as I like holding my sister, I must let her have her space. In the making?

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Lol this is pretty innocent between us two. I don't plan on doing anything beyond cuddling. Besides I'm a virgin and don't desire anything sexually with my sister. You also mentioned spooning, bed and you have a gut feeling someone might find out and think out of the box. Well it's no lie to me that people will "think out of the box" especially from these replys. Someone will always think something of it unfortunately. and you had the audacity to think about it and ask the same over here?

Anyone reading your question will always think otherwise. I just don't think it is, like, me and my sister wrestle like guys and not out of hate either It's sibling love, you hug, you cuddle, so what. Just love. Me and my sister will, what most people would call 'cuddle', on the couch when she's home. Is that weird?

Are we both homosexual or 'in love' because we do that? No, I just love my sister. I'm 21 and she's We've always been super close. We love each other and rish the moments we have. Sometimes we cuddle in bed. We spoon, I caress her hair face and arms. I do it all in love but in the back of my mind I feel that if anyone knew we did this they'd get the wrong idea So is this a weird thing to do?

Anyone else do this with their sisters or brothers? Share Facebook. I cuddle with my sister, is it weird?

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Add Opinion. SweetAmara Xper 5.

apologise, but

My brother and I have always been close. We hug each other all the time even used to wrestle since he didn't have a brother to spar with ; but once he read puberty things had to change.

We no longer hugged on the couch was the main one. Just because our sibling dynamics changed. We certainly never spooned or caressed each other's face though. We're still close and occasionally he sleeps in my room on the floor if we have a movie night with my cousin.

Little girl is shocked to hear her new baby sister was 'born naked' A little girl in Connecticut was thrilled to meet her new baby sister for the first time, but shocked to hear she was born Brooke Christa Shields (born May 1, ) is an American actress and model. She was initially a child model and gained critical acclaim at age 12 for her leading role in Louis Malle's film Pretty Baby , in which she played a child prostitute in New Orleans at the beginning of the 20th century. Shields garnered widespread notoriety in the role, and she continued to model into her late My little sister is wearing a thong - Isn't she too young? Anonymous. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 1. I was getting my laundry today, and learned that my year-old sister is wearing thong panties. Is this normal? She's in 6th freakin grade! ates: +1 y. She'll be home in a few hours +1 y. I'mma tell her STAHP lol. Follow. 0 1

Its just about boundaries and knowing where they lie. Some siblings are physically affectionate and others aren't; but I feel like you should modify your behaviour. citroen Xper 6. My bother is older than me, we have always been close, he's cuddled or hugged me especially when i have been upset, but certainly not in my bed he would never caress me, as the adult you shod be putting boundaries in placeits weird to me, not right a man in his little sisters bed caressin her totally wrong man.

Not even if it's out of love? No, cos love always has boundaries that you dont overstep. HonestWhiteGuy Xper 6. I think its ok.

although I dont have a sister. As long as its strictly platonic I think its fine, maybe even helpful for her if she feels like she doesn't have anyone else to be close to. Mrcanada Xper 6.

UHH yeah it's weird You're cuddling in bed with your sister and SPOON wtf is wrong with you? Show All Show Less. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. zombiebabe Influencer. Would you do it with a sister? crsport24 Xper 1. Nah man Nothing wrong with cuddling, but I think spooning and caressing is a bit much. After I had a nasty breakup with a boyfriend, my brother held me while I cried, kinda like a father to his child.

But there was no spooning or caressing, I think that's a little too intimate. amarahorrorstory Yoda. That's a little weird to me. I'm pretty distant from my siblings though. I don't think it's that weird that you cuddle, its the spooning and caressing. Plus you're opposite gender. I would really appreciate it some of you reading this could help me with my question about getting closer to my friends. Thank you.

Buy them something very expensive. PineappleBreath Xper 6. Yeah its definitely more intimate then most sibling relationships so must people would judge it weird but hey whatever floats your boat. Personally to me I would never do that but then again I'm emotionally dead inside and most people find that strange.

Appareantly, I am the only one who doesn't think it's weird. I spoon sometimes with my dad, because me and my dad are very close, and it's not something sexual. If you don't feel sexual aroused and your sister feels the same, it's okay. Otherwise, you should stop. harakiri Guru. it's strange because of the gender difference.

apologise, but, opinion

my sister cuddles with me all the time but she doesn't "caress" my face and arms i mean, she might poke my hips or play with my hair, but everyone in my family does that. your sister is much younger than you and impressionable- i think you need to stop this kind of behavior, it might be confusing for her.

you can be super close without having to be close physically like that. JackKerouac77 Guru. It's a bit strange, but much stranger things have happened in history. Read about the royal families of medieval Europe and China. Some incest goin' on there Just know that there is such a thing as "too close for comfort.

apparently daoist monk males cuddle. If you're lucky enough to feel genuine affection for people around you, that isn't necessarily sexual, why do you listen to society when it tries to make you feel weird for that? It's weird to love people, apparently. Anyway, I wouldn't cuddle with my sister. But you're apparently lucky enough to have a close connection with her. unicornsandglitter Xper 6. Well, Im an only child.

are absolutely right

But from my perspective it is your sister. I don't think its weird if she like laid against you while on the couch. But spooning is a bit much. But remember, some families do different things and not everyone has the same relationship with their siblings. If she and you are both ok with it, and nothing more comes from it.

I don't see why it'd be a problem.

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Prilee Yoda. I wish I could cuddle my 17 yo sis too, but too bad, she isn't that 'hot' and i have no feelings for her ;P. It does sound odd a little but me and my brother are really close because of our childhood, and he always seeks advise of me and sometimes we just lay on the bed and chat, not spooning that's a bit odd but just flapping about on the bed. thegreennss Xper 4.

opinion, interesting question

It's weird dude. I mean I wrestle with my little brother sometimes but that's not the same as what you're saying LMAO. sugardandylion Xper 4. there's nothing wrong with cuddling your sister and having a close relationship with her. However, spooning is something couples do and many men get aroused by it. Therefore, yes, it is weird. Bombll Xper 4. The fact that you are questioning this now implies that you are aware that something is wrong.

Stop doing it. Your sister is already a lady. Respect her being female. Eliora1 Xper 5. I don't think it's weird. I wrestle with my sister all the time. U will get use to the behavior that u have been spanking for. And no i dont feel guilty at all.

What they do is right cuz i deserve to get ma azz soank for the horrible things i have commited. If ma dad wasn't their to spank ma azz and let meh running lose, i wouldve gone wild out there. For example if u dont have anyone like a father to keep u in chk and its juz ur mum taken care of her son, he won't be scare of his mum cuz he know his mum can't do shiat right?

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Thats why we have a father to keep us in chk. Words isn't enough to teach sumone a lesson but action does. See why criminals go to jail instead of being lectured?

Jail is their punishment so they'll be afraid of going to jail again so they won't commit another crime cuz jail is a horrible place to be in.

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Lecture isn't enough to keep those criminals in chk but action does. Well being charged for a crime you commit and jail is a natural consequence just like getting fired for coming late all the time to work or talking back to your manager. Getting hit isn't. Another factor to come to mind, don't you think there are kids that actually are of a mild, docile temper that can deal with in another way? What about the shy, quiet kids that can easily get scared of a slightly raised voice?

After all not every child will be just like you. And exactly you don't feel guilt at all; that was my point; you haven't actually really learned and it's all about just obeying out of fear respect isn't the same as fear.

I do feel guilt about lying to my father and as mentioned, do plan on making up for it. The shy and quiet kids be causing trouble really? I dont think someone who is shy have the guts to put themself out there. Yas kids under the 5yrs of age shouldn't be whoop with objects but juz gentle hit to scold them but kids above the age of 6 is different. They can take hits and they should get teach sum lessons by spanking them so they won't do it again.

If they are not scare, they will continue to commit such horrible act am i correct? Since there's no one to keep him in chk so he will continue on his bad behavior.

If ur not scared of anything, u will continue ur relentless behavior. Simple as that.

And you don't need to intervene. Boys that age get boners, and they notice your sister. Unless you plan to put her in a burqa, you have to accept that your sister, like ever other girl at that school, is being looked at by the boys she goes to school with My brother is 14 and is a bully at school and with our little sister (she's 10). My mother is really upset and some months ago decided to start spanking him again like when he was younger, this time using a belt to be more effective. Last time he bullied my sister and she asked to spank him by herself Lolita City was a website that used hidden services available through the Tor site hosted child pornography images and videos of underage males and females ranging up to 17 years of age (18 is the minimum legal age in many jurisdictions, including the US and UK, for a person to appear in pornography). Background. As a hidden service, Lolita City operated through pseudo

Getting yo azz spank will put u in chk for good. Vesuvius87 u just dont get it do u? I said dat with time, u will get use to the behavior that ur parent is spanking u for. It is both outta fear and and obedience. That fear is what makes u become obedient. What would u do to ur son if ur lectures doesn't work on him? What else will u refer to?

I dont think lying has anything to do with this. I feel guilty too if i did lie to my parents but this isn't the same as lying. Its a whole different story if u ask. And why do u think i haven't learned?

I learned it from my parents by spanking ma azz. Even without them, ill still live the same respectable lifethe way ma parents taught meh by spanking ma azz cuz i got use to the behavior.

Without ma parents spanking ma azz and i have no fear of ma parents spanking ma azz, i wouldve still been oit there running wild but its all thanks to those azz whooping dat i have become a good boi. Believe it or not, don't know if u have experience what i have experience but its true story of ma life. My parents have never hit me in my life, and I'm not horrible. I've never done drugs, alcohol, or have ever been sexual with a boy, although I'm a senior in highschool.

I don't do dangerous things because of common sense, not because I'm scared of my own family hitting me I don't agree with you at all. I'm shy when I first meet people, but otherwise I'm totally social and I don't like it when people try impose what they think I should do on me, especially from kids my own age.

I never did the things you did because there are just really basic and logical reasons, NOT to do them. And LOL, I really doubt that someone who had pink kitty ears in their profile pic was 'running wild' :p. heartsblooddupre yas sum have commn sense and sum dont.

i see kids misbehave all the time cuz their parents doesn't give them sum good azz whoopin'. i agree my dad as well. extreme decipline can make even the baddest person become a good person. my nephews is also like that cuz the are spoil little bratz who doesn't get spank for their behaviors and when they came to our house, they always mess shiat up and i see kids like that everywhere.

at that age more more mature than any of them cuz of my father strict decipline. i admit i hate the azz wbooping and the things he has done on me well thats life u can say. i dont think i wouldn't be the person i am today without the strict decipline from ma father. I've nvr done any drugs or none of that either.

even partying and get drunk and laid. im a good boi and i want a good gurl like u : good gurls are really rare these days :c. Like I'm going to just stand there and agree to a guy with a limited vocabulary usage and obviously terrible grammar is going to just hit my child and I'm going to be happy about it!

Vesuvius87 lel do u even have to question ma intelligence mummy? they spank us cuzthey luv us and want us to behave instead of misbehaving. they spank us out of luv. i have seen countless times that through lecturing isn't enough to stop them from wha they are doing and i have come to believe my fathers decipline. its usually depend on the individual and how unerstanding u taught him but sumtimes that doesn't work. worse case scenario is to refer to sum azz kickin' babay!

KeySpirits If I ever have kids, I would want them to not do dangerous things because they logically understand that it's harmful, not because they're scared What if they're in a dangerous situation and they don't know how to get out of it because they're so used to being in fear or listening to whoever dominating them? Being in fear isn't good at all when you're dealing with a bully, or a dangerous adult.

I have cousins that act like the kids in your family. My cousins act the way they do because of the situation they're living in, which isn't what I would even remotely call healthy or safe. Even if they acted perfectly, it wouldn't solve anything. I'm not saying acting psycho solves anything, but at least it's honest. heartsblooddupre it is not sumthing dangerous that will cost them their life. those kids really need sum serious decipline cuz talken it ut will juz make it worse and it will go on and on forever.

being fear outta obedient is the best possible way when they dont listen to u nicely and kept doinv the same shiat overand ove again right? whatever u say won't get intotheir mind thats why u gottavshow ur dominance by whoopin their azz and make them more obedience.

i myself believe that the cruel a person is, the more u can control everything and the mor respect u will have. im talken all from my experinces. got any experinces on this field? It was really hard to read what you wrote :p Yeah, I've seen plenty of kids who act that way, and quite a few in my own family, like I said.

I'm really surprised you like cruelty and controlling attitudes in people you don't look like that kind of person. And you proved my point: Kids will submit themselves to dangerous people and situations MORE, if you're cruel to them, because they'll be used to it already.

Anyway, if you honestly think it's pointless to NOT hit or dominate them, then what if you just took away all of the cellphones and electronic stuff?

And if their behavior is so terrible, why not just remove them from the house temporarily, or tell them not to visit?

its not about electronic devices and all that. u dont read my sentences carefully do u. its usuallyvinvolve in crime, thefts, fights, arguments, persistent and stubborn to change their behviors etc. it doesn't involve anything dangerous as risking their life. i dont spank their azz for every lik mistake that they make.

if its really sumthing really horrible like i mention up there, than were gonna have problem. i dont hate them for spanking meh while growing up and being yelled at and spank.

infact when its done and over, i still luv them the same and with the great decipline that they taughtvmeh. without ma father to keep me in chk, i wouldve become a bad boi with no oneto teach me right from wrong and i admitted that i hate what my arents does to me but at this age, i think it was really well worth it.

i wouldn't have this manners if it wasn't for ma azz kickin'. LOL, I can barely read your 'sentences' :p Anyway, if they're participating in crime, thefts, and fights, they must be getting there somehow right? So I figured they were texting their friends to meet them in different places, like how my cousins do. So if you stop them from getting there in the 1st place, how would they cause any problems?

heartsblooddupre how could we stop our kids from doing all that? do u expect them to tell us that they are doing it? i dont think they will ever tell u. i admit i have done that a few times and got ma ass whoop which i fear of doing it again or else ill get ma ass beat again. thats how spanking comeshand to hand when lecturing isn't woeking.

u need to give them sum real life lesson u know. the only thing that can really stop them from doing so is make them feel pain.


honestly my religion, my pride and ma father decipline plays an impotant role in my respectable behavior so u can say chivalry is stilling living inside of meh :P. No, of course they wouldn't tell me.

Nudity is a state of being in which a human is not wearing clothing or specifically is not covering the genitals. In some societies, partial nudity is defined as not covering other parts of the body that are deemed to be sexual. Worldwide, current social norms vary from banning nudity except in complete privacy to the acceptance of public nudity as a natural human state Saying that a filthy little piece of cloth should hinder the holy nude body of a little sister is outrageous! Little sisters are the most beautiful when they are in their natural state. - A Sister's All You Need I'm 21 and she's We've always been super close. We love each other and rish the moments we have. Sometimes we cuddle in bed. We spoon, I caress her hair face and arms. I do it all in love but in the back of my mind I feel that if anyone knew we did this they'd get the wrong idea

If they were in their teens, they'd be old enough to get a part time job, so if they didn't like it, they could save up and move out when they hit If they still found some way to go to other people's houses like my cousins, that's why they're not allowed over where I livethen I'd lock them out for the night.

I realize that sounds dangerous, but it can't be anymore dangerous than the extreme stuff they'd be doing or being miles away from home. I guess I'd leave them no choice but to act like adults, and if they can't or won't then they won't live there anymore or at least not for a night or two. They'd be totally on their own, just like how adults are supposed to be.

I've heard of kids who try to get their parents arrested for no reason, so they might try and complain about it, but I would have evidence of what they did Not that I would WANT my own kid to be arrested, I'm just saying for only really extreme crazy situations semi my cousins, which is also why that side of the family is not allowed to visit.

heartsblooddupre lol we do do grounding stuffs and all that.

Nude little sister

ma dad teach us real life lesson and to be honest and respectable in every situation. in order to achieve it, we have to be obedience and listen to what he tells us to do. by slanking ur kids, u will have them more obedience to u sk its easier to lecture and teach them verbally from there on out.

and i dont think getting dat taken away will stop meh as much as getting ma azz spank. kicking them outta the house seems abit too harsh honestly. my parents have always mention that to us as well so were afraid of doing things regarging to getting our ass kicked out of the house. but dont kick them outta the house :E juz spank them out of luv that u want them to behave properly and not misbehave. i also wanna leave and get outta that house as well cuz of my strict father.

i hate getting my ass spanked all the time even for little mistakes. i seriously hated and wanna move out to my cousins house. but at this age, i realize what al the spanking really means but i still hated for sspanking us with little mistakes that we've done. calling the cops is a nono. But that's my whole point: I don't WANT my kids to do stuff because it's what they're told to do, I want them to not do bad or dangerous things because they understand how harmful it is.

If they can't, then I would take away all of the things they could use to get into dangerous situations and tell them to use their own money. If that didn't work, then I'd totally lock them out the house. I wouldn't threaten anything either; I'd tell them that if you can't act human, you can't live here for a night or two. Also, I don't think kids calling the police is bad, so long as they have their own place to live and transportation It'd be pointless to get someone arrested, destroy the family dynamics, and not even have a place to live or a job.

Otherwise, if my father did that stuff to me I'd be willing to sue him, if I was an adult and had all those things first. You shouldn't do bad things when there can be evidence, child or adult. heartsblooddupre lemme tell u sumthing.

im so exhuasted explaining the story my life and my experiences. let stick with ur opinion and lemme stick with mine since we grew up differently andis raised differently so we dont really have the same views on this subject. also the right time when u should get ur parents arrest is if one is phyically abusing the other or have committed really terrible crime otherwise there's no point in callen the cops or u may regret ur decision. Yes, which is why you should move out first.

Anyway, I agree that we won't agree!

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