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We found alias es for Kimberly Taub. Federal Public Records: We found Federal Public Records for Kimberly Taub. State Public Records: We found State Public Records for Kimberly Taub. We found 8 alias es for Kimberly Taub. We found 2 alias es for Kimberly Taub. We found 5 alias es for Kimberly Taub.

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Arizona 1 California 2 Colorado 1 Florida 1 Illinois 2 North Carolina 1 New Jersey 1 New York 5 Pennsylvania 1 Wisconsin 1. kimberly s taub FOLSOM, CA 56 Years Old. kimberly ann taub MADISON, WI 8 Years Old. kimberly ann taub QUEEN CREEK, AZ 46 Years Old.

Phone: We found 1 Phone Number for Kimberly Taub. kimberly a taub SYOSSET, NY 58 Years Old. kimberly a taub JAMESTOWN, NC 48 Years Old. kimberly lauren taub CHICAGO, IL. She was born Oxane Taub. Her father was a physicist and an amateur inventor, her mother a seamstress. Summers were spent in a rented country house surrounded by meadows and lakes.

There were wild berries to pick and mushrooms to forage. The village mothers made soups and salads, fresh preserves and pastries - hearty Slavic meals washed down with industrial-strength tea. Neighbors talked deep into the night. Everyone knew a good joke.

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Taub calls these the happiest summers of her life, and also some of the most soulful. She was a serious girl who wrote poetry and daydreamed about a world where people loved each other and celebrated life - an idealist, even in the ruins of the Cold War.

I didn't want to believe this is all there is. The good times ended when she was a teenager. Meat shortages swept the country. Tractors broke down and stayed that way.

Men drank in the streets.

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A chill fell over Moscow's brutalist housing blocks as the state veered back towards Stalinist repression. We're oppressed. Taub's home life mirrored the country's deterioration. Her father grew moody and violent. All of my problems came from them.

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Decades later, Taub uncovered the reason for her mother's neuroses: She'd been prostituted and raped by her father - Taub's grandfather - from the time she was a child.

Taub claims that she, too, was repeatedly raped by her grandfather, although the evidence she offers is memories recovered during LSD trips. She experienced visions of her grandfather molesting her with his hands, she says, followed by three men raping her until she blacked out. It's tempting to chalk these up as drug-induced fantasias.

Except, for Taub, they're deadly real, and a kind of Rosetta Stone that deciphers her entire life. Although drugs didn't bring her to the U. They aren't addictive, he said. You don't lose your mind, you find it - a seductive slogan to a self-loathing girl barely out of her teens. Taub was intrigued. Shortly after, she and her boyfriend ate mushrooms while watching TV. It was an innocent introduction to what is now one of the most autodidactic obsessions of her life: consciousness expansion.

She stayed up all night during her first acid trip and promised herself that she'd go to the library the next morning to learn how to make her own LSD. Like a true communist, she believed in owning the means of production. She never mastered the recipe. At 2, Taub enrolled at City College of San Francisco and declared a pre-med major.

Kimberly Taub in the US - 10 Public Records Found We found results for Kimberly Taub in Chicago, IL, Drums, PA and 45 other cities. View addresses, phone numbers, emails, background cks, and Kimberly J. Tauber, D.M.D. Dr. Kimberly Tauber was born and raised in southern California. She received a BS in Biology and a BA in Physics from La Sierra University in California. She received her Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, PA. This is where she met her husband, Dr. Jeffrey Tauber Summary: Kimberly Taub was born on 02/0/ and is 47 years old. Kimberly Taub currently lives in Jamestown, NC; in the past Kimberly has also lived in Greenlawn NY, Medford NY and Drums PA. In the past, Kimberly has also been known as Kim Oetting, Kimberly Oetting, Kimberly A Taub and Kimberly

Her interest in altered mental states had encouraged her to become a psychiatrist. To help pay tuition, she enlisted with a modeling agency that got her gigs in adult entertainment. An amateur pornographer who sold VHS tapes via mail-order catalogs hired her to do solo videos, and later, girl-on-girl shoots.

A naked Gypsy Taub & Friends being photographed in San Francisco's Jane Warner Plaza, Castro & Market Streets, March 24, Photographer: Steven The Art of Nude Photography-Gypsy Taub & Friends on Vimeo

Although she was making money and earning straight A's, Taub says it was a bleak time. I didn't have a social life. It was a waste of time.

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Instead, she was invited to a peyote meeting in Steamboat, Ariz. Peyote meetings are intensely private, confessional affairs. Two dozen tribal members cram into a teepee and ingest peyote. A drum beats. One by one, each person unburdens his or her grief while everybody else wails or chants or staggers outside the teepee to vomit.

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I felt reborn. Shortly after, she traveled home to post-Soviet Russia and fell in love with a long-haired countryman named Serguey, whom she married. Serguey had horrific baggage: At 16, he lost both his brother and his best friend to suicide.

Another brother was murdered that same year. Yet, over the next three years the couple carved out their version of domestic bliss. They went to Grateful Dead concerts and peyote meetings. They filmed a porn together before deciding their lovemaking was too sacred to share.

She believed that Serguey's spirit was still at-large in some parallel universe and that she could reach him through psydelics.

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She dropped acid and took ecstasy at concerts, desperate for a conduit to her husband's soul. Every day she performed manifestation rituals she'd learned online.

She attended an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, hoping to come closer to Serguey, but the plant only unleashed nightmares.

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Inat the Rainbow Gathering in Montana - an annual confab of hippies, stoners, burners, artists, and assorted other utopians - Taub met Jamyz Smith, a year-old traveler from Jackson, Mo.

Smith's unkempt, dirty-blonde hair perpetually hid his face, but when he took Taub in his arms to dance, she knew that Serguey had returned. They returned to Berkeley and got engaged.

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By then, San Francisco's nudity ban had been in effect for almost half a year. Taub was deep into her activism. It was another anarchic Taub spectacle.

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George Davis officiated the ceremony, reading from a thick tome labeled EROTIC ART. Local press photographers lent the wedding a kind of paparazzi luster. Taub and Smith stripped down to repeat their vows. After the kiss and bouquet toss, a mariachi band burst into vehement song, and the newlyweds danced.

Everybody was cooking their own meth and abusing their kids, prostituting their kids. He went back to Missouri to take care of some things.

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It's about protecting everybody's right to engage in symbolic speech. Whether or not something constitutes symbolic speech is notoriously tricky to parse. There's a chance, albeit slim, that Taub's case could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

View FREE Reputation Profile & Score for Kimberly Taub in Syosset, NY - See Phone, Address & Email | Reviews | Net Worth | Court Records | Background | Photos View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background ck reports and possible arrest records for Kimberly Taub. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. Background cks Gypsy Taub, a year-old nude activist and video producer, ranted to protest the way two council members, Sophie Hahn and Susan Wengraf, reacted to comments from residents who spoke in favor of

Sperlein is the second attorney to take up Taub's cause. DiEdoardo didn't respond to a request for comment. Taub says that five plaintiffs, including George Davis, signed onto the initial suit, and that none of them could agree how to divvy up the legal fees. That initial complaint was straightforward: DiEdoardo filed a class action suit against the city of San Francisco, deeming the nudity ban unconstitutional.

An amended complaint was filed in Marchshortly after which DiEdoardo stopped representing her clients, possibly because she wasn't being paid.

Taub and Davis started shopping for a new attorney. Initially, Sperlein declined. He was close friends with Scott Wiener and had worked on the supervisor's campaign committee. In turn, Wiener had supported Sperlein for a position on the city's Entertainment Commission.

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Representing a client who so frequently and fervently denounced Wiener would be a betrayal, Sperlein thought. Sperlein contends that the event is a well-known, permitted exemption to the nudity ban, and that Taub should never have been penalized.

Moreover, in a brief filed in Julyhe argued that police are discriminatory in how they enforce the nudity ban. As evidence, he points to the World Naked Bike Ride and the Critical Mass bike rides as events where multiple nude participants weren't cited. According to him, the reason is simple politicking. Instead, the police continue to harass comparative political lightweights like Taub.

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Yet, nowhere does the city police code specify a minimum number of participants to declare a parade. It's also the most effective. While bystanders may prefer not to see naked people or dead fetusesthe First Amendment protects the rights of both naked and pro-life activists to protest however they want.

Leading the charge was Gypsy Taub. She was then 4 years old and living in Berkeley with her three kids. She was a seasoned 9/11 truther, aficionado of psydelics, and sexual free spirit who, in , created a cable access show called My Naked Truth, which still airs every Sunday night on Trying to find Kimberly Taub? We found 9 people public records in all 50 states. View Kimberly's age, phone number, home address, email, and background ck information now Nude Summer of Love Parade took place on May 20 and will continue this Sunday, June 25th at the Gay Pride Parade. We had 60 nude participants and the Dutch Public Broadcast TV filmed the parade for a documentary about the Summer of Love that will air in Holland this summer. We will continue the celebration of the hippie revolution and body freedom at the Gay Pride Parade this Sunday

Taub claims that nudity is her message. Hollywood and Madison Avenue fetishize unrealistic, unattainable bodies, she says, but her nudity is a public service announcement that this is what a body looks like. It's a message of self-acceptance presented in deliberately confrontational terms. Take, for example, Taub's children.

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They often appear naked alongside their mother at public protests. A trio of nude kids - two of whom are visibly pubescent - is taboo enough to make some observers question Taub's parental ethics. Taub, frankly, doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks about her parenting skills. I don't see any reason why this is wrong. Abuse doesn't happen in the middle of downtown San Francisco.

State law is on Taub's side. According to Sylvia Deporto of Child Protective Services, no child welfare agency in California takes a position on raising kids as nudists. She adds that CPS in San Francisco has never traced child nudity to a credible risk to the child's safety. For some Castro neighbors, that Taub protests at all in San Francisco is galling.

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