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ALEXANDER Skarsgard almost froze off his 'south pole' when he was in Antarctica on a charity expedition in December last year. Alexander Skarsgard freezes his 'south pole' in the South Pole. Source:Splash News Australia. MOST men are too modest to get their gear off in the cold, but then again, True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard isn't most men. The year-old star shrugged off any shrinkage issues and happily posed for a fun nude photo in Antarctica during December's Walking with the Wounded charity challenge last year. The picture was posted on Instagram by one of Skarsgard's charity teammates with the caption, "' southpole C What are you reading Alex? The script for season 7 of truebloodHBO?

News in September Moyer added that the crew had unsuccessfully tried some "camera trickery" to hide Skarsgard 's goods.

The year-old star shrugged off any shrinkage issues and happily posed for a fun nude photo in Antarctica during December's Walking with the Wounded charity challenge last year. The picture was posted on Instagram by one of Skarsgard's charity teammates with the caption, "'#southpole C What are you reading Alex?Author: ANDREW BUCKLOW Most of Antarctica is a lot colder than that, even during the summer. Note: The wind is often more important than the actual air temperature! It steals your warmth. Let's say you're an average-sized person somewhere on the plateau, which covers most of Antarctica. It's damn cold. On a calm, sunny, summer day you could probably stand around naked for 15 minutes sunning yourself before becoming According to the Daily Mail, the interesting photo-op occurred on a December trek to the South Pole. Skarsgard, who led the team for the U.S., was

According to Skarsgard, nudity has never been a big deal in his family. I was 14 the first time I saw my dad wearing pants," he said on Conan in June PHOTOS: Alexander Skarsgard getting naked and shirtless.

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Why Women Everywhere Love Josie Maran's Clean Beauty Products. Fall Crazy in Love With Maya Rudolph as SNL Host. For women, using condoms is a basic precaution as they will not be sent "into the cold" with an IUD Intrauterine devicesince any complication due to its placement could become a health problem.

A young NCO from Cordoba adds, "you can hold out a couple of months. Then it becomes difficult and you have to strengthen your resolve. There are as many temptations here as in Buenos Aires, Cordoba or elsewhere.

Nude Swimming in Antarctica in freezing water gogreenbabyshop.comtarctica****/ Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. ck out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows! 'True Blood' star Alexander Skarsgard poses nude in Antarctica 'True Blood' star Alexander Skarsgard recently turned up the heat in the South Pole by posing nude on a

Those of us coming here get the Antarctic Hollywood tick. What is it?

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Well if you like men, within three months you'll see them all as Brad Pitt, and if you like women, they all become Angelina Jolie Keeping temptation at bay is not easy. Another veteran crew member explains it more clearly: "This is like Big Brother but without the television.

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The woman returned to the Antarctic, to another base, and her boss returned to Argentina. Currently sex is not forbidden between military personnel, though Argentine bases also have many scientists under the age of Conditions however are not exactly propitious to intimacy. Sleeping quarters are gender-segregated and rooms are shared. Gay or straight, it will be difficult to find that American photographer Ryan McGinley went to extreme heights and temperatures for his latest nude photography series. Titled 'Winter,' this collection of photographs displays the female anatomy juxtaposed with arctic conditions. 'Winter' was shot in upstate New York in sub-zero temperatures/10(76) Alexander Skarsgard Poses Fully Nude in Antarctica - E!

We're humans in somewhat extreme conditions, and the same goes for the space for sex and pleasure. These are normal human needs, which intensify in these conditions.

Still, most people stay faithful to their partners on the continent, no matter what the temptations may be. Subscribe to our newsletter for more great reads. The Antarctic, one of the last, unspoiled parts of the natural world, will, like the Amazon, face I Agree.

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Sex In Antarctica: When Things Heat Up For Iced-In Researrs. Argentina's Antarctic bases are staffed by isolated and often young scientists confined in close quarters.

Hector Gambini. Sex in the Antarctic is like the wind: nobody sees it but everyone talks about it.

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