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Homer Jay Simpson born May 12 [16] is the main Protagonist of The Simpsons series. He is the spouse of Marge Simpson and father of Bart Simpson , Lisa Simpson , and Maggie Simpson. Homer is overweight said to be pounds , lazy, and often ignorant to the world around him. Although Homer has many flaws, he has shown to have great caring, love, and even bravery to those he cares about and, sometimes, even others he doesn't. He serves as the main protagonist of the film adaptation.

He has won a Grammy, an Academy Award, a Pulitzer Prize, been to space, and has saved Springfield many times. Homer is named after Matt Groening 's late father, Homer Groening.

In a series of interviews inGroening reportedly stated that he named the character after the Homer Simpson in The Day Of the Locusta novel by Nathanael Westaccording to Planet Simpsonbut neither explanation is considered definitive. Homer J. Simpson was born on May 12 to Abraham Simpson and Mona Olsen. He was raised on the Simpson farm by his parents until they were forced to move out due to Homer scaring the cows by jumping out of a bale of hay and scaring them into giving sour milk, causing the bank to foreclose it.

At some point in his childhood, Homer began drinking alcohol, and accidentally caused a traffic jam in his Playschool car.

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When Homer was around twelve, Mona went into hiding following a run-in with the law and faked her death, before that, she took Homer and Abe to the Woodstock Music Festival, where Homer ended up briefly adopting the Hippie lifestyle, to Abe's disapproval. At the age of 12, Homer, along with Lenny Leonar Carl Carlson and Moe Szyslak went over to a deep gorge to swim, but the water was drained. When investigating why the lake was reduced to a muddy pit, he stumbled upon a decomposing corpse inside the pipe, greatly traumatizing him and possibly leading to his overeating habit.

When he was 15, Homer participated in a beer drinking contest, lying that he was However, he became so intoxicated that he ended up drinking a whole beer keg that was used to fill the contestants' cups.

Eventually, Homer was so hungover, he had missed almost an entire month of school. Before beginning high school, Homer convinced his friend, Barney, to have one beer can. Barney, who was an aspiring student preparing for Harvard, was annoyed by Homer, and unwillingly drank one beer. However, Barney became a drunken wreck and presumably failed his SAT tests.

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Homer attended Springfield High School and fell in love with Marge Bouvier. During this time, Marge got a letter accepting her into a college. To pay for her tuition, Abe gives Homer a job at Simpson Laser Tag. The couple broke up for some time after Homer started a Grunge band called Sadgasm. Marge realizes that she really loves Homer, and she goes back to him.

but never saw combat. Due to a clerical error, he was discharged two weeks early and years later after a disastrous dinner party with his old sergeant, Homer was forced to complete his tour of duty.

In his early, 20s, Homer was working at Sir Putt-A-Lot's Merrie Olde Fun Centreturning the crank that spun the windmill. The two got married at Shotgun Pete's 24 Hour Wedding Chapela small wedding chapel across the state line.

They spent their wedding reception alone at a truck stop, before ending up at the Bouvier House, where they lived at the time. After failing to get a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power PlantHomer left Marge to find a job by which he could support his family. He went to work at a taco restaurant called the Gulp 'n' Blow until Marge found him and convinced him to return home with her.

As a result, Homer confronted Mr. Burns and secured a job at the Plant. During his time with the group, Homer was frequently absent from home, which put stress on his marriage. After the group broke up due to creative differences, Homer went back to Springfield to continue his old life.

When in his 0s, Homer prepared a budget so that he could work at his dream job, a pin monkey at the Bowlarama Bowling Alley, owned by Barney 's uncle Al Gumble. The budget included buying regular toilet paper and that only one of the kids could go to college. Unfortunately for Homer, Marge became pregnant with Maggie around this time, and he went back to the Nuclear Plant in order to support his family.

He has nearly caused the destruction of Springfield a couple of times, after a nuclear meltdown at the plant and polluting Lake Springfield with his pet pig 's and his own waste.

Homer's childhood was a tragic one. His mother had to exile at a young age and his father never took notice to Homer. This caused Homer to be very insecure about himself and underachieving things, thinking he lacked the skills to do so, which left him behind in school and life in general and has most likely caused how he is today. In " Homer Scissorhands ", he worked as a hairdresser, but then he got tired of it and returned to his old job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

In " Homer's Odyssey ", he worked at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant as a technical supervisor. He was fired by Sherri and Terri's fatherwho was his supervisor, for creating a deadly gas leak. He was later rehired to safety inspector for Sector 7Gafter complaining about the safety of the plant itself. Ironically, the accidents that occur at the plant have doubled every year since Homer was made safety inspector.

Homer rarely attends his job, and yet seldom gets fired and when he does get fired, he always ends up rehired somehow and always has his job waiting when he plans to get rehired and has impulsively quit occasionally to pursue other careers, although he always ends up losing or quitting these jobs.

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On one occasion Homer has misinterpreted a threat about losing his job as a hint that he can take the following day off. Homer also applied for a job as Santa, to make up for his missed Christmas bonus at the power plant. Please improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page. Homer has committed a wide range of crimes and infractions, from ticket-worthy offenses to felonies.

Homer The Puppet as seen in " The Fight Before Christmas ". Homer's appearance is that of an overweight balding man. Despite his overweight status, and hate for exercise, he has on occasion shown surprising physical prowess and agility for a man of his body type, such as when training for Whacking Day and he hits several pop-up Snakes with kicks and even back-flipping.

His baldness is contributed by several factors, such as upon finding out whenever Marge was pregnant, he would tear out a substantial amount of his hair. Another contribution is working at the nuclear plant for so many years that the exposure to radioactivity has caused most of his hair to fall out. Another frequent topic on Homer's obesity is his large posterior which is often joked about by Bart. His eyes are blue and he is 6 feet tall cm.

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While his weight is debatable, the most common weight given is pounds though many jokes about his weight would suggest he is much heavier. He wears a white polo shirt, blue jeans, white underpants, and gray loafers. Homer is a pure moron who can go back and forth from being downright horrible to an extremely caring and loving man.

Homer's personality is one of frequent immaturity, frequent stupidity, dim witness, selfishness, laziness, and explosive anger; one might say it is that of the "Average Joe". He also suffers from a short attention span which complements his intense but short-lived passion for hobbies, enterprises and various causes.

Despite his family flaws, he is a loving father and husband, even if he can be ignorant or oblivious to families feelings and ideas. When he thinks he has let anyone he loves down, it really does affect him, and in the end, will do anything for them. Another contribute to his "Working Joe" persona was that he has also shown to be sensitive about his masculinity; being initially upset over Marge becoming a police officer as he thought it made her "the man of the house", as well as refusing to call a contractor when Marge wanted her kitn remodeled as to not emasculate his pride.

Homer is prone to emotional outbursts; he gets very envious of his neighbors, the Flanders familyand is easily enraged at his son, Bartand strangles the boy in an exaggerated manner. His trademark phrase to strangling Bart, "Why you little! One time, he was too busy to spank them, so he told them to go to their rooms and spank themselves.

He does not show compunction about this, and is not attempting to hide his actions from people outside the family, even showing disregard for his son's well being in other ways, such as leaving Bart alone at a port, [0] or allowing Bart to go court for skateboarding naked on his dare when all he would have to do is attend a one hour parenting class signifying not only his disregard for Bart but his extreme laziness. Homer also possesses an extreme dislike for his sisters-in-law, Patty and Selma Bouvier.

This is because they often talk down on him for the kind of man he is, selfish and dimwitted. He also openly calls them ugly. He uses labels such as "The Gruesome Twosome", [1] "Fatty and Smellma" [2] and "Two Sobbing Trolls".

He also gave his children the impression that Patty and Selma are horrible and nasty wits, which is the reason why the kids don't like spending time with their aunts. The sisters in turn, hate Homer as much he hates them. Patty and Homer have a very vile, antagonistic relationship but his relationship with Selma has rarely softened up over the years. While Homer has repeatedly upset people and caused all sorts of mayhem in Springfiel these events are usually caused by either his explosive temper or lack of foresight.

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Except for expressing annoyance at Ned FlandersHomer's actions are usually unintentional. Most of his explosive anger is targeted on Bart, because of something stupid or bad he had said or done. Despite their disadvantages, these common outbursts saved Homer from dying of a pentup rage-induced heart attack.

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Notable examples of this include when he learned that Bart had gone on a road trip via a fake license and are stuck in Tennessee doing odd jobs: He outwardly acted as if he was calm, and had to obscure his face to vent his anger enough to fog up his visor before adopting his calm exterior and vowed to send him money to get home before darkly stating that he'll murder him as soon as he gets home before Lisa talks him out of it. Burns didn't address him in his thank you card, where after lowering the letter in an angry manner, he calmly requests that Bart and Lisa step outside for a second, with Bart and Lisa doing so without question and immediately due to being very scared at Homer's evidently furious appearance although he then promptly manages to scream what is heavily implied to be the f-bomb after they've left in a loud enough volume that all of Springfield stopped what they were doing in shock.

When getting himself injured twice by accidentally breaking his thumb by whacking his thumb as well as impaling his foot with a nail deep enough as to require a tetnis shot, he initially robotically stated his first injury and then talking in a pseudo-kindly manner the second time while twitching with rage, before stating that, while he won't swear, he will kick the doghouse down, the last part he states by screaming it out in clear rage.

While Homer's stupid antics often upset his family, he has also performed acts that reveal him to be a surprisingly loving father and husband, such as selling his rished ride on the Duff Blimp and using the money to enter Lisa in a beauty pageant so she could feel better about herself, [8] giving up his chance at wealth to allow Maggie to keep a rished teddy bear ; [9] spearheading an attempt to dig Bart out after he had fallen down a well, even though he hates doing physical labor [40] and arranging a surprise second wedding with Marge to make up for their lousy first ceremony, even going so far as to hire one of The Doobie Brothers as part of the wedding band and getting a divorce from Marge, essentially making their second wedding a "real" one.

Despite his hatred of manual labor, Homer does a surprising amount of DIY work around his home. He built a jungle gym, a costume of Florida for Lisa, a birdhouse and spice rack for Marge however, these are shabby at best and two of them actually fell apart. He also remodeled his kitn when Marge felt insecure about hers after meeting the neighbor's deluxe one, however, this was more because he felt emasculated when Marge tried to phone a contractor.

Homer's stupidity and ignorance make him clueless to sensitive matters as well as when he is being insulted or his life is in danger. An example is when he came close to drinking a beaker of sulfuric acid but was spared after his colleague, Frank Grimes knocked the acid out of his hand. Instead of being shocked, Homer only responded with jovial delight and laughter. He was also completely oblivious to Grimes' hostility towards him, only being aware that the two of them were enemies after the latter made it painstakingly clear.

Homer was an atheist and anti-gay. He adheres to no religion and only goes to church because Marge constantly forces him to. In " Homer the Heretic ", he quits church altogether but later chooses to go as he was saved from an inferno, which is in his eyes a miracle. In the climax of the same episode, he is seen falling asleep during Reverend Lovejoy's sermon. He also paid no respect to Jesus' resting place after being granted a trip to Bethlehem by Ned Flanders; however, he did come to believe himself a messiah after suffering a hallucination from days in the desert while searching for Ned who actually just got a glass of tepid water.

Homer tends to derive amusement from the misfortune of others. One time, he was even amused by a documentary about car crashes which result from alcoholism. He has also stolen golf balls from the local driving range, office supplies including computers from work, and beer mugs from Moe's Tavern. Homer has a vacuous mind, but he is still able to retain a great amount of knowledge about very specific subjects.

He often shows short bursts of astonishing insight, memory, creativity, and fluency with many languages! Homer is also extremely confident; no matter how little skill or knowledge he has about anything he tries to do, he has no doubt that he will be successful.

However, his brief periods of intelligence are overshadowed by much longer and more consistent periods of ignorance, forgetfulness, and stupidity. Homer has a low IQ due to many factors. Some of which include: his alcohol problem, exposure to radioactive waste, repetitive cranial trauma, and the crayon lodged in the frontal lobe of his brain.

He also implied that he would have been at least a bit smarter and more athletic, if not by a substantial amount, if his father had tried to give him encouragement rather than beat him down. It is also implied Homer repeated second grade, [45] most probably due to the Simpson Gene kicking in. But what is probably the biggest cause of his simple-mindedness was an incident that happened when he was six years old and goofing around by shoving a 16 pack of crayons up his nose.

When he had shoved all of them up his nasal passage he sneezed the crayons out. Not all of them, however. Unbeknownst to him, one of the crayons got lodged in the right lobe of his brain. Homer would not learn this fact until adulthood when he was forced to take a job as a human guinea pig to support his family where the crayon was found in a D x-ray of his brain shortly after Dr.

Hibbert admits that every time he ever viewed an x-ray of his brain he would always unknowingly block the crayon with his thumb which is why it was never found before.

The doctors tell Homer that they could possibly try to remove the crayon via surgery and it would either greatly increase his intelligence or kill him.

After a slight consideration, Homer chooses to take the risk. The operation ended up being a great success and with the increased blood flow in his brain, Homer's intelligence skyrocketed. His intelligence was said to jump up fifty points when he had the crayon removed, bringing him to an IQ ofslightly above that of an average person though he showed far above average intelligencebut he went back to his old self when he had it reinserted, presumably lowering his IQ back down to its original Also from the level of intelligence, he showed it's much more likely that his IQ was boosted to Despite his handicap, Homer does have a degree of long-term, calculated planning of what might happen, such as when, shortly before taking his "forget-me-shot" from Moe Szyslakrequested for their anniversary party to have a Moon Jump, due to realizing exactly what will happen afterwards.

While Homer's lack of intelligence and short attention span normally just results in him looking like a fool, it also sometimes causes him to unintentionally bring harm to the people around him.

One example is when he dumps a piece of industrial garbage in the garbage can at Krusty Burgerfollowed by a lit match which he used to light a victory cigar. The combination of the two caused a fire on the supply lines for the fast food chains of spring field and caused chain reaction destroying all the restaurants in the process. Also, it also makes him less aware of how what he says might affect people emotionally, like for a note quiz where he asked Ned Flanders about his sexual life, forgetting that his wife had passed away six months prior.

Though luckily, the house was purchased by Ned, who allowed them to rent the living space. Homer has at times debated against his brain. Occasionally, a specific body part such as his face, stomach or liver is also shown debating with his brain.

In one notable scene, Homer's mind actually leaves his body out of boredom, causing him to collapse. Homer's attitudes toward women, romance, and sex are occasionally shown. While Homer's marriage with Marge is occasionally strained, it seems generally happy. Despite this, Homer is often tempted with other women, and usually shows no qualms with gawking at and drooling over attractive women.

Homer almost had an affair with Mindy Simmons[5] but ended up not wanting to. He has made the occasional remark denoting his attraction to other women including his neighbor's wifeeven in front of Marge on an occasion, but always shows his devotion to Marge in the end.

In earlier seasons such as Season 1Homer's personality was different. Homer was an angry, grumpy, ignorant man who got embarrassed by his family instead of the other way around but generally loved them. He also was prone to angry outbursts, such as yelling at Bart and Lisa, strangling Bart which has continued in later seasonsand giving Krusty the Clown the middle finger in court after Homer had assumed it was him who robbed the Kwik-E-Mart.

Homer has since developed into a less intelligent and meaner person in later seasons. Homer's "angry personality" still sometimes surfaces up, usually whenever getting pressured by Bart.

One of the more notable examples of this is when Bart published a series of Angry Dad animated cartoons which made fun of Homer's anger and stupidity. Ironically, Homer responded by only reinforcing his angry personality, which culminated in him spilling green paint on himself and making noises similar to those of The Incredible Hulk.

Based on the "Disco Sucks" bumper sticker he removed from his old car when about to sell it before leaving Marge, he was not fond of the Disco genre. When asked by Bart what religion Homer belongs to, he replies, "You know, the one with all the well-meaning rules that don't work out in real life. Uh Christianity". Despite this, he is a Christian and willingly attends church after Ned, Apu, and Krusty saved him from a house fire. He was also inadvertently baptized by Ned, initially reacting violently before speaking in a religious manner, and returning to his normal self thereafter when questioned by Ned.

Homer also tried to become a good Christian in " Tis the Fifteenth Season ". However, in " The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed ", Homer thinks that he is the Messiah due to Jerusalem syndrome. Homer had actually met God face to face several times and has even gotten permission from him in a dream to skip church.

Homer became a superhero named Pie Man when the Rich Texan offends Lisa. He chucks pies in the faces of evildoers or people who deserve to be pied, uses the basement as a Pie Cave and his car as the Piemobile.

Bart is his sidekick as Cupcake Kid. He also tried to don a graffiti alias as " El Homo ", which was meant to be a Mexican take on his name but erased it when he realized the alias was Spanish for homosexual.

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Homer is one of the four best friends LennyCarlMoewho call themselves "The Guys". Homer's skills seem to vary greatly.

Sometimes, Homer can find it difficult to run to the smallest distances before passing out from exhaustion, and other times, he has exceeded the prowess of gold medal Olympians. He can have trouble understanding the simplest of concepts to being able to build a functional robot with a working A. Additionally, in his youth, Homer was once a very talented gymnast, even catching high school Marge's eye with his ability.

Homers does a sexy photoshoot for Marge. From season 10 ep. 22, "They Saved Lisa's Brain" Homer eating a Donut. Homer Jay Simpson (born May 12) is the main Protagonist of The Simpsons series. He is the spouse of Marge Simpson and father of Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, and Maggie Simpson. Homer is overweight (said to be pounds), lazy, and often ignorant to Find great deals on for homer simpson. Shop with confidence

Unfortunately, his father's lack of faith in him caused him to blunder in front of the entire school, which promptly led to the end of his career. Homer also is a proficient bowler. He once bowled a perfect game, leading to short-term fame for him. Homer has shown to have near-superhuman endurance and durability, repeatedly surviving accidents that could easily kill other people.

His well-padded stomach allowed him to survive direct cannon fire to the stomach with no immediate injuries, although later it was found that repeated fire had destroyed his stomach which could have killed him.

Homer's skull is a quarter-inch thicker than the average skull dubbed "Homer Simpson Syndrome" that protects him completely from cranial injury up to a certain point allowing him to be beaten by normal folk with no effect but can be hurt by significant force such as getting pund in the face by the world heavyweight boxing champion or falling repeatedly down Springfield Gorge.

At one point, Homer even survived having every bone in his body broken from a fall that would have liquefied a regular person. Another time, he managed to get back up and walk around from being mauled by a badger in a failed and foolish attempt to get it out of Santa's Little Helper's doghouse despite having his entire gut torn out and exposing his intestines which the badger somehow accomplished without ripping his shirt.

This could have been accomplished by the badger going under Homer's shirt instead of attacking him through it. Homer is constantly ending up in sticky situations, such as being caught in a fire on at least four occasions, almost drowning, animal attacks and more.

In some episodes, he "almost dies" twice, and in one episode, Frank Grimes' son was trying to murder Homer, and all through the episode Homer ended up in situations that would normally kill a person.

In Homer Scissorhandshe tries to commit barbicide by drinking a container of disinfectant. Once realizing it did nothing to him, he questions why nothing ever seems to kill him, even several simultaneous heart attacks.

A massive chalk drawing of a nearly nude Homer Simpson, sitting in the English countryside next to a fertility landmark believed to date from ancient times,has raised the ire of a British group For many, The Simpsons is something they grew up with. An entire generation remembers laughing at Bart or Lisa until age made them suddenly relate more to Homer or Marge. However, with age also Homer simpsons funny moments! #CTS Cartoon Tv Series! Thanks for Watching this Compilation and Make Sure to Subscribe for more Weekly Content!

Homer is not a stranger to pain. He gets hurt in one form or another in almost every episode and frequently breaks bones and ends up in the hospital. Entertainment D'oh! Massive Homer Simpson next to fertility symbol riles pagans A massive chalk drawing of a nearly nude Homer Simpson, sitting in the English countryside next to an ancient fertility landmark, has raised the ire of a British group.

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