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Life in the Jewish ghettos of the Holocaust was indeed torture. After their invasion of Poland in , the Nazis began setting up Jewish ghettos both in that country and across Europe. Jewish civilians were branded and forcibly deported into small, cramped quarters, often segregated from the rest of the city with walls or barbed wire. There they waited, hoped, and prayed, most unaware that this was nothing more than the first step in the Nazi plot for the systematic eradication of Europe's Jewish population. Before they could even be sent to concentration camps, however, many prisoners of the Jewish ghettos were starved out. They were given little to nothing to eat, leaving them to suffer through painful fits of hunger. Some died of starvation, and many more from the diseases that were allowed to spread wildly inside of the ghetto walls.

Nadjary had been one of the Sonderkommando-a group of men, most of them Jewish, tasked with taking the Nazis' victims from the gas chambers and disposing of the bodies. At the peak of The Holocaust has generally been seen as a crime perpetrated by men. The vast majority of those accused at Nuremberg and other war crimes trials were men. The vast majority of those accused at The sheer scope of the Holocaust is unimaginable. In a few short years, the Nazis killed some 6 million European Jews - and that number doesn't include the approximately 5 million men, women, and children from other walks of life who were targeted for extermination by Hitler's regime as well. Every effort to truly tally the dead has failed

They were given a piece of soap and taken into the adjacent gas chamber disguised as a large shower room. In place of carbon monoxide, pellets of the commercial pesticide Zyklon-B prussic acid were poured into openings located above the chamber.

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The gas pellets fell into hollow shafts made of perforated sheet metal and vaporized upon contact with air, giving off lethal cyanide fumes inside the chamber which oozed out at floor level then rose up toward the ceiling. Children died first since they were closer to the floor. Pandemonium usually erupted as the bitter almond-like odor of the gas spread upwards with adults climbing on top of each other forming a tangled heap of dead bodies all the way up to the ceiling.

A German in a military uniform shoots at a Jewish woman after a mass execution in Mizocz, Ukraine. In October ofthe 1, people in the Mizocz ghetto fought with Ukrainian auxiliaries and German policemen who had intended to liquidate the population.

About half the residents were able to flee or hide during the confusion before the uprising was finally put down. The captured survivors were taken to a ravine and shot.

At each of the death camps, special squads of Jewish slave laborers called Sonderkommandos were utilized to untangle the victims and remove them from the gas chamber. Next they extracted any gold fillings from teeth and seard body orifices for hidden valuables.

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The corpses were disposed of by various methods including mass burials, cremation in open fire pits or in specially designed crematory ovens such as those used at Auschwitz. All clothing, money, gold, jewelry, wats, eyeglasses and other valuables were sorted out then shipped back to Germany for re-use. Although the Nazis attempted to keep all of the death camps secret, rumors and some eyewitness reports gradually filtered out.

Harder to conceal were the mass shootings occurring throughout occupied Russia. On June 0 and July 2,the New York Times reported via the London Daily Telegraph that over 1, Jews had already been shot.

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That summer, Swiss representatives of the World Jewish Congress received information from a German industrialist regarding the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews.

They passed the information on to London and Washington. government into action. As a result, the Bermuda Conference was held from Aprilwith representatives from the U. and Britain meeting to discuss the problem of refugees from Nazi-occupied countries.

But the meeting resulted in complete inaction concerning the ongoing exterminations.

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Jewish deportees in the Drancy transit camp near Paris, France, inon their last stop before the German concentration camps. They were later taken to a rail terminal at Drancy, northeast of the French capital, and then deported to the east. Only a handful ever returned.

Bythe tide of war had turned against Hitler and his armies were being defeated on all fronts by the Allies. However, the killing of Jews continued uninterrupted. Railroad locomotives and freight cars badly needed by the German Army were instead used by the SS to transport Jews to Auschwitz.

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In May, Nazis under the direction of SS Lt. Colonel Adolf Eichmann boldly began a mass deportation of the last major surviving population of European Jews. From May 15 to July 9, overHungarian Jews were deported to Auschwitz. During this time, Auschwitz recorded its highest-ever daily number of persons killed and cremated at just over Six huge open pits were used to burn the bodies, as the number of dead exceeded the capacity of the crematories.

The unstoppable Allied military advance continued and on July 24,Soviet troops liberated the first camp, Majdanek in eastern Poland, where overhad died. As the Soviet Army neared Auschwitz, Himmler ordered the complete destruction of the gas chambers. Most of the inmates on these mars either dropped dead from exertion or were shot by the SS when they failed to keep up with the column. The Soviet Army read Auschwitz on January 27, By that time, an estimated 1, Jews, along withPolish prisoners, Soviet POWs and Gypsies, had perished there.

As the Western Allies pushed into Germany in the spring ofthey liberated Bunwald, Bergen-Belsen, and Dachau. Now the full horror of the twelve-year Nazi regime became apparent as British and American soldiers, including Supreme Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower, viewed piles of emaciated corpses and listened to vivid accounts given by survivors.

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Anne Frank poses in in this photo made available by Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In August ofAnne, her family and others who were hiding from the occupying German Security forces, were all captured and shipped off to a series of prisons and concentration camps.

Anne died from typhus at age 15 in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, but her posthumously published diary has made her a symbol of all Jews killed in World War II. The arrival and processing of an entire transport of Jews from Carpatho-Ruthenia, a region annexed in to Hungary from Czechoslovakia, at Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in Poland, in May of The picture was donated to Yad Vashem in by Lili Jacob.

Czeslawa Kwoka, age 14, appears in a prisoner identity photo provided by the Auschwitz Museum, taken by Wilhelm Brasse while working in the photography department at Auschwitz, the Nazi-run death camp where some 1. Czeslawa was a Polish Catholic girl, from Wolka Zlojecka, Poland, who was sent to Auschwitz with her mother in December of Within three months, both were dead.

So this woman Kapo a prisoner overseer took a stick and beat her about the face. This German woman was just taking out her anger on the girl. Such a beautiful young girl, so innocent. She cried but she could do nothing.

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Before the photograph was taken, the girl dried her tears and the blood from the cut on her lip. A victim of Nazi medical experimentation.


The photograph shows the results of a medical experiment dealing with phosphorous that was carried out by doctors at Ravensbrueck. In the experiment, a mixture of phosphorus and rubber was applied to the skin and ignited. After twenty seconds, the fire was extinguished with water.

After three days, the burn was treated with Echinacin in liquid form. After two weeks the wound had healed. This photograph, taken by a camp physician, was entered as evidence during the Doctors Trial at Nuremberg.

soldier inspects thousands of gold wedding bands taken from Jews by the Germans and stashed in the Heilbronn Salt Mines, on Mayin Germany.

Three U. soldiers look at bodies stuffed into an oven in a crematorium in April of Dachau concentration camp. Prisoners at the electric fence of Dachau concentration camp er American soldiers in Dachau, Germany in an undated photo. Some of them wear the striped blue and white prison garb. They decorated their huts with flags of all nations which they had made secretly as they heard the guns of the 42nd Rainbow Division getting louder and louder on the approach to Dachau.

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Prisoners on a death march from Dachau move towards the south along the Noerdli Muenchner Street in Gruenwald, Germany, on April 29, Many thousands of prisoners were mard forcibly from outlying prison camps to camps deeper inside Germany as Allied forces closed in. Thousands died along the way, anyone unable to keep up was executed on the spot.

Pictured, fourth from the right, is Dimitry Gorky who was born on August 19, in Blagoslovskoe, Russia to a family of peasant farmers. During World War II Dmitry was imprisoned in Dachau for 22 months. Married to a senior SS officer, the year-old knew instantly who they were. But she was a mother herself, with two children of her own. So she humanely took the starving, whimpering youngsters home, calmed them down and gave them food to eat.

Then she led the six of them - the youngest aged six, the oldest 12 - into the woods, lined them up on the edge of a pit and shot them methodically one by one with a pistol in the back of the neck. This schizophrenic combination of warm-hearted mother one minute and cold-blooded killer the next is an enigma and one that - now revealed in a new book based on years of trawling through remote archives - puts a crueller than ever spin on the Third Reich. Because Erna was by no means an aberration.

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The Holocaust has generally been seen as a crime perpetrated by men. The vast majority of those accused at Nuremberg and other war crimes trials were men. Thus, when it came to responsibility for the Holocaust and other evils of the Third Reich, they were off the hook. But that, argues Lower, is simplistic nonsense.

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Ironically, it was the professional carers who were the first to be caught in this evil web. From the moment the Nazis came to power and imposed policies of Aryan racial purity, countless nurses, their aprons filled with morphine vials and needles, routinely slaughtered the physically disabled and mentally defective. Complicit: Johanner Altvater left and Lisolotte Meirer right killed Jews for sport during the Third Reich.

Meanwhile, midwives were betraying a whole generation of German women by reporting defects in unborns and newborns and recommending abortions and euthanasia, as well as sterilisation of mothers.

A line had been crossed. It was no big step when the racial purification process turned to the Final Solution of exterminating millions of Jews. That Jews were the enemy and their annihilation the answer was taken for granted by millions of women who would later deny knowing what was going on under their noses.

At least half a million young women joined in this colonisation process, and became accomplices to genocide on an ugogreenbabyshop.comecedented scale. A mass of secretaries, for example, typed the orders to kill and filed the details of massacres.

This placed them at the very centre of the Nazi murder machinery, but they, like so many others, chose to shut their eyes and benefit from their proximity to power.

But, picnicking in the country on their days off, how did they miss the mounds that hid mass graves, the gagging smell of rotting corpses? Whose clothes and possessions - plundered from ghettos or confiscated at camps and killing fields - did they think they were cataloguing for redistribution back home?

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And German women, she charges, were among its prime agents and beneficiaries. Even more caught up in the criminal madness were administrators such as Liselotte Meier, who worked so closely with her strutting boss, an SS officer, that they were almost indistinguishable. She joined him on shooting parties in the snow, hunting and killing Jews for sport. Guilty: Irma Grese, nicknamed 'The Beautiful Beast' pictured with Joseph Kramer who was commandant of Auschwitz and later Belsen concentration camps.

She was hanged aged 22 in and him in In the early phases of the Holocaust, massacres were generally by shooting. In her area of Belarus, she coordinated the arrangements with the executioners and even decided who lived and who died. Secretaries had another important role, too. In support of the men, women even manned refreshment tables during executions so the killers could take a break. But much worse than these active accomplices were the women who killed - often the wives of SS officers.

Erna Petri - callous dispatr of those six Jewish boys - was one such Frau. The book reveals thousands of women were complicit in the mass murder of Jews and have been dubbed the 'primary witnesses' of The Holocaust.

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Another SS wife, Lisel Willhaus, wife of a camp commandant, used to sit on the balcony of their house and take pot shots at Jewish prisoners with her rifle. Also in Poland was Vera Wohlauf, whose husband Julius commanded a police battalion ordered in to round up 11, Jewish inhabitants of a small town for transportation to Treblinka for liquidation. She sat by her husband in the front seat of the lorry that led a convoy of killers to the town, and stood in the market square brandishing a whip as nearly a thousand who resisted the round-up or collapsed in the summer heat were beaten to death or shot.

In the Ukraine, year-old secretary Johanna Altvater played an even more prominent role in a massacre while working for regional commissar Wilhelm Westerheide.

The Holocaust has often been depicted as a crime perpetrated by men, but women also submitted themselves to the bankrupt morals championed by Adolf Hitler. Then she stopped, picked one up, took it to the balcony and threw the child to the pavement three floors below.

Two men are stripped naked and photographed by Nazi SS soldiers. The Nazi officer who took the photo gave it the title: "The Dregs of Society." Warsaw, Poland. April or May Wikimedia Commons. 52 of Nazi officers watch as the Warsaw ghetto burns. Warsaw, Poland. April or May Wikimedia Commons. 5 of The dead bodies of executed Jews lie in the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto Jewish groups want senior Polish officials to condemn the video Holocaust survivor groups have asked the Polish president to explain how artists were able to film a naked game of tag inside a Nazi Browse holocaust dead bodies stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Explore {{}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(}}

She did the same with other children. Some died, and even those who survived were seriously injured.

Emaciated prisoners of a Nazi concentration camp in Ebensee, Austria released Stock Footage

One observer noted that Altvater often lured children with sweets. When they came to her and opened their mouths, she shot them in the mouth with the small pistol that she kept at her side. The new book involves information from archives which revealed some women were as guilty as the men.

On another occasion, she beckoned a toddler over, then grabbed him tightly by the legs and slammed his head against a wall as if she were banging the dust out of a mat. I will never forget this. Close to the mass-shooting site where the ghetto inhabitants were herded to await their deaths, Westerheide and his deputies partied with some German women.

Altvater was among the revellers, drinking and eating at a banqueting table amid the bloodshed.

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Music playing in the background mixed with the sound of gunfire. From time to time, one of the Germans would get up, walk to the shooting site, kill a few people and then return to the party.

Violence to children was also the trademark of Gestapo wife and mother Josefine Block, who liked to carry a riding crop and lash out at prisoners waiting to be deported. A little girl approad her, crying and begging for her life. But she would use her pram to ram Jews whom she encountered on the streets and was said to have actually killed a small Jewish child with it.

Such treatment is an affront to any sense of humanity, let alone womanhood - all the more so because most of these crimes went unpunished. Erna Petri was the exception and spent more than 0 years in prison. But all the others mentioned here were either tried and acquitted or released after questioning.

Their defence was often to play the helpless woman card and blame the men. Meanwhile, the millions of other women who were complicit in these odious events got on with their lives after the war as best they could, as if the whole Hitler era had been a nightmare to be put aside and forgotten once everyone had woken up.

Yet the deep stain remains. Thirteen million women were actively engaged in the Nazi Party.

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Not all of these could have been innocent bystanders. Family life: The main role of women in the Third Reich was to promote the philosophy of Kinder, Ku, Kir - children, kitn and church.

For those tempted to think that things are different now, consider those shocking photographs earlier this month of a beheading in the Syrian bloodbath. What was even more gut-wrenching than the gore was to see children looking on, unperturbed, drawn into a terrifying topsy-turvy morality, just as German mothers and children were 80 years ago. The lesson of the atrocities of the Holocaust is that they are not something of the past to be filed away and forgotten, but still very much with us.

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First the men, and then the women and children, were hustled in the nude along a narrow fenced-in pathway nicknamed by the SS as the Himmelstrasse (road to Heaven). At the end of the path was a bathhouse with tiled shower rooms. As soon as the people were all crammed inside, the main door was slammed shut, creating an air-tight seal. Deadly carbon monoxide fumes were then fed in from a

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