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First off she wears boots because she isn't required to wear sneakers for gym. Second of all I have seen erections as I have multiple guys who get them because I wear a sports bra and spandex for gym class. Plus when they do it there is normally a small bump peeping out from their t shirt since they wear tighter t shirts. Awesome, why are you asking for opinions then? Tell her to kick their asses with her big boots on! No it's because she had a bad experience with guys in the past so stuff like that scares her.

Anyone else done anything like it?

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Oddly Enough French nudists celebrate first Day of Naturism in Paris. Posted. Doing yoga, picnicking and strolling in the woods in the nude is all possible at a Paris park So as summer arrives, I visited my sisters school (she's now a seventh grader) I saw that during her gym class she wore spandex and knee high boots (that's just what she does) but for some reason while they were running there was a bunch of boys following her and stoping to do what looked like the waistband trick and then kept going A mom in Jacksonville, Fla., was going about her business one weekday when she inadvertently gave her 7-year-old daughter's friends a "biology lesson" after accidentally strolling through a live

Lol well one time when I was hanging out after school with two guy friends I really had to pee but there were no bathrooms anywhere we were at a park super far from any houses so they put me against a tree and made a sort of shield with themselves facing me.

So they watd me pee.

One time I was at a festival peeing against a wall, and this really hot girl and her friend both came up beside to pee. Her friend squatted but the hot girl just pulled down her pants, and leaned her ass against the wall. Her pee came out and dribbled down the side. It was the hottest thing I've BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect A physical education tear at Carthay Center Elementary School in Los Angeles outraged parents and upset students when he stripped naked on campus Friday and proceeded to chase nearby

Not really cause we're really close friends. Like we were in diapers together. WpCurious 87 opinions shared on Girl's Behavior topic.

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Xper 7. I used to pee in front of my ex bf but never in front of a random person, not even my guy friends. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion?

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To be fair, it is high school and I've learned that high school boys can't seem to control their erections as well as older men can. We can't always control the physical responses we incite in others, but knee high boots doesn't sound remotely practical for a gym class. If she isn't breaking the dress code and she isn't purposefully trying to get these reactions, then I don't think it's her fault or anyone's fault for that matter.

We are human beings, hardwired for procreation, especially in our teen years.

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I say just leave it alone. It's good that you let her know, but what else can be done?

You don't expect her to dress like a nun because someone else finds her attractive. I can't really imagine a bunch of kids of this age chasing after a girl in gym class with erections. How do you know they aren't adjusting the inside draw string to their shorts?

Have you seen erections? or are you assuming? I would say you can't do anything regarding this situation, your sister shouldn't wear knee high boots in gym class either That's weird! As for adolescent boys liking girls This is normal.

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You're a guy You should know this. JuniorcertHELP Xper 4. It's not her fault at all. It might get creepy and worse in the future, maybe give her some light encouragement to just wear jogging pants. If it continues, tell somebody maybe? Sounds like a complicated situation you have there.

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ksoma Guru. how about neither. It isn't her fault, she is wearing acceptable gym clothes. And you don't need to intervene.

Boys that age get boners, and they notice your sister. Unless you plan to put her in a burqa, you have to accept that your sister, like ever other girl at that school, is being looked at by the boys she goes to school with. Unless they DO something other than have erections there is no reason for you to do, or say, anything.

Why would they get an erection? Because they are pubescent, hormones are effecting them, and they see a girl they think looks good. Rawrzz Yoda. I don't think you realize how often that happens to boys in middle school.

It happens for no reason sometimes.

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In puberty, you start getting erections out of nowhere-a lot. I guess seeing some curves would help that along, if she's dressing proactively-or even if she's not dressing provocatively. But you don't need to feel threatened by erections.

That's just silly. You should do nothing. I assure you, just because they have random erections doesn't mean they're suddenly dangerous.

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Because they think she's hot Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I had to stay sitting down even when the bell rang a few times. She must be super developed for her age.

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I would advise her to change her cloths. I was thinking of making her wear shorts instead. hipooplol1 Xper 5.

I peed on Shane Dawson. You wish this was clickbait.

can't really say without knowing what she looks like you know? So i'll just offer a few scenarios.

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one is she hot? if so then there's your answer. Two: there could be a rumour or story going round that she puts out and that could lead people to think about her sexually.

three: there could be a story going round that she would never put out and the same as above but as an added challenge. four: it was because of someone else. Show All Show Less. then do you really need to ask why guys react to your beautiful sister? No but they were running behind her so that's why.

Nude family peeing

madhatters4 1. you need to intervene? what are you going to say " you boys stop getting erect around my sister"? you don't do anything.

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