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There were six kids in that house: My cousin, Judith, known as Judi, was a couple months older than me. We were, and are, extremely close and often shared our experiences and feelings on being spanked and were frequent consolers, each of the other.

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My aunt and uncle took her in when she was 8 or 9 and formally adopted her when she was 10 long story. She grew up in that house and thinks of my aunt and uncle as her parents.

My aunt and uncle later added another boy, Jeremiah, who is about 5 years younger than Jason. Like my mom, my aunt was a first-response spanker.

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Though she tended to let more things slide than my mom did, probably because of the sheer number of kids there, spankings were not rare there, and, unlike my house, were always done in the open in front of whatever family happened to be there. My mom called me on a Friday and asked if I wanted to spend the weekend at her house. My husband was in the Reserves and was away on some training exercise. The twins, who were around 15, were on a travel hockey team and my aunt and uncle were chaperones at some tournament taking place over the border in Canada.

My dad was there too, because the older of my younger brothers was on a team in a different age division. My sister was on a sleepover, so that left my brother Patrick, who was 10, Julia, who was 14, Jason, who was 1, and Jeremiah, who was 8, for my mother to corral.

The evening started out well. Though I was not of legal age, mom let me drink while I was there, and I was enjoying some sparkling wine. Mom was making pasta with meatballs, a favourite of the kids. My little brother seemed to be enjoying having Jeremiah around, maybe because it meant he was not the youngest for a change.

That left Julia and Jason. Julia was in the midst of her young teen girl ennui and everything in her body language, tone and expression said she wanted to be anywhere else but where she was. I tried to engage her, but the monosyllabic responses I was getting caused me to throw in the towel.

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Jason was always moody and sullen, even on a good day, and his mood that night was apparently compounded because he was missing out on some outing with his school buddies. My mom called everyone down for dinner around 5.

And while Patrick and Jeremiah were eager eaters and answered the bell the first time, it took some additional cajoling to get Julia and Jason to the kitn table. Perhaps as a passive aggressive way to get herself away from the table, Julia started fussing with Jason, whom she was seated next to.

First, she said she wanted the Gameboy after dinner. That started an argument over what their mom had said about sharing it.

Nude boys spanking

My mom refereed that one, and the table fell silent for a few moments. Then Julia piped up that Jason was kicking her under the table.

Mom intervened again, telling them both to knock it off and settle down. He, in turn, slapped her forearm and she made the move to slap him back. Their voices were raised and there were several words used by both that definitely were not table appropriate. The collision broke the handle of the pitr, put a significant chip in the bowl, sent salad flying and sent a gusher of milk spilling across the table.

Apologise, nude boys spanking what shall stop?

Mom jumped up and shooed everyone away from the table in case there was any broken glass. Then, very calmly, she took command of the clean-up, dispatching me for paper towels, clearing away broken dishes and inspecting floor and table for any stray shards.

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Satisfied, she turned her attention to Julia and Jason, who were standing a few feet away against a wall. To say their demeanors had changed would be mass understatement. The petulance and sullenness had been replaced by shock and fear. Bundesarchiv Bild DOA, Deutsch-Ostafrika, Einheimisr Junge.

Bundesarchiv Bil Koritz, Duschraum des Kindergartens. Bundesarchiv Bild T, Torgau, Krippenkinder beim Baden.

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Now get your pants down, you little pervert! I had no choice but to obey her. Soon my trousers fell to my ankles and I stepped out of them.

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She ordered me to remove everything except my tight fitting briefs. She once commented that they looked very sexy on me and for some reason she wanted me to keep them on. She patted her lap to tell me I had to go over it. Soon I was in that familiar embarrassing OTK position I knew from the times I'd been taken across my Mum's knee for some attitude adjustment but this was even worse.

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I was going to be spanked by an eleven year old girl, my little sister. She did at least spare me the indignity of removing my silky underpants but maybe she just liked seeing them on me as I said. Soon came a flurry of hard smacks as her hand connected with my backside.

I could not believe what a hard smack she had. Her hand came down on my buttocks time and time again. Her grip around my waist was firm as she held me in position and her small but hard palm made contact with the seat of my blue briefs. I found myself wondering how a girl her age and size could be capable of inflicting such pain to her big brother's arse.

My lower region was starting to feel very uncomfortable and soon it felt very sore.

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I began to struggle and kick my muscular adolescent legs and then I was crying and begging her to stop. She figured I'd learned my lesson and stopped spanking me.

She let me off her lap warning me she'd do it again if I didn't behave myself. Then she walked out of the room, leaving her older sibling with a very red and sore bottom and a feeling of total humiliation. Something told me I'd have to go through this again and how right I was!

This is a spanking recollection that I did not witness and only heard about after the fact. It involved the older of my two younger brothers, who was around 1 at the time. When this incident took place, I was already married and out of the house, but my sister Cara, Nude standing boys in art? (6 C, 40 F) Media dans la categorie «Nude standing boys Cette categorie comprend 71 fichiers, dont les 71 ci-dessous >knees and started spanking him. She was wearing those >short shorts which were fashionable at the time during >summertime, so the boy was lying completely naked over >her bare thighs. >What impressed me was the boy rubbing and squirming on >her bare thigh with each swat. I must admit that I got >excited watching this and had to let off as soon

Some ten days later when I went up to my room I found Jane sitting on the edge of my bed again. She went to the same school as me and even if she didn't see it her friends let her know everything that went on. He just got on my nerves.

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You've been very naughty, Willie, and there's an old fashioned remedy for naughtiness. Pull down your pants, boy!

Soon my trousers fell to the carpeted floor and my other garments followed, all except my blue 'knickers' that covered my private parts but offered very little protection from her hand spankings. Once again I was back in that compromising position with my lb frame draped across her bare legs. Then came the first spank of her hand as it landed flush on my left bum ek. The next one came down on the other ek.

Many thanks nude boys spanking phrase

I could not get over how effective her spanks were. I think even a grown man would have felt them and known he'd been spanked. Again and again her hand struck my quite resilient rear end. I'd got into fights and never cried but I knew I was going to cry now. I was known in school as quite a tough kid but I was being cut down to size now.

After five minutes it became very unpleasant.

Mother Records 5-Year-Old Being Spanked at School

After ten it was unbearable and I couldn't help but thrash my legs and bawl my eyes out and implore my little sister to stop, which she did.

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