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Sweden : Cartoon illustrating news story about a boy spanked by a fake cop, Russia : feeble Australian cartoon about Russian scientists' finding that caning brings happiness, Singapore : New York Post cartoon inspired by the Michael Fay affair, Singapore : another cartoon on US reaction to the Michael Fay affair, Singapore : cartoon by Britt, reproduced in Newsweek , Uganda : cartoon about a case in which a man of 0 was caned by a local court in front of his mother, Abbott, Molly and Freda , aged 12 and 14, caned in front of school, UK, poor quality photocopy from microfilm.

Germany : preparation for punishment in a village school, painting, 19th century. Germany : staged picture of supposed punishment with a carpet-beater, Germany : famous painting of schoolmaster with cane confronting naughty schoolboys, probably c.

Germany : boy, 11, pretends to be caned as photo stunt for ceremony of putting school cane in museum, Munich, Germany : drawing of schoolboys taking revenge with birs on their master on one day a year when tables were turned by tradition, Malaysia : demonstration of caning as a warning to new first-year secondary students, Malaysia : drawing of a secondary school caning with translation of explanatory text.

>period, and nearly every boy I knew was spanked bare >bottom at home, but I never knew of anyone who >received it at school. > >The public school I attended used the paddle from >first grade through and including senior year. As a >matter of fact, two senior boys were paddled while we >were on the senior trip; fortunately I wasn't one of >them   A year-old Georgia boy has been charged with a felony for allegedly secretly recording a video of two other teen students in the middle of sex in a school bathroom last week, PEOPLE Harriet Sokmensuer - , . , , , ,

Myanmar Burma : posed photograph of schoolgirl holding hands out for rulering, New Zealand : posed press photograph showing young student touching his toes and being caned. Singapore : senior student demonstrates position required for receiving routine caning at Catholic boys' school, South Africa : photo showing student in school uniform bending over for the cane, pre, presumably posed but positioning is authentic.

South Korea : youth members of Democratic Labour Party give a mock caning demonstration as part of their campaign against CP, Spain : painting by Goya, c. United Kingdom : artist's impression of schoolboy bending over for a classroom slippering.

United Kingdom : a caning in the housemaster's study, being acted out for a stage play, United Kingdom : four mediaeval representations of school CP. United Kingdom : mediaeval woodcut shows schoolroom birching in progress. United Kingdom : drawing of schoolboy about to be caned in classroom, c.

United Kingdom : artist's impression, not necessarily authentic, of a student being bird in front of the school in a traditional private so-called "public" boys' school, from a rather unreliable book first published in United Kingdom : silly posed picture of schoolboy pretending to be caned on the hand.

United Kingdom : drawing of an Eton Pop-tanning in progress, as practised until about United Kingdom : drawing in silhouette of traditional English school caning by headmaster.

United Kingdom : modern lithograph imagines William Shakespeare about to be bird as a schoolboy c. United Kingdom : modern painting of imagined English classroom birching in the 16th century. United Kingdom : another imagined English classroom birching in history, wrongly shows punishment over trousers. United Kingdom : photograph of student bending over for a rulering at front of class, but it's all in fun I thinkboys' secondary school, United Kingdom : posed picture of Scottish primary school tawse in use.

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United States : pretend paddling of senior student at a high school in Arkansas, posed for jocular effect, c. United States : college students pretending to paddle a fellow-student with huge planks, Texas, early 20th century. United States : 19th-century school caning re-enacted for a modern play. United States : artist's impressions of various modi operandi for paddling students.

United States : child receiving over-the-knee paddling with "the board of education", presumably a posed picture, possibly c. United States : senior girl student paddles senior boy student on "student takeover day", high school, Kentucky, United States : paddling scene from a fictional film set in the s, unusual position adopted.

United States : paddling by the Dean of Men, Hardaway High School, Georgia, posed for yearbook, United States : posed paddling scene, from Georgia high-school yearbook, United States : posed paddling scene, unknown junior high-school yearbook, United States : posed paddling scene, unknown high-school yearbook, date unknown. United States : posed paddling scene, unknown high-school yearbook, possibly s. United States : sixth-grade paddling, picture posed for amusement by real tear, United States : posed photograph of elementary student being paddled in front of country schoolhouse, allegedly in United States : posed press photograph of student being paddled, United States : posed press photograph of schoolgirl clutching bottom as though just paddled, United States : posed photograph of schoolboy bending over for a switching in the classroom, Australia : A schoolboy's caning by his housemaster is secretly captured on camera, s.

Barbados : Tardy boys caned on arrival at school two pictures Barbados : A less cropped version of one of the above two pictures, Botswana : A senior schoolboy receives a caning in class, also video clip.

Cameroon : Secondary students stripped and flogged in school yard, Canada : Sequence of pictures of boy being paddled at private school, also video clips.

Why Colleges Used to Take Nude Photos of Their Students

China : Punishment with huge martial arts sticks, allegedly at Shaolin martial arts academy, no date. Germany : classroom caning of elementary schoolboy, s possibly a scene from a film, but might be real.

Ivory Coast : punishment in secondary school yard, also video clip. Jamaica : classroom strapping of girl on hand, undated file picture possibly posed but might be real.

Japan : Caning of young man at cycle racing school also video clip. Japan : Another caning under way at the cycle racing school on a different occasion. Japan : classroom caning with bamboo sword, s.

Japan : several classroom canings, and boys clutching buttocks in anticipation as they wait in line to be caned, s. Japan : thought to be from the same school, but possibly more recent, another picture of a student being caned with a kendo sword. Japan : another schoolboy being caned in front of watching classmates, s.

Japan : a more recent picture of a student being caned with a kendo sword, possibly real but could be posed.

opinion, interesting question

Japan : student at martial arts academy bending over for punishment with cane, may be posed. Kenya : schoolgirl being caned at the blackboard as classmates watch, date unknown. Kenya : 10 secondary schoolboys being caned hard across the backside, see also video clip.

Kenya : Senior student gets an English-style caning, also video clip. Lebanon : school student being caned on soles of feet, Liberia : President Taylor caning his own daughter in front of class, Malaysia : secondary student receiving the cane in school office while another awaits his turn, might be posed, but quite possibly real for the real thing captured on film, see video clips. Malaysia : another boy being caned in the same school office, presumably at the same session as above, Pakistan : Cadet college residents caned outdoors also video clip.

Consider, that nude boy at school have

Singapore : secondary student gets two strokes of the cane in front of his class, c. Singapore : secondary school boy being caned on stage in front of whole school, c. Singapore : sequence of five pictures showing the caning of a school student on stage, Singapore : computer-generated artist's impression of the above, several angles. Singapore : year-old being caned in front of his class "class caning" South Africa : senior male secondary student undergoing "six of the best" at private school, also video clip.

South Africa : high-school girl being caned, also video clip. South Africa : senior schoolgirls being caned, also video clip.

South Africa : secondary students caned at school gate as they arrive late, South Africa : secondary boy and girl caned on hands in class, New! South Africa : unidentified pictures of illegal punishment with plastic ruler possibly posed but might be real South Korea : canings at the school gatehouse for latecomers, Seoul High School, probably c.

South Korea : paddling of secondary schoolboys in a corridor, c. South Korea : senior student adopts the classic Korean position for receiving the cane across seat of trousers, outdoor view.

South Korea : secondary boys being caned in front of their mixed class, two pictures. South Korea : schoolgirls being caned, cellphone captures, s also video clips. South Korea : mass punishment of students outside school, not clear whether it includes CP, s.

South Korea : numerous school students in sports uniform being whacked on their backsides, c. South Korea : pupils spanked with a ruler for arriving late to school, Taiwan : junior high school boy being paddled in front of class, also video clip. Taiwan : four teenage boys soundly caned by their swimming coach, also video clip.

Tanzania : young boy caned by headmistress, also video clip. Tanzania : senior student being caned in classroom, c.

Any nude boy at school commit

Thailand : caning of schoolboy in front of class, also video clip. Thailand : boys caned in the school office across the seat of their shorts, s. Thailand : school student being caned across his bottom by lady tear, no date. Thailand : flexible rattan wielded at front of class by lady tear, no date. Thailand : caning of novice monk at Buddhist temple school, also video clip.

Tonga : caning by prefects, also video clips. Uganda : senior girl student being caned in presence of parents, Uganda : girls being caned outside school for lateness, United Kingdom : housemaster caning a boy at Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire, c.

  In fact since he was not nude friendly like me, I say that I saw him naked more often at school than at home (even tho that is probably not true). It was not at all odd or strange and we avoided each other only because he really didn't like his "kid brother"

United Kingdom : Christian Brother wielding the strap at a Roman Catholic grammar school, date unknown. United Kingdom : prefect's caning at a boys' boarding school, s. United Kingdom : "sponsored canings" at comprehensive school open day, c. United States : a high-school senior gets his last paddling before graduating, Arkansas, c.

United States : high-school student in North Carolina receiving birthday spanking in class, also video clip. United States probably : over-the-knee switching at front of class, early 20th century?

United States : boy being paddled at a New Orleans school, also video clip. United States : high school footballer being paddled for poor grades while teammates watch, United States : paddle swat being delivered to unseen Louisiana school student, c. United States : recent paddlings of high school students also video clips. United States : elementary student being paddled in school cafeteria, United States : whacking with a stick on school stage, possibly c.

Nude boy at school

United States : high-school boys being paddled in Butler, Pennsylvania, also video clip. United States : improper paddling at Tennessee high school, also video clip. United States possibly : female student supposedly receives ruler over knuckles, probably a posed picture, date and purpose unknown. Vietnam : schoolboy receives a caning at front of class, also video clip.

Zimbabwe possibly : secondary student receives "six of the best" in front of class also video clip. India : cartoon of bad-tempered schoolmaster brandishing cane at kids, India : cartoon of young schoolboys getting a pants-down rulering from angry schoolmarm, Malaysia : cartoon by "Lat" on controversy over school discipline, New Zealand : 2 cartoons on Rongotai College "video caning" controversy, United Kingdom : freshly caned boarding-school boy writes home to parents, early 20th century.

United Kingdom : "Smith Minor, it is now my painful duty to cane you. Do you wish me at any particular angle, Sir? United Kingdom : slippering of prep school boy, Speaking Clock advert, United Kingdom : Cartoon of schoolboy bending over for a caning, United Kingdom : David Langdon cartoon "If 'e's naughty United Kingdom : over-the-knee spanking in school football lesson, c.

United Kingdom : Belsky cartoon on sexual equality girls to be caned as well as boys United States : "A Maine Schoolmarm Spanks a Young Man who Would not Obey the Rules", old cartoon of classroom paddling, source and date not stated, poss.

United States : Four cartoons suggesting different ways of punishing schoolboys, United States : schoolmarm drags boy out of class to cloakroom for a whipping, United States : cartoon of school whipping implements accompanying article on Supreme Court ruling, United States : "Maybe we can ship them back to the factory", cartoon by Kirk on the abolition of school paddling in Ohio, Australia : buttocks of Alan Stephens, 12, after being punished with beach bat, Malaysia : buttocks of Mohd Ashrul Abdul Razak, 12, after classroom caning, Malaysia : buttocks of Mohd Roziman Roppie, 14, after school caning, South Africa : unidentified boy's buttocks after punishment with sjambok, Cefups Academy, Mpumalanga, South Africa : buttocks of year-old boy caned illegally at school, South Africa : partial view of buttocks of year-old boy caned illegally at school, South Africa : buttocks of Johnny Buckingham, 15, after "six of the best", poor quality photo.

South Africa : buttocks of Morne, 17, after headmaster's caning, v. poor quality photo. South Korea : boarding-school girls show bruised backsides after mass punishment, South Korea : schoolboys show results of being caned on back of thighs, s.

South Korea : secondary schoolboys show effects of caning on seat, South Korea : students show "tramline" effects of recent posterial caning, c. Taiwan : a schoolboy's bruised buttocks after being spanked with baseball bat, Taiwan : a high-school boy's buttocks showing "tramline" weals after an accurate formal caning, Thailand : buttocks of year-old boy after 10 strokes of the school cane, New! United Kingdom : buttocks of Barry Tavner, 1, after headmaster's caning, United States : bruised right buttock of unidentified schoolboy said to be result of s paddling.

United States : slightly reddened buttock of Kimberley Garza's unnamed year-old son as a result of paddling by gym tear, United States : right buttock of Jay Walden, 15, after receiving -swat paddling at Texas school, United States : part of right buttock of Julie Halcomb's unnamed year-old son after paddling at Texas high school, United States : part of buttock of Tyler Anastopoulos, 16, after receiving -swat paddling at Texas high school, United States : buttocks of a year old high-school athlete after expert paddling by football coach, Texas, Canada : "The Supreme Court the ever popular woodshed", cartoon by Corrigan on Supreme Court ruling on spanking, Canada : "Don't forget to keep it transitory and trifling!

Canada : "La Cour supreme permet la fessee, mais trouve deraisonable de frapper un enfant a la tete!

Apologise, but, nude boy at school information not

Singapore : "I can't join the sit down strike", cartoon of parental caning, United Kingdom : Dennis the Menace gets the slipper again, frame from strip in The Beano. United Kingdom : mother attracts disapproval by spanking son in park, United Kingdom : "Go to bed or the Harry Potter book gets it", cartoon by Matt, United Kingdom : "How will the coalition cope with corporal punishment?

United States : "Famous Switch-hitters", cartoon on Adrian Peterson controversy by Jeff Darcy, United States : cartoon of mother spanking boy, United States probably : cartoon of multiple domestic whipping, possibly c. United States probably : old cartoon of boy emerging in pain from a spanking, date unknown.

United States : 'The Boondocks' comic strip on threat of paternal strapping, by Aaron McGruder, United States : another 'The Boondocks' episode, same subject, United States : 'Curtis' comic strip on parental spanking, by Ray Billingsley, United States : cartoon illustrating article on "The Economics of Spanking", United States : "Getting to the Seat of the Matter", cartoon shows over-the-knee spanking, c.

Barnett, Ambernow 21, pictured with a signboard reading "Thank you for spanking me Dad", USA, Chia Ying8, caned by father for running away from home, Singapore, "Church of God" family membersCanada, Cobble, Judah1, pictured with his father, who spanked him with belt, USA, Kindle, Sergio18, college football star, paddled by father, USA, Jones, Lorraine16, whipped by her mother also picture USA, Morgan aka PlonkaWilliam and Douglasbrothers aged 9 and 10 respectively, after running away from home, arriving back for promised parental spanking, Salvati, Bobby15, shown with his father Joey, who recently paddled him, and holding the paddle, USA, SikHanyiso, Princess17, daughter of Swazi king, whipped by palace official, pictured in traditional garb for annual ceremonial dance of "maidens", Swaziland, Sons of Acting Education Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnamaged 10, 12 and 1, shown with their father, who occasionally spanks them, Singapore, Tan Chia Khee, Jeremy10, caned by father for running away from home, Singapore, Walker, Calvin17, high school footballer, brother of Sergio Kindle q.

Australia : posed photograph of young boy's over-the-knee spanking by father, possibly s. Canada : father paddles young boy with what might be a hair brush, also video clip. Indonesia : posed photo of unlikely formal parental whipping, book cover, c. Romania : Church fresco showing the Devil administering an over-the-knee spanking. United States : two boys spanked by Mom for wrecking the fence, old posed picture.

United States : a spanking for young John, watd by sister and big brother, old jocular posed picture. United States : young boy gets spanked over father's knee, c. United States? United States : posed press photograph of teen boy's over-the-knee spanking by father, United States probably : man paddles small boy, jocular posed picture artificially coloured, possibly c.

United States probably : over-the-knee spanking, posed stereoscopic picture, possibly c. United States : small boy receives over-the-knee spanking, posed picture, possibly s. United States : demonstration by Rev. Arthur Allen Jnr of whipping of year-old boy in church, Unspecified country in North Africa, Schoolboys with paddles with which they are allegedly spanked, s.

Mythical spanking machines as imagined by various artists, 19th and 20th centuries.

consider, that you

Australia, leather lash for the punishment of boys at Point Puerc. Australia, flogging triangle at parade ground, Old Sydney Town, possibly early 19th century.

agree, remarkable phrase

Australia, flogging frame and implements on display in museum, date unknown. Australia, same flogging frame and implements as above, different views. Australia, different flogging frame in another museum two different views. Australia, cane borrowed from police barracks for court-ordered police-supervised caning of two teen boys, Canada, big paddle said to be in daily use at St John's School, tough boarding school for boys in Alberta, Canada, paddling table over which prisoners were bent to receive judicial corporal punishment in federal penitentiary, to Canada, much clearer picture of the paddling table over which prisoners were bent to receive judicial corporal punishment in federal penitentiary, to Canada, "the machine" into which prisoners were secured for paddling in Ontario provincial institutions, s poor-quality photograph.

Canada, "the machine" into which prisoners were secured for paddling in Ontario provincial institutions, s artist's impression in colour. Canada, whipping frame and cat-o-nine-tails applied to the upper back sometimes used in judicial CP sentences instead of the leather paddle - picture from a museum, source of caption unknown, but the facts appear to be correct.

Canada, school paddle signed by recipients, from a high school in Vancouver, c. Canada, posed picture of a school strapping with alleged extract from punishment book, Canada, boards used to paddle students in illicit high school hazing, Germany, School caneallegedly the last in use in Bavaria, newly consigned to museum, Germany, Prugelbock whipping trestle in a prison in Lower Saxony, used until Germany, Prugelbock whipping trestle in a prison in Thuringia, used until two views.

Germany, Prugelbock whipping trestle in a museum in Saxony-Anhalt, 16th century. Germany, whipping bench, cane and birch in prison museum, possibly 19th century. Germany, multi-tailed whip in poor conditionprobably used on prisoners in occupied Norway, Hong Kong, caning trestles and cane on display in prison museum. Hong Kong, close-up of padded bar on punishment trestle, with cane at prison museum.

Hong Kong, cat o'nine tails and punishment register on display at prison exhibition. Isle of Man, birs standing in a bucket, photo by Lord Snowdon. Jamaica, Strap at Charlie Smith High School being "buried" in ceremony, although CP was not being abolished altogether, Korea, flogging bench at Seoul Folk Village Museum presumably a modern reconstruction.

Malaysia, domestic or school canes on sale in local store Malaysia, range of canes on display at another prison exhibition, Malaysia, a closer view of the rack of canes on display at prison exhibition, Malaysia, array of canes in close-up in a different display, c.

Philippines, wooden paddles prepared by police and army for spanking election-law offenders Singapore, parental punishment cane incorrectly used to illustrate an article about school caning South Africa, cat-o'-nine-tails as formerly used for judicial floggingss.

Uganda, school prefect holding switchThailand, rattan whips used in prison up to United Arab Emirates, a whipwhich may or may not be the real thing, used to illustrate a press article about changes in whipping policy, United Kingdom, Scottish whipping table for young delinquents United Kingdom, birch and cat-o-nine-tails used in Northern Ireland.

United Kingdom, another Scottish juvenile birching table in another museum. United Kingdom, birching block, with birs used for punishment at Eton College untilseen in the school's museum.

United Kingdom, Eton birching block, with birsanother view of museum exhibit. United Kingdom, Eton birching blocktwo views, photographed in United Kingdom, more pictures of Eton birching blocks in situ, early 20th century. United Kingdom, canes hanging on wall of library at Eton College, probably s or s.

United Kingdom, Eton Head Master's Room with birching block and birch, late 19th century view. United Kingdom, Eton Lower School birching blockpictured in United Kingdom, Eton Lower School roompossibly c. United Kingdom, Prefect with cane at Winster College, photographed in United Kingdom, juvenile birching donkey at Cold Bath Fields boys' prison, London, 19th century.

United Kingdom, juvenile birching donkey at Nottingham prison, 19th century. United Kingdom, juvenile birching ponyBeamish Museum, from a police station in Sunderland two views. United Kingdom, oak birching bench used for punishment of juvenile offenders. United Kingdom, another juvenile birching benchcompletely different design, allegedly from Shropshire.

United Kingdom, another juvenile birching machinefrom a police station in Leeds. United Kingdom, flogging frame in prisoninept and unreliable drawing, possibly late 19th century. United Kingdom, 19th-century flogging frameon display at Beaumaris prison museum in Wales. United Kingdom, official diagrams of flogging triangles used in prisons, United Kingdom, flogging frame with cats and birsWormwood Scrubs Prison?

United Kingdom, flogging frame from a prisonphotographed in Dartmoor prison museum. United Kingdom, whipping frame from Wandsworth Prisonon display in a museum, together with its designer's drawings.

United Kingdom, senior birchas used on males over 16 untilpictured in museum. United Kingdom, school 'slipper' an old gymshoeused in a Lincolnshire secondary school, s, top view.

United Kingdom, schoolboy attempting to destroy school cane on abolition of CP in Inner London, United Kingdom, school punishment canes being made at factory, United Kingdom, school cane supplied by Bognor Cane Co.

United Kingdom, Scottish tawses shown by manufacturer's wife United Kingdom, Scottish tawse, for judicial use on teen boysearly 20th century. United Kingdom, stock of school canes at premises of Eric A. Wildman, United Kingdom, Irish-style strap from Catholic grammar school, date unknown.

United Kingdom, a much clearer picture of the Walsall secondary tawseremoved from a school in United Kingdom, wooden-handled tawseapparently Scottish or maybe notpossibly 19th century.

Commit error. nude boy at school thought differently, many

United States, paddle on a Texas high-school principal's desk United States, paddle at a Florida high schoolmade of ash wood, United States, paddle at a North Carolina high schoolNew! United States, paddle in the "tardy room" of a Texas high school United States, Alaska school paddle with twelve holes, was in a museum, date unknown.

United States, Georgia assistant principal shows his paddle United States, Dallas assistant principal shows his paddle United States, Florida school superintendent holding paddle United States, fraternity paddle said to be similar to paddle used in Texas schools, United States: Big paddle ready for use at boys' summer camp, Michigan, s.

topic simply

United States: paddle said to have been used in Arkansass. United States: paddle suppposedly used in Alabama United States, paddle with holes, made of red oak, not meant for real use, Alabama, c.

United States, huge joke paddle wielded by principal of a high school in Ohio for posed picture, United States, jocular school paddle issued as advertising novelty by school furniture company, possibly c.

United States, Louisiana school paddlenow sitting disused on shelf, United States, paddle at a North Carolina high schoolstill in use in United States, paddle at a Georgia high schoolused 66 times in also video clip.

United States, elaborate new paddle at a Texas middle school United States, school paddle with namesWashington State, United States, Michigan "Board of Correction" novelty paddletwo views. United States, Mississippi assistant school principal with paddle United States, Missouri assistant school principal with paddle United States, Texas principal with paddle in the school officec. United States, "Old Gray Mare"device over which prisoners were flogged, Colorado.

  A year-old Massachusetts woman is facing serious felony charges after she allegedly took photos or video of three partially nude boys inside a K-6 elementary school in Worcester last week. Erin Scally of Holden was confirmed by students to be a behavioral therapist who works in the Special Education department at the Norrback Avenue School. Prosecutors allege that last Tuesday, Author: Alysha Palumbo Khan, Salman, Bollywood film star, spanked and caned at school in India. Kinnock, Neil, as a boy, caned at UK grammar school in s. Landon, David, 9, caned along with whole class, Lichfield, Patrick (Lord Lichfield), caned at Harrow School in s (also video clip) Line, Ben, 1, paddled at school boy doing butterfly stroke, close-up - boys swimming nude stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Boys swimming at Niutoua Beach nude. Year old boy follows his father into the water at Victoria Park, London for an early morning swim

United States, South Carolina "Board of Applied Psychology"now retired. United States, paddle used by upperclassmen at The Citadel, military academy, for punishing freshmen. United States, large school paddle with holesbears some of its recipients' signatures, date and place unknown. United States, reformatory paddle and strapFlorida, United States, Tennessee reformatory paddlesand pictures of teen boy inmates who probably received it, United States, Texas school superintendent with paddle United States, Texas: close-up of the above paddle two views United States, Texas principal Anthony Price with paddle United States, 'The Rod'flexible whipping stick marketed to parents, United States, witness brandishes paddle before Maryland House Committee United States, paddle lying on desk in office of Arkansas high school, United States, wooden paddle on principal's desk at a Florida high school, United States, fiberglass paddle hanging on door at a Florida middle school, United States, paddle photographed at North Carolina middle school, United States, school paddle hanging in principal's office, United States, school paddle remains unused in OR principal's office, United States, school paddleprovenance unknown, used by Florida TV station to illustrate item about school CP, United States, school paddle signed by recipients, said to be from Washington State, s.

United States, school paddle signed by recipients, from North Carolina, c. United States, paddle in principal's officein frequent use, Alvarado High School, Texas, also video clip. United States, school paddle kept in a Missouri school district though no longer used, United States, huge paddle found at premises of church-run reformatory, poor-quality photo.

United States, large leather strap used at Ohio boys' reformatory, United States, rattan cane used until across school students' buttocks in St Louis, Missouri. United States, school paddle allegedly used in North Carolina, date unknown.

United States, Washington State school paddle labelled "The Educator" hanging in former principal's garage. Australia: Bensley, Markprincipal of Bundaberg Christian School, Queensland, who uses the paddle, Australia: boys of Frank Dando Sports Academyone of the last schools using caning in Victoria, Australia: Newman, R.

Australia: sailing ship Endeavour on which David Sheridan q. was flogged in Bahamas: Deveux, Kennethtear who allegedly gave year-old schoolboy 70 strokes of the cane, Botswana: Kenosi, Ndaboka2, sentenced to caning but went berserk as police were due to carry out the punishment, jailed for 18 months instead, Botswana: Mosarwa, Batshwentsevillage headman, ordered flogging of woman, Botswana: Motshwane, PaulPresident of Gerald Estates Customary Court, defends judicial flogging as best punishment for mischievous young men, Canada: Benditt, Aaronthe "Ryerson Spanker", jailed for illicitly spanking teen boys, picture from poor-quality photocopy.

Canada: prisoners in yard after riot, shortly before ringleaders flogged, poor-quality photo. Canada: Sanderson, R. Canada: school supplies catalogue offering regulation punishment straps, Canada: two Toronto politicians pretending to paddle each other with cricket bats France: Laboureur, Josetear accused of slapping student, Indonesia Aceh : road sign warning transgressors against Islamic law that they will be caned, c.

Isle of Man: O'Callaghan, Hugh16, ordered to be bird but sentence thrown out on appeal, Kenya: Kasolya, Nicholas Kalokitear leading campaign to restore CP in schools, pictured with cane, Kenya: Open-air village courtscene of judicial public whippings, Malaysia: secondary school boys getting haircut in lieu of caning, Malaysia: role model school in Sarawak where canings are administered, Malaysia: McGregor, Dr Alistairformer boys' school headmaster, made liberal use of cane, pictured in with class of students and now aged Malaysia: Ong Ka Tingformer school discipline master, introduced public caning to rid high school of gangsterism, now a government minister, Malaysia: Phua Seng Tiongaward-winning school principal, advocates caning but says the student must agree to it, Malaysia: Tengku Azuan Tengku Mohame award-winning school headmistress, has already caned several boys in her first three weeks at new school, Malaysia: Tiong Ting Mingprincipal who canes students in front of school assembly if they are found visiting pornographic websites, New Zealand: Benson-Pope, Davi Education Minister, was a tear in s, at centre of belated allegations of excessive canings, Saudi Arabia: town square being prepared by police for public flogging of teen boys.

Singapore: discipline committee on patrol in vicinity of boys' secondary school at which bullies get the cane, Singapore: Coffee mug with cartoons and jocular references to judicial caning, probably s.

Singapore: Poster at bus stop threatening rioters with the cane, Singapore: Freehill, Stephen16, escaped judicial caning, Singapore: Gopal, Saminathansecondary headmaster who caned 41 boys at one go, Singapore: Michael Fay's natural fatherwith picture of Michael, Singapore: errant teen boys being made to do pushups at strict reform camp where they are also shown video of prison caning, Singapore: illegal immigrants being arrested prior to mandatory caning, Singapore: school courtyard in which students are publicly caned, s.

Singapore: secondary schoolboyscaught on camera buying cigarettes and smoking, a caning offence, Singapore: Suparman Adamsecondary school principal, turned school round with more vigorous enforcement of caning, Singapore: Zainudin Alidiscipline master at a secondary school, job includes caning boys, South Africa: superintendent of boys' home who administers canings, South Africa: students give views on reintroduction of school caning, South Africa: Magolego, Monhleleader of vigilante group which administers unofficial floggings to criminals, South Africa: Shangase, Sibussisosecondary school principal, caught on hidden camera illegally caning students, South Africa: Volsteedt, JohanPrincipal of Grey College, pictured inused to offer boys sweets after caning them.

Taiwan: Democratic Progressive Party politicianscampaigning for the introduction of judicial CP, display a whip at press conference, Trinidad: Samuel, Brother Michaelretiring principal of boys' school, believes a spanking can change a pupil's attitude for the better, UK: Aukett, Jamesdentist cleared of spanking young assistant on her bare bottom, UK: Beating the boundsancient English tradition involving caning of local boys at parish boundaries, two views, c.

UK: Beating the boundsanother example in a different place, date unknown. UK: boys of HMS GangesRoyal Navy training ship for boys, renowned for canings, Cambridge 17 mins ago. Massachusetts 2 hours ago. This article tagged under: Massachusetts Worcester Holden Erin Scally Norrback Avenue School. Back to Article. Close Menu. Search for:. TV Listings Find NBC10 Boston Submit a Tip Submit Photos and Video Newsletters Our Apps.

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