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Do you remember Dog the Bounty Hunter? Of course you do. That reality show was super popular back in the day. The story of how Duane and Beth Chapman met is quite funny, actually. She was caught stealing some lemons and Duane was her bail bondsman.

It's halter neck and very flattering.

But most of all it's a way for me to feel like she is with me the whole time and be a part of the wedding. I spoke to her while she was alive and told her I wanted the dress - I think I said that to her a couple of years after the wedding. Jump directly to the content The Sun, A News UK Company Close.

Do you remember Dog the Bounty Hunter? Of course you do. That reality show was super popular back in the day. If you didn't watch it regularly, you have definitely at least heard about it. It aired on A&E in , but it was canceled in after the end of Season 8. It followed Duane "Dog" Chapman's interesting bounty hunter career

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All Entertainment Celebrity Movies TV. Yes, pun intended. She seems to be posting photos of her dogs pretty often on her Instagram profile and it is up to you to pick your favorite one. However, this dog might be slightly cuter than her husband Dog. She has another little shitzu that is downright adorable, which can hardly be said about her husband.

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Big and manly - yes, but cute and adorable - not really. And while that is a great message, who knows what Dog thinks about all those comments by hundreds of different men that have appeared under this picture.

However, it is hard to imagine Duane being thrilled about the things that have been said about and to his wife once this picture went on the Internet. Maybe this picture was just captured at the wrong moment but it seriously looks like Duane is about to choke his wife.

Was he trying to smile? Here is a really good photo of Beth.


She has lost a lot of weight, she is dressed nicely, the hair looks good, and everything seems to be in the right place. Well, except for Duane. When you look at him standing next to Beth who looks great, he just seems kind of washed out. This is definitely not one of his best pictures, especially since Beth looks so much steamier and younger than him.

He has been slowly gaining weight while Beth went in the opposite direction. First of all, Beth kind of looks like a stripper in this one.

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Probably not. The other thing that is wrong with this image is the fact that it actually makes the crime look steamy.


But it is the trick as old as marketing itself: sex sells. That was probably why this picture got out in the first place.

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Hopefully they at least made some money off of it. My oh my!

  After the bounty hunter split from his girlfriend a short while later, Dog and his daughter were able to work on repairing their relationship, which started with a long, emotional phone call. The father of 12 called up his daughter as his granddaughter, Abbie, fulfilled his late wife Beth's final wishes and joined the US Air Rachael Ellenbogen   DOG The Bounty Hunter's daughter Lyssa Chapman posed in a bikini for a beach selfie as fans were all about it. The mother of two loves spending her weekends by the beach. Lyssa, , took to I   Full Western for free: Bounty Hunter in Trinity - The townsfolk of Trinity decide to hire a notorious bounty hunter to protect them from a fierce band of Mex Author: Grjngo - Western Movies

Look at Beth in this picture! She looks more beautiful than ever. However, that is both good and bad news for Duane.

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The good part is his wife is getting more beautiful as time goes on, but the bad news is he is not. On the contrary, he has started gaining some weight and the age really starts to show both on his face and his body. This is obviously not a picture of Beth, but it is a picture of someone who wanted to look like Beth.

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Well, for starters, imagine hundreds of women walking around dressed as your wife. Also, the problem with this picture is the fact that the woman in the photo is slightly steamier than his wife, except for the hair. The wig that this woman is wearing could actually make Duane feel a little bit better about his terrible haircut.

All Entertainment Celebrity Movies TV. Sophia Caraballo Pineiro. The mother of two loves spending her weekends by the beach.

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