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Twenty-three athletes dared to bare for the ninth edition, which laund as a digital experience Wednesday; the magazine will be available on newsstands nationwide this Friday. The full list of featured athletes includes A. Andrews , Javier Baez , Kacey Bellamy , Brent Burns , Brianna Decker , Meghan Duggan , Julian Edelman, Ezekiel Elliott , Kirstie Ennis , Julie Ertz , Zach Ertz , Ezekiel Elliott, Malakai Fekitoa , Gus Kenworthy , Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson , Monique Lamoureux-Morando , Nneka Ogwumike , Joe Thornton , Alex Rigsby , Ashley Wagner , Mille Waterson , Novlene Williams-Mills and Caroline Wozniacki. This year, the issue's theme is "Every Body Has a Story. Baez, meanwhile, is also the first cover athlete ever to be filmed using iPhone 7 Plus in Portrait mode. It's that time of year again: ESPN the Magazine 's Body Issue is here! ESPN the Magazine granted E!

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Kendall Jenner Reacts After Mom Kris Shares "Pregnancy Announcement". Prince Albert Calls Out Meghan and Harry's Explosive Tell-All. Hilary Duff Gives Birth, Welcomes Baby No. There is something slightly off-putting about the idea of being judged solely on your physical assets and not on your talents or your personality. However, beauty contests have been around for centuries and are, by now, deeply-rooted traditions in most societies. Still, it is interesting to note that, back in the day, many beauty pageants were slightly more bizarre and, dare we say, more fun?

For example, "Miss Lovely Eyes" contests were extremely popular in s America. During these bizarre contests, most of the participants' physical features, except for the eyes, were hidden so as to not distract the judges.

The British must have been deeply impressed with this American contest for they imitated it a couple of decades later. The contestants' bodies were hidden in numbered stalls and their faces were covered with yashmaks. The whole affair was filme and the announcer excitedly predicted that in the future, "we might well have competitions for beautiful ears, or even noses!

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During these pageants, the contestants' bodies were usually hidden behind curtains to ensure that they were judged solely on their legs and ankles, and nothing more. The judges took their time in examining the legs and ankles of the participants, sometimes even touching and measuring them.

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The judges were made up entirely out of chiropractors who cked the contestants' posture using a variety of methods, including X-rays, weighing scales, and plumb bobs used for determining how straight the back was. As with most bizarre vintage beauty contests, "Miss Perfect Posture" was nothing more than a publicity stunt, in this case meant to enhance chiropractors' reputation.

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It is worth noting that "Mr. Perfect Posture" contests were also a fad albeit a short-lived one. They were far less popular however because the men apparently always sloud.

Then there was the "Miss Frankfurter Queen" contest, the "Miss Donut Queen" competition, and the "Miss NASA Queen" pageant, among many, many others.

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And if you were a man, you could have tried your luck at the "Knobbly Knees" competition. We are not exactly sure what the requirements for any of these contests were, but you have to admit that these bizarre vintage pageants do sound rather fun.

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Next, take a behind-the-scenes look at the Miss World Muslimah beauty pageant for young Muslim women. Then, read up on the first albino beauty pageant that took place in Nairobi.

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By Laura Martisiute. Discover why the contests for Miss Fabulous Frankfurter and Miss National Catfish Queen are even stranger than they sound.

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Like this gallery? Imagine, if you can, an elementary school student wearing a dress that would better suit a young adult woman - let alone a tight-fitting bathing suit that exposes the child's shoulders, arm, legs, and overall figure.

The makeup screams "Desperate! My mommy is desperate for me to win! If the little girl got a look at her image after her makeup was slathered on, she can be forgiven for looking just as miserable as she feels. but her dress! Her hair and her makeup all say, 'I'm really twenty-one, not eight. While some little girls may sport dresses that do not look like ball gowns in miniature, they are still obviously pretty expensive.

Is there not another way for the parents to "save up for her college fund? While the child may have a smile on her face, you may be able to spot her spirit in her eyes.

That spirit is screaming, "Get me out of here! Oh my god, that precious baby! You may not be saying that in admiration.

Miss Canada contestant's nude ad

You are not to be blamed. A little girl competing may still be in pre-school. But she looks like she could be in middle school or high school.

With the addition of the fake nails, she could be a pint-sized college coed. A little girl made up to look as though she is ten, twelve or even twenty years older than she is can frighten pageant-goers.

  Child pageants are still really popular. Love 'em or hate 'em, parents can't help but gasp in horror at some of the pictures of the little girls competing against each other. Sticky, tacky lipstick smeared on young, innocent lips; lipstick drawn on beyond the natural border of the girl's lips; Author: Barbara Alvarez   Strange beauty pageants Last ated on - Dec 9, Photos; TOI; close. 01 / 24 Let's take a look at odd beauty pageants around the world! Miss Bumbum pageant   PURE International pageants titleholder. Photo: PURE International Pageants. 9. Miss Earth USA "I love this pageant system. The management, the queens, and everything that it represents - "Beauties for a Cause" who showcase poise, confidence and a passion for others, the environment, and their communities

For sure, the disturbance factor is off the charts. The blush is dark on her rounded eks.

The eyeshadow looks like it belongs on an adult woman's face. And those nails! That is way overboard! Can we say, "creepy?

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Not only did the parent of these adorable twins sexualize one child, they sexualized her twin as well. The big hair, make, and outfits on both of these girls is something that only a thirty or forty-year-old should attempt. The ringlets are overkill.

And look at that makeup! How many layers of lipstick were troweled on? Why did their "makeup artist" choose such bright blush? Coordinating the eyeshadow to the blush was the low in transforming these girls into truckstop.

you get it. Looking at these twins, it's easy to see they still have all their baby teeth. This means they're still in kindergarten. MAYBE first grade. This one has an ick factor of x Getting back to the Big Hair look, some little girls look unnaturally, well, "old.

  Let's be honest - many of us think that beauty pageants are a bit ridiculous. There is something slightly off-putting about the idea of being judged solely on your physical assets and not on your talents or your personality. However, beauty contests have been around for centuries and are, by now, deeply-rooted traditions in most societies - , . , , , ,   See 12 Stars Strip Naked for ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue Julian Edelman, Gus Kenworthy and Caroline Wozniacaki are among those who dare

What is worse is her eye makeup. a pedophile could look at her and think, "Hey, she's giving me the come-on! The mascara on her lashes creates even more of an illusion that this little girl is an adult in a miniature disguise.

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You're forgiven for having that thought. From the cubic-zirconia earrings and the piled-up adult hairdo, to the way-too-mature makeup, this sweet little girl looks anything but!

If you remember what Tammy Faye Bakker looked like when her husband's ministry imploded, you'll get the reference. Her eyelashes look like spider legs. The ick factor is crawling in a huge way. The lipstick is something meant for a real adult.

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Even worse, it's been slathered onto those little girl lips, making her look like a baby. a baby streetwalker.

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And the blush! The naturally rounded contours of her face should be allowed to show! Instead, it looks like someone tried to slim out her little face.

Such a pretty girl without makeup. If her parents could only hear the sad whispers.

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Because, once they slap the makeup on her, she begins to resemble a hollow-eyed horror movie actress.

Look closely at the area around her eyes. Her blush is put on so high that it surrounds the outer corners of both eyes.

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Even worse, her eye makeup emphasizes this impression. The eyeliner and mascara are more obvious, with her eyeshadow taking backstage.

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