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The Discovery Channel 's Alaskan Bush People centers around a large, rugged, and complicated family known as the Browns. Since May , the docu-series has followed parents Ami and Billy Brown and their kids Matt, Snowbird, Rain, Bear, Gabe, Joshua "Bam Bam," and Noah as they navigate living off of the grid in Alaska. Although the Browns have since moved to Washington , they didn't manage to leave the drama they started in the "Last Frontier" behind. And to be honest, their conflict is more sad than entertaining sometimes. To make matters worse? It seems like the Brown family is very well-acquainted with the old saying, "When it rains, it pours," because many of their tragedies have occurred simultaneously. If you're emotionally prepared to go down this dark and twisty road, let's get started uncovering the tragic details that have come out about the Alaskan Bush People.

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Performance History. Valerie Hager's Naked In Alaska.

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We in the audience were with you every step of the wayward way. Thank you for sharing your warmth, candor and increasing our depth of understanding. We don't know if there's any truth to Les' claims, but the situation is sad either way.

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Losing a loved one under strained circumstances is never easy. Out of all of the Brown siblings, Matt Brown might have walked the most difficult road.

Case in point: Matt reportedly entered a rehab facility three times in the span of three years, starting in spring Despite Matt's best efforts, he ended up returning to rehab in Septembera stint that supposedly lasted 0 days. Two months after his alleged departure, Matt reportedly went back to rehab in January They are so happy he is safe and focused on his recovery again. Matt's story, although common, is painful because no person should have to deal with addiction in the public eye.

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There's a good chance the reality star already feels judged enough as it is. Matt Brown has had his fair share of troubles throughout the years, including a terrifying accident involving gunpowder and a refrigerator. Yeah, we're confused, too.

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The reality star's brush with death went down in Maywhen he decided to store "a mason jar with gunpowder and cannon fuse" in his home refrigerator, according to TMZ. The mason jar ended up exploding can't say we're too surprise subsequently blowing the fridge door off of its "hinges.

Doctors had to use nine staples to close his scalp, according to People. Is it just us, or is anyone else feeling a little queasy at the moment?

Matt later said the concoction was supposed to be for bear repellent, adding that he had taken things too far. I remember taping it to my face as blood ran down my face," he said on an episode of Alaskan Bush People via People.

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It was more like a nightmare. Essentially what happened is I got careless. I was alone on my island and there were bears around.

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Considering Ami Brown was dealing with cancer at the time, we second Matt's "careless" comment. Rain Brown, the youngest member of the Brown clan, took to Instagram in October to admit that she struggled with depression. The reality star began the brave post by describing her symptoms, noting that she had been in bed for "four days" due to unexplained "minor as and pains" throughout her body.

Rain ended her message on an upbeat note, however, telling fans: "Stay strong my rainbows and listen to your body and soul they know what you need, don't let your depression or dark feelings try to make you feel bad or people make you feel bad for doing what you know is right for you.

The teen employed some of this optimism again when she unexpectedly lost her beloved cat, Chipmunk, in March The poor little guy had been run overbut Rain took solace in the fact that she had been able to say goodbye before he died. The Brown family is no exception to inner-feuds, with some of the drama spilling over into the public eye.

One juicy example? Look no further than a since-deleted Facebook post Noah Brown wrote about his younger sister, Rain, in which he called her out for her supposed laziness.

Although it's not uncommon for siblings to fight - and this is by far the least "tragic" event to befall this seemingly star-crossed clan - it's sad that Noah took this feud public. But his actions probably don't come as a surprise to those who've followed the family for years - the reality star isn't a stranger to taking drastic measures, after all.

The young dad reportedly moved away from his family because he "had enough of the family drama," and he wanted to raise his son "as far away as possible," according to R Online.

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The Alaskan Bush People supposedly lived off the land in one of the U.S.'s roughest environments, but that's nothing compared to the tragedies they've endured   Alaskan Bush People: Baby Sister Rain Brown Makes Change. Rain Brown is a beautiful young woman who happens to be the baby of the Alaskan Bush People family. So her older siblings tend to dote on her. A while back the daring young woman had Well she has lied to me since day one to gogreenbabyshop.comd on me multiple gogreenbabyshop.com things,hides things,Is mean,Only does things for her self amd other people that wouldnt do things for ger.I always go out of my way for her expectimg nothing in return except for her love and attention.I have come to the conclusion that it all stems from her up gogreenbabyshop.com drinks all the time,her children

We hope the siblings work out their drama in the long run. Family is family, as the saying goes. When your family is already going through a boatload of drama, it's probably not the best idea to incite further controversy.

Sadly, patriarch Billy Brown and his son, Joshua Brown, didn't get this memo when they were sentenced to 0 days in jail in for allegedly falsifying information on Alaska state forms.

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Here's what went down: Billy and Joshua, along with matriarch Ami Brown and three of the other Brown children, were charged with "60 counts of first-degree unsworn falsification and first- and second-degree theft" connected to applications they submitted for Alaska's Permanent fund, an "annual dividend that is paid to Alaska residents from investment earnings of mineral royalties," according to the Alaska Department of Revenue.

Alaska law dictates that residents must live year-round in the state to receive these funds, so the Browns made a big mistake when they allegedly lied on their forms. Billy and Joshua cut a deal with prosecutors to save their other family members from facing charges, and they each pled guilty to "one misdemeanor count of second-degree unsworn falsification.

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Although this situation could be chalked up to a mistake, it's pretty unfortunate that the family would be in that position to begin with. Longtime fans of the Alaskan Bush People are already well aware of Matt Brown's struggle with addiction and his multiple stints in rehab. Although his family has seemingly been supportive throughout his journey, it's possible his issues have begun to wear on the reality TV clan.

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Matt reportedly did not attend the June vow renewal ceremony celebrating his brother, Gabe Brown, and his sister-in-law, Raquell Brown, who previously held a secret wedding that January. We're not sure why Matt didn't attend, but R Online reported that the wayward son was allegedly entangled in an "ongoing war" with family patriarch Billy Brown, possibly over Matt's addiction issues or rumored firing from the show. Perhaps having Billy and Matt together at the same event just wasn't going to work.

  If you think the cast of Alaskan Bush People are unattractive forest men, then you haven't seen them shirtless. Discovery Channel's Alaskan Bush People follows the lives of the Brown family and their homestead survival. The premise focuses on their challenge of trying to live life in the wilderness with limited connections to the outside world, celebrating the Alaskan bush life Alaskan Bush People is a popular reality TV show that started airing on the Discovery Channel in The series follows the seemingly trearous lives of the Brown family, but members of the

What's even more interesting? Gabe seemingly made it a point to gush about having the support of his family at the ceremony, telling People : "I'm so happy my family, especially my mom, could be by our side on our special day.

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Raquell is my one true love and we're really grateful to have met each other. God is good. We'd hate to see one of the Brown siblings iced out from the rest of the clan.

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The romantic life of Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is a long, sad, and stressful tale. At the wedding of Noah Brown, he met model Raiven Adams. In Julythey made it newsstand official, announcing to People that they were boyfriend-girlfriend.

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About a month later, the couple told the magazine that they were to be married. Just two weeks after that, the couple split.

Complicating their relationship, however: One day after publicly confirming their break-up, Brown and Adams revealed that they were expecting a baby, and eager to co-parent.

Naked In Alaska is a multiple award-winning solo play written and performed by actress Valerie Hager about her years working as a stripper in the US and Mexico. The play has toured the US, UK, and Europe, and won awards for Outstanding Solo Performance, Audience Favorite, Pick of the Fringe, and   This season on Alaskan Bush People, This season also brings new wives and babies into the family. Brothers Gabe and Noah are settling into married life and beginning their journeys as parents in the wild. Meet the Cast of Naked And Afraid XL Season 5 Stop here for Sister Wives news and spoilers from Soap Dirt every day. We keep followers up to date on the latest spoilers for the Brown family's TLC reality program. And you should also ck here for Sister Wives real-life ates on what's happening with the four wives and their shared husband. So, the TLC show chronicles the lives of Kody Brown and his four wives - Meri Brown

Congeniality and the chance for permanent romantic reunion quickly faded away. On Feb. Adams gave birth to son River on March 9, According to an Instagram post on what is reportedly Brown's private account via Peoplehe wasn't present, learning of the blessed event two days later.

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