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Last ated: August 1, References. To create this article, 89 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewe times. Learn more Are you a new housewife or are you just looking to really step up your game? Either way, this article will give you some great ideas for creating the perfect home and maintaining a healthy relationship with your family, whether that's just your partner or your partner and your children. The best way to be a good housewife is to keep everything at home in order, like the laundry and the cooking.

Not speaking your mind is just as bad. Husbands are not tyrannic creatures: if you find a balance in arguments, and take turns to speak, things will surely improve. Just remember to respect each other, and things will go much better.

Some arguing is normal. Don't worry if this happens. You are different people and you will disagree sometimes! Just handle the arguments in a healthy way and everything will be okay. Love your spouse for who he is.

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Don't criticize him in an nonconstructive, cruel, or nagging way. Whatever your image of the 'ideal' man may be, everyone is unique in his own ways, so try to respect that. Before you try to improve others, try to improve yourself first. Part of Make intimacy a priority.

A healthy sexual relationship is extremely important for relationships to succeed long term. This does not necessarily mean having a lot of sex, but instead means that both partners should be satisfied with the amount and quality. Talk out your expectations and become a better lover if you can.

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It never hurts, and will only help to learn more about the sexual side of marriage. Be considerate of your spouse's needs. People need space and alone time every now and again. While you have time to yourself during the day while the kids are at school or asleepyour husband doesn't have that and may need some alone time to unwind when he come home from a hard day at work.

Be available to spend time with him and comfort him, but if he wants to spend time alone or with his friends and not you, take a step back and let him have his way. Help him unwind more by welcoming him home with a big smile and allowing him to relax. Have his favorite meal and drink ready, and let him relax after a tough day of work. Set up activities for your kids. Set up fun, educational activities for your kids or for the whole family. You can do some research and then do a guided tour of a museum, or you can go on a hike and teach everyone about the natural features you encounter.

Be a great hostess. Show everyone you know all of the hard work you do by hosting block parties or holiday parties every now and again. Make some great food, decorate your home, and set up fun activities. This will let everyone bond and have a great time! Create the perfect atmosphere. If you really want to go above and beyond, take your home decorating skills up a notch and try to get that magazine look in your own home.

This will give you and your husband something to be proud of, as well as creating a great environment for your kids. Get your husband out of the house. Help your husband arrange activities for himself, like a fantasy football group or a bowling night. This will help him unwind. A happy husband makes for a much less stressed wife. Let him choose his own activities, of course, but make sure he knows that you think it's healthy for him to get out of the house sometimes.

Not everything is about work! Part 4 of Get out of the house regularly. It is easy to get caught up in your work and barely leave the house all day. This is a good recipe for the blues. Find some weekly activities local libraries are a good place to look that will get you out of the house at least once a day.

If the afternoon rolls around and you realize you have not been out, go for a stroll, hang out at a bookstore or coffee shop for a half hour, or call a buddy and meet for tea. Have friends. It seems pretty basic, right? But housewives can often get so busy that they forget to make time for their friends and maintain those social relationships. But if you create an environment where your husband is your only friend, you'll find yourself talking his ear off!

Spend time with your own friends by having lunch dates or weekly meetings to keep everyone happy. Take up a hobby. You need to do things that make you happy too.

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Have something that is just yours and that gives you the opportunity to do something productive or creative that doesn't involve your home. This will give you an important emotional outlet. Try taking up productive hobbies, like sewing or cooking. Consider getting more education.

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Just because you may not need a degree for your job doesn't mean that you can't get better educated! Learning is fun and will make you feel more productive and self-confident. You don't even have to go to an actual school. You can read a lot of books find them at your local library! or you can take online classes for free through websites like Coursera or MIT Opencourseware. Consider taking a side job. There are lots of jobs that you can work from home if you have some extra time.

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This will give you a way to contribute to the household and will also give you something to be proud of! You can open a home daycare or petsit, or even do things like data entry or run a travel agency. There are lots of options!

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Let your family take care of you sometimes. You work hard and your family should occasionally help by bearing some of the load. They will probably want to do this naturally, but you can also have a set-aside one day a month where they do all of the things you do. This will have the added effect of making them appreciate the things you do more.

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I am a housewife with a baby girl. I think I do a lot, but the house still doesn't look clean, and the administrative things are not always done. How can I manage this better to get everything done and looking good? Try making a sdule before bed.

It can be difficult to balance between housework and parenting, so you may need to adjust your expectations for yourself, especially while your little girl is so young. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Being a housewife IS fulfilling! If you don't WANT to be a housewife, then don't. However, there are those who find great happiness and fulfillment from creating a household sdule, making balanced healthy meals, shopping aply, cleaning frequently, and caring for children. This list is meant for those who WANT to do those things.

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Getting out of the house, being active in the community, and making friends helps for happiness and balance in your own life, but if that alone is not fulfilling to you, maybe you shouldn't be a housewife.

Not Helpful 8 Helpful Marry someone who is willing to support you financially as a housewife. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Being a good housewife should not be your concern in this situation - it should be getting out of this relationship as soon as you can. If your husband abuses you, leave him.

You should never have to deal with that from your spouse. Not Helpful 14 Helpful If you have trust, then he should be able to speak with other women, just as you should be able to speak with men without an angry reaction. Excessive flirting, on the other hand, isn't really okay, as his eyes should be for you.

You need to find your own boundaries with what you are comfortable with each other doing. I am a teenager and just had a baby couple months ago and I live with my baby father but he just finds things to make arguments about, and pushes me around physically, abuses me verbally all the time, so what do I do then?

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You say he is your baby father but not your husband. Regardless of your relationship status, he has no right to make your life a difficult one or to abuse you. Tell him to help you with the child but to move out unless he is willing to be polite and considerate toward you. Rudeness, shaming and abuse are unacceptable in any relationship and you can do better. Make arrangements to live alone with your baby but to give him access to help with the child as appropriate.

Your child comes before the baby father's immaturity. Not Helpful 18 Helpful He might not realize this bothers you.

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Communication is important in any relationship and you might be surprised that just calling his attention to the problem is enough to solve things. Not Helpful 6 Helpful A side job does not have to be an online job. It can just be something you do in your spare time. ck out the website The Penny Hoarder. They post whenever a company is looking for stay-at-home workers. Not Helpful 2 Helpful I'm a housewife and have two young children. I don't always manage all the chores and my husband complains that I don't do anything.

How can I show him I still work hard? Ask him what he means by what you "don't" do. More importantly, ask him about the chores he is responsible for. Do they get finished?

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Does he have any, or does he think because you're a housewife you should do it all? If it's the latter, you need to remind him that marriage is an equal partnership and just because he goes to work doesn't mean all the responsibility of the kids and house automatically falls on you. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Live joyfully. Make sure that you create a routine and role for yourself that brings you and your family joy.

Being a good housewife is about doing the best you can for the welfare of the entire household, so make it work for you, your partner, and everyone else in the family. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 1. Don't gossip. Gossiping is in bad taste, no matter how fashionable it might look. Talking behind people's backs will make you seem untrustworthy and if your husband finds out he will have every right to question if you have been talking about him behind his back as well.

Discussing your problems with a trusted best friend is one thing, but gossiping with your book club is another. Always be respectful, so people will treat you and your husband!

with respect. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. Take a break. A good housewife does not have to look after the home and children twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, always cooking and cleaning. If he gets time off from his job evenings, weekendsyou likewise deserve a break once in a while. Maybe he can do laundry or entertain the kids on one of his days off while you take a break to recharge your batteries, such as volunteering for a local organization, visiting a spa, or spending time with your friends.


Not only will it allow you to foster your sense of individuality, but it will also allow him to see what housework or childcare is like, and he may respect you more for taking on these responsibilities through the week. Do not take too much time off, however, as industry is a virtue in most cultures.

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Be giving and generous, and work industriously, and you will be respected. Also consider enjoying these activities together as a couple. But always remember, you need some time to yourself alone, too.

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So maybe taking a break once in a while would be a good excuse to do some activity by yourself. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Pay close attention to little things. Remember his birthday, wedding anniversaries, etc. Pay attention to the tiny hole in his shirt and repair it.

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Pay attention to the speck in his coat and clean it. Little attention add up to big attention, and you will have a happy marriage as a result. Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0. Create a peaceful atmosphere at home. Teach your children not to quarrel too often it is very much unavoidable that they will do so once in a while!

Have nice, relaxing, or even classical music CDs and play them often. Noise in a house is unavoidable, but you CAN avoid excess and unnecessary noise. And doing so will benefit both your husband and you. If your man buys you a gift, show how grateful you are by making use of it, so that you do not offend him. But remember that if you do not like it, you should tell him in a polite and still grateful manner: that way he can get to know you better, too.

Helpful 1 Not Helpful 1. Remember, if you are feeling low, depressed, or stressed, be sure to talk it out with your husband. After all, you are human too and marriage is all about both sides: supporting and understanding from both sides is a must, and you deserve it, too. Breakfast in bed at the weekends is a great way to make your man feel good.

Show him how much you appreciate his love by treating him to a regular massage. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 2. If you're experimenting with a new recipe have another dinner option just in case your new recipe goes awry. Take care of your diet. Even if you are not a great cook, make sure that you and your family eat well. If you do not cook well, keep practising, and try to keep the meals simpler, focusing on fresh, healthy ingredients.

No matter how busy your day gets, make sure that you eat regularly and healthily.

Have no junk food in your house; instead, try to keep healthier snacks around, such as fruits and nuts. Kaan Pubg. I want a girl like this. . .!!!. !!!.

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