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Secondly, What you guys experienced was the horror that we visit on each other due to frustrating social responses to our situation and internalized homophobia.

Fredrick I hope by now you have retrieved your line and by that you can retrieve your messages. Also if you use a gmail account you can sycronize your contacts and other details so that you can retrieve them on any new device just by logging in to your gmail account I wish we could talk but I guess your experience will traumatize you for some time.

Feel for you very much. This also happened to me Although I paid off the police officers to get the matter to rest. I blocked the guy on all social media, and dared him to produce evidence. I was strong.

Agree nigerians men nude necessary words

Before the Antigay law, we had gay men gaybashing other men because they felt distraught over snatching of their boyfriends or because of some petty jealousy I advise everyone to at these trying times to stick to their old friends. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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NEWER POST 5 tips that will help lesbians stay happy and healthy. Wordpress 10 Sly 5 years. NoStringsNG 5 years. Sly 5 years. You welcome. I should thank you more for doing a Good job. May the good Lord bless you richly.

Thank you for your kind words.

We are always here. nelson 5 years. John Adewoye 5 years. David 5 years. Bakare 5 years. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The only woman wey fit turn Urhobo man to flying boat! No one but you! Every other woman is a counterfeit! This leads to yet another characteristic. There is no denying itNigerian men are fine. Compare him to men from other nationalities. Or the dark chocolate from the North?

That his woman should know how to cook should not even be up for negotiation.

  Hot, handsome, fit Nigerian men repping Naija on Instagram Vol 1. Sexy black African men into muscle and fitness (personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts).Author: African Banter Find the perfect Nigeria Gay stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Nigeria Gay of the highest quality

Recently, I was at a get together in Abuja for a group of African-Americans that had completed a project and were on their way back to the U. They were going on about how warm and hospitable the people were and the women among them like true Americans! Well, a crazy colleague of mine decide to take on the role of match-maker and started asking for their likes, preferences etc.

You could have heard a pin drop! The whole room went quiet. Bolanle Aduwo is a screenwriter, broadcaster and producer. She has written screenplays for several soaps and home videos in the Nigerian movie scene and is currently producing her own movie. This makes me balance my understanding about Nigerian men because I have this general notion that they are scammers sorry for that. Hi Melissa, I recently started dating a Nigerian guy, I really related to your comment. Its hard for me to figure him out although it is still early.

What would you suggest?

Nigerian girl fight her best friend over a boyfriend

We have gone through lots of challenges One thing I feel is necessary in a love relationship is God and associating with other believers in Christ. He refuses to go to church with me, but wants me to hang out at the soccer field all the time with him. I told him I feel like he has 2 personalities One with me and one in front of his friends. I ejoyed the article, and I definitely recognize these traits in my Nigerian husband.

Yes, he is so fine! He is very persistant and did not give up until he had me where he wanted me. I have to agree with Melissa, God is very important to my husband and to me as well. He is gentle, kind, and so very patient with me. He is a proud, strong, sexy, African man, and I do not know if it is true of all Nigerian men, but he is the most positive person I have ever met in my life.

In the 2 years I have known him, I have ever heard him say a negative word about anyone, and no matter what we face, he always offers encouraging words and expects a positive outcome. He knows how to make me feel loved, and he takes very good care of me. My man is stubborn anddoes very little wrong in his own eyes, and has the final say even though he does discuss things with me first usually. Respect is extremely imortant to him as it is to all Nigerians. Showing respect to each other is deeply ingrained in their culture.

I did not know anything about Nigerian culture until I met my husband and his family. I love the Nigerian culture and have been privilged to spend some time with, and stayed with his family in Nigeria. I enjoyed every moment with them except the heatlol.

I am looking forward to learning even more as we live our life together. God has brought a amazing man into my life, and I am thankful. I felt so rejected for his attention once, I had a fling and he found out now he wants nothing to do with me. I am married to a Nigerian man and we have a 1 yr old together. His 1st child as well as mine. I care a lot for my husband but I feel this article is missing some details about Nigerian men.

But in all actuality it may be just men in general. Right now we are going through some things with each other. I love this artice because it has informed me a lot about being in a relationship with a Nigerian man. I am a Black American woman completely mesmerized by an Igbo man I have recently met in China. He has been nothing less than kind and gentle to me, yet exudes the utmost strength and masculinity.

Never in my life has a man fulfilled my dream of mind blowing love making until now. But more importantly, he is so into me. We had a brief instance where he raised his voice at me.

  Their system is different and so is ours. Each has good and bad things. The Nigerians will not look at the reasons for example women are alone raising children and there is no male in the will not to understand why it is that way,but instead they will insist on their system being better. Their system has holes in gogreenbabyshop.comted Reading Time: 5 mins   it is essential to find out about Nigerian men and how they handle relationships especially their behaviours and cultural background just to know how it could affect or influence your future love life. Most of the things you need to know about dating Nigerian men are covered Chuka Udeze "I was grabbed, my phone was collected, and they stripped me naked and took photographs, in addition to my 5, naira" he said. Fredrick, a young Nigerian man in his early 0's was recently a victim of blackmail and extortion. In a chat with NoStrings, he explained how he met his gogreenbabyshop.comted Reading Time: 2 mins

But, I put quickly cked him and cut off us seeing each other about a week to send a strong message that he is either is going to respect me or I am out. His greatest fear is loosing me and I feel the same about him. i love mine as wellwe do plan to marry soon. a warning to all the women out there if u are needy for love, nigerian men love you in many ways but if u are expecting a nigerian man to kiss ur ass it will NOT happen.

he will listen and respect ur wishes but wishes you to respect him more. god is their hero and they direct and dedicate their lives to god.

they will protect u and will always love you but is very much so god driven. now i do not have a problem with god since i believe and i also follow gods will and not my own. nigerian men love to u as a wife is to keep u home and does not want u out in publicwants u home as a mother to his children and a wife to him and wants u too cook and give him his needs of course. know wat u want and expect out of a man becuase nigerian men expect alot out of u as a wife but do not tell them wat they are gonna dothey will NOTTTTTT except it and tell u wat they are doing.

trust me i have been through it and wanna walk away so many times but i donthis love for me will never die he says and he tells me everyday he loves me and always will love me and that i live in him forever.

they want respect from their wife and will tell u just that. one last thing do not ever complainthey do not like a wife to complain and they do not want u fat, no offense to anyone i just know. anyhow despite wat country any man is from they all have issues and so do the ladiesenjoy ur marriages no matter the culture.

this article gave me a big smile coz its all true! i met this nigerian guy last year, and we still together until now. i love him so much, i love him because he is a challenge for me. he never show his feelings to me, i know he loves me but not as much i love him.

he just always makes me cry.

and have

thats all i can say. HmmWonder if HE could be the ONE!!! I had doubts until I read this article! I cant cook, he knows this, Im still in school working on a degree, he knows this too. I dont have much so I dont want to be a disappointment. I just let him know that I AM A MESS. He still lifts me up and makes me smile. I never thought I could FALL for a manYES I SAID MAN cause I have been lesbian for the past 8 yearsI decided to change my life around and he is the FRIST MAN I have shown interestAlthouh we mostly just chat online and text.

I have high hopes now!!! Thanks for the article. I luv your write up its so true to Nigerian Man, I met and fell so in love with him he is from Niga Delta, Tall dark and handsome, body to die for.

He just has the greatest laughter, I am from South Africa. good analysis. you share good and bad things of him.

not so. Rather

not all time smooth n easy but yet. The article was well written. The issue I see in Houston is some of the Nigerians attitude toward African Americans are negative.

We are africans too and we do have a culture. It is not any fault of our own that we were taken from Africa. Secondly, I find some of the Nigerians negative and closeminded. Their system is different and so is ours. Each has good and bad things. The Nigerians will not look at the reasons for example women are alone raising children and there is no male in the home. They will not to understand why it is that way,but instead they will insist on their system being better.

Their system has holes in it. American has more accessibility to things that may not be offered in other places.

Freedom to religion, there are are lists of things. Everyone is proud where they come from. There has to be better dialogue between the two. The Nigerians have to listen more and stop being so judgemental everyone does not live the same way and some people have different values. No is one is less than or better than you. I think it is sad how we can not get along.

African men have their good points and bad points just like any other man. They are defintely sought after by women. I feel that African Americans can learn from Nigerians as well as we can learn from them. One last thing I do not like the Nigerian slang word that is used when some describe American women.

Not all women sell themselves for money. Some have a high regard for themselves. in america everthing is out front in the open In Nigeria things are more hidden.

Lets call a spade a spade no one is better or less than. We all are works in progress.

The Nigerian man is a natural hustler, they go out in the morning and come back in the evening, they don't usually get fed up with wealth acquisition, that is the one thing American women seem to like so much about Nigerian men, - That they take responsibility and make sure their family as well as their woman is well taken care gogreenbabyshop.comted Reading Time: 4 mins   4. That myth about a man's penis becoming small if you cross over him. A small penis is social suicide for a man. 5. Men sitting in public with their legs spread wide open. The ultimate "I have a penis" pose. 6. When a man can't impregnate his wife and people ask him, "Are you even a man?" If your penis doesn't work, you're not Estimated Reading Time: 1 min   Men of the EFCC have apprehended a scammer who uses nude photos to defraud unsuspecting victims. Nigerian Man Jailed For Posing As Lady And Using Nude Pictures To Dupe Men (Photo) Posted by Thandiubani on Fri 18th Sep, How Nigerians Reacted To Sunday Igboho's 'Yoruba Nation' Declaration. Popular gogreenbabyshop.comted Reading Time: 1 min

I never dreamed of having a relationship with a Nigerian Man, but well I did and its like you say, they have that magic touch that you just want. We great friends first, he is the one I would go to if I am down, his laughter just makes me melt. Well any ways like the saying goes - Tall dark and handsomemmm he is great.

I looked around in our South African men but they just dont have that oemphf!!!!. and you wonder why they dislike Nigerian Men!!! Well I love this one S2. I too am engadged to a Nigerian manand what most say about them are true. They are fine menat least I know mine is. They are so full of life and love. He has lifted me up from a deep darkness and showed me the light of life Again.

Yes and a much older than him but I do believe that he loves me as much as I love him. So ladies go for it. I am and American white lady and he is the first black man I have ever been involved withbut I am glad i found hi.

I too have met a Nigerian man. Just worried about the age difference. thank u for this article i recently met a nigerian man we have been talking online he is everything u stated in this article i was leery about going visit but i think i will give it a try thank you. Being confident about ones way and putting it at the fore front of suggestion amidst a quiet and timid bunch, does not connote a lack of understanding of mulple avenues.

A Nigerian man is brassy and bold; and sometimes, this is mistaken for boiterousness and arrogance; even by similar folks who fall short of the same opportunity.

tracey we in the same boat. he is everything that he says he is. one thing i know. Not to mention he is also fine! When we first started talking i did research on Nigerian men and i must say what i found was all negativity but this article really tells you the real and i thank you for this positive article on Nigerian men. I can attest to the charming and single midedness. Robert was passing through my city on business and saw me enter a store. He followed me inside, picked out some snacks and got in line behind me at the register.

He then asked to use my store discount card by saying he was from out of town.

regret, that can

I loaned him my card and then walked outside. He followed me outside and in the most charming manner said he thought I was very attractive. I eventually gave him my tel and he gave me his business card and home tel. That was easier said than done. Robert is hell bent on changing my mind with calls and gifts. His persistence is outrageous but somehow he just avoids being creepy. I love Nigerian man they are nice to his lady sweet talk all the time, gentlman and ofcourse he is the BOSS.

I am Ukrainian lady and had a chancer to viisit Nigeria, oh boy, i was in the center of all man attention, got marriage proposals ects.

but one thng i know I am hooked on NIgerian man they are sweet talking man and their bodies their skin oh. rahhhh Love them.

Variant does nigerians men nude sorry, that interrupt

i am a black womam dated nigerian for eight months. he took to nice resturants and make love to me. i was never included in afrecian events with his people.

i feel in love with him. we have broken up but I miss him. He stated that he wanted a woman that was fininical stabe. i am retired from the state of Ohio. I am prwntly working seasonal job get my charge cards paid off. I ditto what you just said EMO. My Nigerian has his sights set on me too. He is a professor here in the states for the last 10 years.

Most his family is in the states also. We just met but he is wanting to move forward already. He is very kind. I will use this information and my own observation to conclude my decision to give it a long or short haul. LOL Thanks for the article and all of the comments.

I am married to a gorgeous Nigerian man, he is a lot of adjectives described above: fine, elegant, sophisticated, However, he is an honest, loyal husband and friend. he appreciates beauty but does not disrespect his wife, he does enjoy my food but doesnt expect me to cook for him, he likes relaxing at home but also loves seeing me relax.

So ladies, do not judge your man based on what others say, find out for yourself who he is. Hey all, im dating a nagerian guyand its like Heavan on earth, Im from South Africa nd im a colored, he is the best thing that ever happen to me all praise and Glory to the Allmighty he is so sweetgently, God fearing man cant wait to visit Nigeria, But im so greatfull im actualy feeling so humble, you knw to have such a man in my life, he is such an inspiration, nd like some of you said, i also had my doubts about Nigerians, But mine is the BEST more than the BEST.

A year later and I found out that I am the D. Yes I trusted IKe, a liar. a lying dogg who dated multiple women all white he constantly expressed how he loved black women and white women had nothing for him For yesssss He is a liar. Ike looked for women whom he could benefit from money.

And old women who could not bare children anymore. For yes he makes the babies and thats IT. nigeria is a better country than all that but we lack creative mind who meant good and positive ideology for these NATION. Well i had went out with an american born nigerian guy.

i am 24 and hes hes different i guess. Hes actually ashamed of being nigerian. I guess every nigerian dude is different.

I couldnt put up with his self hating and problems. Well i am not knocking nigerian men as i still dont know much about the culture.

but love my son! I am an African American female and I find your article interesting, and its only my belief in God I will not stoop to a low level and Dis anyone because they are who they are.

But my experieince with the one I have now is wonderful. I like those who live in America and refuse to behave like the others. Shall I say arrogant, maybe its the God in him that makes him the man and provider he is and I love every bit out it.

always remember Chica, its you and your people who come abroad for change and now its time to act on it. I have to say, I agree!

Opinion nigerians men nude that can

I am AA, well sort of. My dad is caribbean, born here, and my mom is AA. I was born here as well. I think there are a ton of good AA men out there, but they are sometimes hard to come by depending on your situtation. Man, how in the world did I get so lucky? This guy is amazing. African American women, stop settling, and think outside the box!

You might find a Naija prince, I did!! Nice article.

Nigerians men nude

I have never been so passionate about any man in my life, in spite of being in a few long-term relationships. He has me smitten with his sexy, wonderful self. He is so sweet and caring and takes such good care of me. We have had our ups and downs but have managed to work through them. He is my African king and I am his lady, his queen. Nigerian men are lionsthey are strong willed, providers, and do not tolerate disrespectif you are not comfortable with toning it down and allowing him to have control, at least fake it until you make it.

Very nice artilce. I was reading comments from a different forum that was focusing on all the negative things about Nigerian men. I visited this article after having a terrible experience with a Nigerian man. What amazed me is that the Nigerian women except my sister-in-law felt as if I got what I deserved. They were not being truthful with me. They pretended that their men were very good to them and never ated on them.

Words... super, nigerians men nude something is

They made it appear like the problem was with me and not him. It makes me feel better to know that you are honest about Nigerian men.

My sister-in-law for 2 years is also a very honest person about the men of her culture. She is very blessed to have a good Southern boy like my big brother. He rish her and take GOOD care of her and their children. My igbo man! I do anything for him! after four years he still got me fantasizing when his not around! I like thismy boyfriend is so dam sexy! We both najia but I was born here. i must say this i s the first time i have been dating a nigerian guy and i love him die.

yes almost everyone has told me negative things about Nigerian guys but i have not experienced it yet. I pray so much that everything works out rightI am a non Nigerian woman but i try to understand their culture so i probably would understand him alot better. Trying my best to keep thinking positive. As for the author hymm. he is fine. I reside in Huntsville Al, I find your article to be dead on about my Love Ike.

He is Bold, brash, infuriating, funny, crafty, big-hearted, double-dealing, sexy, crazy, loving. The things that makes me so mad and upset are the same things that I love about him. I am praying and working daily to be all that he needs. I love this man i want to learn more about him and how to please him.

Thank you for writing this article.

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