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I asked him if he was moving in our out.

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I thought to myself, what are the odds that he will move in next to me because I knew that there were 2 apartments available in the building where I live. He asked in which apartment I lived and as I said 4.

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He said, I will be directly next to you in 4. At this point I just stared at him.

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I wish I could have said something cool but since on the inside I am a big fat nerd I just stared with what I am sure was a pretty awkward face. As I went to my place, made myself dinner and was totally minding my business my doorbell rang.

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I looked through that peek hole where you can see who stands at the other side of the door and there he was. I opened the door and there he was, with that big smile that I am starting to hate on his face again.

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He asked if he could borrow a towel because he was sweaty from all the moving and he did not know in what boxes his own towels were. Before I could give an answer to his question he moved around me and actually entered my apartment.

I can usually do my workout any afternoon in any room of the house cause i am home all night alone, My neighbors are close friends of ours and we each have keys to each others houses. My upstairs is a wide open kitn living room/ dining room, I was doing a nice aggressive jelq session My new blonde and tall, half naked viking'ish neighbor boy. I opened the door and there he was, with that big smile (that I am starting to hate) on his face again. He asked if he could borrow a towel because he was sweaty from all the moving and he did not know in what boxes his own towels were Spying on my neighbour. sorry its not clear. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. American Detained in NKorea Sorry for Spying. Elly DJI Phantom 2 Vision spying on neighbour. Dorian Meyer. Get in Cash, for Spying on your neighbours. News.

Something he clearly did not know is that the corner apartments are bigger and have more rooms than the others. I say things that are not meant in a sexual way but come out sexual so just as I wanted to say how much I liked big things I regrouped and recovered and thought to myself that that is probably not the best thing to say to my new half naked viking neighbor boy.

He kept continuing his monologue since this was not a conversation because for some reason I could not say anything he said that he chose the smaller apartment because he was living alone and he asked me if I was living with my boyfriend.

When I told him that I was single he got that stupid smile on his face again. The minute I said that I immediately thought, really, that is the first full sentence you are actually going to say to him.

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As he walked to my door he stood still turned around and thanked me for the towel. He told me that he would bring it back asap and I told him to keep it. OH-MY-GOD this dude is so confident that it became annoying.

About a half an hour later I heard weird noises coming from his place. I thought the walls were sound proof but apparently they were not.

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It sounded like he was having sex but where the hell did he found a girl in that 0 minute time frame and I also kinda just heard him making noise.

I did not heard any girl in there. But still, when you are home alone you do not want to hear your neighbor having sex so I just wanted to get out of my apartment and thought to go for a walk outside.

When she saw me she starred at the ground and walked towards the elevator. Well, no shame no game girl.

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I immediately had so many questions though. Who is this girl, does she live in the building too?

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Where did he found her? Does he always have short sex sessions?

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Wait why did I care? As I walked outside and was locking up my apartment he asked if I heard anything.

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I said that I heard him moan and that that was the reason why I left my place cause I felt uncomfortable because he was so loud. He apologized and I said that there was no need to apologize to me but maybe to the girl since she did not make any noise he was probably doing something wrong.

My son can climb the trees in our yard to peek. Also, because the women didn't object to his coming to pick up his ball, I fear he may intentionally hit balls over the fence as an excuse to go over there and get an eyeful. Abby, should I ask my neighbor to please refrain from sunbathing in the nude?

in Santa Clarita, Calif. Dear Mrs. Your neighbor has the right to sunbathe in the nude in the privacy of her fenced back yard.

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Better to tell your son to refrain from climbing the tree in his yard. Dear Abby: I am a happily married woman.

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My husband and I have been married for nine years. We have three children, ages 7, 5 and.

Wild Boy: Kid Gets Head On The Bus Ride To School! BROKEN? , views. Uploaded August 17, What the fxck. SHOW MORE SHOW LESS. Please click the "Report" button below if the video on this page is not working properly. Report this video! He's been nude in my presence dozens of times. I know it's common for little boys to run around without clothes on sometimes, but, Abby, he's not a little boy anymore. Clothes-Minded in Dear Abby: My year-old son recently hit a ball over the fence into our neighbor's back yard. He went into their yard and the owner of the house and a friend (both women) were sunbathing in the

My question concerns my husband's first marriage, which lasted less than a year and was annulled by the Catholic church. There were no children from that marriage, and it is now a part of the distant past.

I think our children should be told about their father's first marriage, don't you?

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