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The buffalo formerly ate man. The magpie and the hawk were on the side of the people, for neither ate the other or the people. These two birds flew away from a council between animals and men. They determined that a race would be held, the winners to eat the losers. The course was long, around a mountain. On the other hand, the people were afraid because of the long distance. They were trying to get medicine to prevent fatigue.

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I did fall asleep, and when I woke up the family was gone but there was a paper tray filled with chicken bones, one or two with most of the meat still intact, laying under their seat. I stared at it and thought about all of the possible germs. I also thought about what would happen if the family was still on the train and caught me eating their wings, how mortified I would be. I also thought about how hungry I was.

When I was little we lived right next to train tracks with a railyard just down the road. I spent a lot of time over the years idly watching those trains, wondering about where they went and if I could go too.

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But either way, it really resonated with me. Different people make graffiti for all sorts of different reasons. Mostly I like to think of it as sharing messages with friends or leaving a note for someone else to stumble across.

Oftentimes, I did it with a underlying hope that someone will be happy to see it or perhaps it might help some one feel less alone. I like that idea of making things that probably most might never notice or care, but maybe one person will and maybe it just might er them up.

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Other times, perhaps primarily, I think I did it early on especially because it was a way of feeling part of something bigger. But you know who I do know? A lot of military. My Dad is really proud of his service, my siblings are really proud of their service. My uncles, my aunts. On our reservation, Veterans have their own monument. At powwows and round dance, Veterans are usually the first to lead. They are the elders in our community, the council people, the people in framed photos lining the community center.

They come back from service and everyone is excited. They are out there doing something. It is one of the few employment opportunities that is actively witnessed in the community. But not the Military, not only did they allow natives to join - they were recruited, and in some cases celebrated. Look at the Navajo CodeTalkers! Ira Hayes!

Choctaw CodeTalkers! When you are a kid and they ask you what you want to be when you grow up, most kids are saying what they see in media or what they see in their community. Think about it. What was the most mainstream story reported about Native Americans in the last year, noDAPL aside? Was it the historic numbers of Native Americans running for political positions this year or the purposeful contamination of Swinomish salmon fisheries or the numerous ongoing land-grabs?

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What would a kid take away from seeing those? She made it so that means I can! They made it so that means I can!

I am turning this into a rant about the importance of media representation so I will digress. Last year I had to give a tour to a group of Native 8th graders who were visiting my school and out of curiosity I asked what they wanted to be when they grew up.

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You know what the answers were? Yeah there were other answers but those stuck out to me. The military is one of the few employment opportunities that is directly aimed at Natives, has a history with Natives, and has built an employment pipeline within the community.

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Most industries completely ignore Native Americans, but not the Military. The Military will populate career fairs at Tribal Colleges, billboards, employment fairs.

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They advertise employment at local chapter houses. They offer the opportunity to travel, to have a job, to be part of something biggeras well as a lot of other things come with being in the military, but when you are 18 or 19 and live in a rural area - man, do the perks of the military seem enticing.

Here is an actual advertisement from The Daily Republican newspaper in Sept. Any representation is better than none, to some people. With that said, finding one Native who approves of something, who you can then trot out as a spokesperson, is a racist act in its own right.

You are essentially telling us that our identity is singular and represented by your designated colonizer. That is like saying that Stella Kubler was the expert spokesperson for all things Jewish or that Ben Carson speaks for the entire Black American community.

The term is extremely offensive. There should not even be an argument about this. Instead it should be an education. Indigenous people are not mascots or pets that people can selectively choose to highlight when it is beneficial or supports whatever myth they are trying to sell. I have been fortunate to have had some exciting opportunities as a college student. I was invited to the White House and held internships at the National Science Foundation and at a university in New Zealand.

I co-starred on a PBS series called CodeTrip, with two other computer-science students and I drove an RV across the United States, visiting top professionals in our field. My secret to landing these opportunities? It was my decision, as a Native American, to attend a tribal college - first Dine College, a Navajo institution where I earned my associate degree, and then Salish Kootenai College, in Montana, where I recently graduated.

Many of them are located in rural communities often overlooked by mainstream institutions. Students can earn degrees or take general-education requirements without having to move far away from home or pay huge tuition, room, and board fees - which are out of reach financially for many Native students. Tribal colleges also collaborate with other universities in the region to create an easy transfer process. And students represent various tribes, ages, and cultural backgrounds, helping ease worries about being the odd man out.

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Despite all these benefits, there is often still a stigma associated with attending a tribal college. After I earned an associate degree from Dine, I did an internship in Washington, where I was lucky enough to meet students from all over the country. They were created by and for Native communities not only to provide students with an education, but also to promote their cultures, languages, and histories. Growing up, I often felt either too Native or not Native enough.

I was born outside Houston, but raised in a household where we proudly observed our Stockbridge-Munsee culture, as part of a Native community whose reservation is in Wisconsin. Often, as the only Native student in my classes at school, I would find myself having to balance these seemingly contradictory cts of my identity.

I had two choices: I could defend my culture while still trying to understand what it meant to me, or I could serve as the resident spectacle for students who had never met a Native person and felt no qualms about touching my hair or pulling at my beadwork.

When I tested into a magnet program at a high school on the other side of town, I was suddenly surrounded by wealth and privilege, as well as offensive caricatures of my culture. I became discouraged thinking about pursuing a higher education.

How do you attend college when no one else in your immediate family has had that experience? In I enrolled at Dine, after selling my car to pay for my first semester.

The college walked me through the financial-aid process and explained the differences between degree programs.

My course catalog, which stressed the importance of culture and education, became my bible.

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I am not a dog. You are not entitled to ck out my pedigree. If you must, ask the person what tribe they are. If you seem interested I usually break it down further. But I see a lot of people using it in jest online and have run into people who jokingly refer to themselves as it.

Please stop asking me about sweatlodge. Chill out. Go to the sauna at 24 fitness if you want to feel dry heat. I will invite you to something if I want to or am allowed to. Asking is different than expecting. I understand you might be trying to demonstrate an awareness of Indian Country thanks!

This makes me feel like you are being super conscious of my ethnicity and not of me as an individual. Never, under any circumstances, call me: Squaw, Thunderbird, Indian Princess, Warrior, Chief, or any other racial slur that you find cute. I really enjoy talking about my culture and sharing it with others. Asking me about alcoholism on reservations while I am trying to chill out at the pool or prompting me to discuss land rights during intermission at the Symphony is weird.

This seems so outlandish - yet if I had a quarter for every time someone has said this, I could probably afford to separate my laundry at the washateria. I love compliments!

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You are basically saying you have lowered expectations of me and my community while having the gall to patronize me with your unwelcome approval. Be aware of your own culture. You are calling my culture weird because it is not your culture.

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OG BEDROCK! culture and that everything else is backwards or a subgroup. Also put some thought into your questions.

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You are also showing off your ignorance of basic American History and Policies, like the Indian Termination Policy and historical oppression. Not all tribes have them. It is just a stereotype. Not all tribes get per capita payments. But I find this usage so offensive. I was raised to mind certain traditional beliefs which is what I assume you mean by Native American religion and our family also participated in Native American Church NAC [not what I assume you mean by NA religion] and we also have a lot of relatives, including my dad who were boarding schooled and indoctrinated with Christian religions.

Keeping in mind that Native American religion and traditions are not homogenized or monolithic, but as a general theme, Indigenous beliefs are usually meant to explain the world around us, teach us to respect our bodies, and teach us about our own respective histories.

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For example one of my tribes has a creation story that involves canoes; our land is surrounded by many lakes, so why and how this story was created is fairly obvious. Another creation story I was told a lot as a kid involved a turtle - turtles are one of our clan animals so this connection seemed obvious.

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I was taught our stories about why the sun is bright, why we bead, why we harvest rice, among other things. There is even a story about why we tell stories.

Sometimes there are milestones and events within our life that call for ceremony, which is usually private and whose structure and tradition is passed down and overseen by our elders. When I was a tiny tot, there were these really thick and really exciting in the way anything unexplored is woods near our house. We were told to stay out of the woods because of the little people and what these little people would do to us if they caught us.

I was slightly skeptical until I went for a walk my aunt and we heard a blood-curdling shriek from the woods. I never wanted to go near the woods after that though I did spend a summer constructing elaborate traps with some friends. How ated! I felt once I found out about possums and their unique shrieks and put two and two together - but I must say even knowing this and being much older and hopefully at least a bit more wise, I still pause before entering the woods and will often leave an offering especially if I am taking something out like firewood just because beliefs and traditions, like religions, can be hard to shake.

By pausing before I enter, by giving thanks and being grateful that I am able to take firewood, by doing these actions I am being mindful of my actions which is a helpful practice at least for me.

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Native American Church is a bit different. We participated as a family when we were in off the reservation, and while the city we were is fairly large and diverse, finding other Natives can sometimes be difficult, let alone finding someone from your specific tribe.

The closest reservation was a few hours away and whose traditions were quite different than ours. So we would end up at NAC as a way to convene with other Natives. I was pretty little and mostly remember the ceremony being very different than ones back on the rez. Not just the protocols and stories but the manner of how the ceremony is held is quite different.

Even later as I have attended NAC on a few other reservations I find it different than my tribal practices, but there is a similarity regardless of reservation or tribe and that in of itself can be comforting. My father was forced into a christian boarding school as a kid, as were many other relatives - so this is also going to factor heavily into traditional outlook. In the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed which further helped us gain access to objects used in ceremony - but again, these are major roadblocks and obstacles spanning years and thus preventing practice during those times.

Even now it can be difficult to practice a religion when the things we keep sacred and revere are being carved up. The idea of having to produce paperwork and performing the ridiculous acrobatic routine that is filling out federal paperwork just to attend a ceremony can be tiring, frustrating, and upsetting.

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