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Tim Kirkpatrick. Because of this close-quarter living, illnesses and bacteria can quickly spread from person to person. Most service members are taught to shower before they go to bed. After all, you want to remain as clean as possible throughout the night. But when we sleep, we naturally sweat from our pores. Meanwhile, our microscopic skin cells die and flake off. troops are taught to sleep in a t-shirt and undies or some type of pajamas.

China claims the South China Sea, despite competing claims and legal disputes from other countries in the region. He said that it was unlikely to be fishermen using lasers to warn the helicopters away as there was little chance that a helicopter and a boat would be on course to collide.

Reports in said that more than 20 attacks with lasers were made against US military pilots in the East China Sea between September and June Graham told CNN that he did not witness the lasers first hand, but pilots told him that they were repeatedly targeted.

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China claims the vast majority of the South China Sea as its own despite protests and legal battles with other countries in the region. It is a key transportation route for nations in the region, and contains oil and gas reserves.

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China has staked its territorial claims in recent years by creating manmade islands in the area, some of which are home to airfields. The week operation brought the military to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia to share disaster relief expertise. This article originally appeared on Business Insider. Follow BusinessInsider on Twitter. Airman Magazine. Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance is the number one most requested capability by combat commanders and for more than a year enlisted airmen have been helping the Air Force meet this demand by piloting the RQ-4 Global Hawk.

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Dave Goldfein has continually expressed the importance of the ISR force and finding innovative methods to relieve the pressure of getting commanders on the ground more data.

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In light of this, the Air Force selected 12 active-duty airmen last year to become RQ-4 pilots as part of the first Enlisted Pilot Initial Class, the first enlisted airmen to fly aircraft since Courtney, an RQ-4 Global Hawk pilot who was part of the initial class. Courtney has been part of the ISR career field throughout her career. Enlisted pilots of the RQ-4 Global Hawk at Beale Air Force Base, Cali. These are the first enlisted Airmen to fly aircraft for the U.

Air Force since She always wanted to be a pilot and was going through the process of applying for Officer Training School to come back and fly RPAs when this program was offered as an exclusive volunteer possibility by the Air Force.

Inthe Air Force was tasked with nearly 25, ISR missions, collectinghours of full motion video and producing 2. The Enlisted Pilot Initial Class training was created to provide more pilots to the RQ-4 program and ensure the Air Force is able to keep up with the high demand for its ISR products.

But, training new pilots takes time as the RPA training program spans almost a full year. Airmen begin Initial Flight Training at Pueblo Memorial Airport in Pueblo, Colorado, where they learn to fly and complete a solo flight in a DA Katana aircraft.

After IFT, students progress through the RPA Instrument Qualification Course and RPA Fundamentals Course at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas, and then Global Hawk Basic Qualification Training at Beale Air Force Base, California.

Michael, a remotely piloted aircraft fundamentals course instructor pilot, right, discusses a training mission utilizing the Predator Reaper Integrated Mission Environment simulator with Tech.

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Ben, an enlisted pilot student, and Staff Sgt. James, a basic sensor operator course instructor at the th Flying Training Squadron at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas Jul. At the conclusion of this training airmen are rated, instrument-qualified pilots who are Federal Aviation Administration certified to fly the RQ-4 in national and international airspace and mission-qualified to execute the high altitude ISR mission. Beforehand, we were robbing Peter to pay Paul from the manned and unmanned airframes.

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Pannabecker, who is a retired Air Force colonel who helped with the inception of the RPA enterprise, thinks the Air Force is on track with a smart solution to a real problem, which is a shortage of pilots around the whole Air Force.

Keith Pannabecker, a remotely piloted aircraft qualification instructor pilot, left, monitors a training mission utilizing the T-6 Flight Simulator with Tech.

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Ben, an enlisted RPA pilot student, at the th Flying Training Squadron at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas Jul. So, what we have now is a win-win. Since the graduation of the initial enlisted pilots inthe Air Force added 0 more airmen into the training pipeline this year and plans to grow to pilots by Remotely piloted aircraft qualification instructor pilots and student pilots review the training mission sdules of the the T-6 Flight Simulator at the th Flying Training Squadron at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas Jul.

Courtney said during February all RQ-4 missions in the 12th Reconnaissance Squadron at Beale were flown by enlisted pilots. This article originally appeared on Airman Magazine.

Follow AirmanMagazine on Twitter. Blake Stilwell.

Eventually, the U. government was determined to move the native people to reservations. Those who did not sell their land were moved by force. The fighting on the Plains saw the Battle of Little Bighorn, the massacre at Wounded Knee, and the Sand Creek Massacre, just to name some of the bloodiest moments. The fighting West of the Mississippi claimed countless lives, not to mention the end of the traditional ways for many Native Americans.

Still, some fought back, with varying degrees of success. An ally of the dreaded Coman, the Kiowa were usually at war with anyone the Coman went to war with, including the US Army. For 50 years, the Kiowa moved from the central United States westward to join the Coman in raiding and trading from the American Southwest into Mexico, killing thousands. Even after most of the Kiowa moved to reservations inmany warrior bands remained loose on the American frontier.

As more settlers rushed to the Rocky Mountains area, the area began to fill up with heavily-armed militias who would raid neighboring Arapaho and yenne tribal settlements. In response, the yenne began to fight back, forming different kinds of warrior bands, including the now-famous Dog Soldiers - warriors who would hold their ground, no matter what came at them.

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The Dog Soldiers rallied yenne and Arapaho tribesmen together to wreak havoc on the Colorado ranching industry. The Sioux were not the first tribe to fight the U. In the early days of the Civil War, Confederate forces took on Apas in the West before transferring to the actual Civil War they were needed to fight. Clans of Apa rarely gathered in great numbers.

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They only did so in order to gather their forces to hit the U. Army in large formations. The US Army hated the Apas so much, they would fight any sized organization they happened to come across, fearful of them massing numbers to form a war party. It took more than 20 years of concerted effort to end the Apa resistance. The reason the Spanish Empire stopped expanding northward was because they were stopped by Comans.

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The Texan Republic stopped expanding westward because of Comans. The United States frontier actually receded because of the Comans. By the end of the s, the men who won the Civil War for the Union were now running the country and President Grant, Commander of the U. Army William Tecumseh Sherman, and Gen. Philip Sheridan were determined to end the Coman threat, finally subduing them with overwhelming force in Tessa Robinson.

It seems like every veteran entrepreneur opens a coffee shop, a t-shirt company, or a brewery. This Veterans Day, raise a glass full of veteran-brewed goodness to toast all the great ones before us, those who have served with us and those yet to come.

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Here are 8 veteran-brewed beers to drink this Veterans Day and hell, all year round :. Protector BrewerySan Diego, CA. What could be better than toasting the brotherhood than by buying a beer that gives back to it? A portion of every beer sold in the series is donated to the Navy Seal Foundation.

According to their website, this brew is fermented at a higher temp 72F to blow up the fruity and juicy yeast strain esters. This series features a single hop profile of Azacca Hops to bring big citrus and tropical fruit tones. Protector is one of the fastest-growing breweries in SoCal and is owned and operated by a veteran Navy Seal.

Callsign BreweryKansas City, MO. Start your day right with a W. Waffle Ale that honors the Women Air Service Pilots W. from World War II. While it was brewed by women to honor women in uniform, this beer is for anybody who likes to be happy. Haint Blue Brewing Company, Mobile, AL. This Double Dry Hopped India Pale Ale with Citra is a crisp, flavorful IPA. The Bold Mariner Brewing CompanyNorfolk, VA. The Frogman Lager is a fan favorite at this Norfolk brewery with a combination of caramel and bready-malt flavors and floral and earthy notes courtesy of the Bold Saaz hops.

With 24 IBU, this is an easy beer to drink and an easier one to love. Railhouse Brewery, Aberdeen, NC. We give the KA-BAR Brown Ale two fierce knife hands. Their flagstaff beer, this is a rich, dark brown ale with notable nuttiness up front.

Young Veterans Brewing CompanyVirginia Beach, VA. One of our favorite beers to drink, the pineapple hefeweizen, is packed with sweet and tangy fruit flavors, perfectly complemented by spicy clove and hints of banana. Service Brewing Company, Savannah, GA. The Ground Pounder is all around a great beer. It has nice spice and citrus notes with some bold, piney hop and a little bit of caramel.

Coffee Or Die. Besides inflation, coffee has undergone quite the transformation since its first wash of national popularity in the s - known as the first-wave coffee movement. As much as our favorite drink has transformed, the efforts made to source and sell coffee have also drastically transformed, eventually bumping into its fair share of problems.

While it currently boasts one of the biggest markets globally, the method in which coffee is sourced often skirts the questions about morality. In order to understand the extent of coffee conflict, we must first understand the waves of coffee and how they have changed the shape of the market.

Back in the s, Maxwell House and Folgers earned their place in our pantries as a morning beverage readily available for the American masses. These were the days of no-nonsense, pre-ground beans and a good, old-fashioned percolator drip. Whereas the first wave seemed to be exclusive to the domestic realm, the second featured a heavy focus on intense mobilization of cafe culture, as well as the specialty beverages and passionate baristas that came along with it.

No longer about the syrup or milky beverages, cafes like Blue Bottle and La Colombe shifted their focus to the beans, roast, flavor profile, and origin of the individual cup of coffee. The hallmark of this wave remains the manner in which coffee is regarded. And while this seems like an ideal scenario for coffee lovers, the third wave struggles to balance its morality with its dedication to sophistication and flavor.

Of all the waves, the third is correlated with the most paltry, having been sourced primarily by strife-ridden communities. The first and second waves vaguely alluded to the origin of their beans.

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They were predominantly Colombian or Arabica beans with a selection that grew to include Indonesian and Vietnamese coffee. This makes sense considering that coffee is now treated as an artisanal good, and as with any business, the forces of supply and demand are at work. Inevitably, the rarest beans remain engrossed in the throes of conflict.

InBlue Bottle paid a pound for coffee imported from a war-plagued Yemen. The process of roasting a batch of high-quality, single-origin coffee beans in a large industrial roaster; the toasted beans are in the cooling cycle.

Whereas first-wave coffee was sourced privately by equitable firms and sold wholesale to companies like Maxwell House and Folgers, the third wave engages coffee sourcing with intense vigor. With consumers willing to pay higher prices, the more direct their relationship with their coffee can be. The third wave actively removes the middleman and encourages cafes to source the coffee themselves, providing associates with a direct relationship with the farmers.

To the naked eye, this seems beneficial for both parties. Cafes get their specialty products, and farmers facing dismal conditions sell their beans for what seems like a pretty penny. With bigger companies entering the fray, the division of money can get staggered, leaving farmers with fractions of what their crop is worth. Despite the coffee industry being valued at billion, growers across the globe are struggling to rally the proper funds to cover the cost of production.

As farmers struggle to maintain a profit and, in turn, make a living off their trade, the future of coffee remains volatile. This is especially problematic when you account for the conditions of most of these farmers. Residents of Sudan have been facing a deeply violent civil war, Yemeni farmers have been dealing with crippling government oppression, and farmers in the Republic of Congo stand to lose their lives while active explosives litter their farmland.

The latter is hardly an isolated incident - Colombia, Burma, Ethiopia, and Vietnam all feature obscured remnants of war, literally making coffee-growing the riskiest enterprise in the country. But there is an upside. The third wave is comprised of a hyper-aware generation of consumers that take pride in knowing how their coffee is processed and where their coffee is coming from.

As such, the global approach to sourcing coffee has offered cafe patrons an easy way to engage with the origin of their beans. This usually splits the consumers into two groups: those who consider buying conflict coffee a great atrocity, and those who see their purchase as a positive impact on an ailing community.

Neither are right. This hyper-awareness of farming conditions is slowly growing into what will become the fourth wave of coffee. The fourth wave builds upon the principles of its predecessor - they share their affinity for manually processed coffee as well as quality beans and roasts.

The major difference remains the issue of sustainability. Consumers swimming in this wave not only pride themselves on the awareness of the conditions of farmers but also the climate impact of sourcing particular roasts. The onus is on both the company and the consumer to be responsible and make responsible decisions for how we source our coffee.

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This article originally appeared on Coffee or Die. Follow CoffeeOrDieMag on Twitter. To support ongoing domestic efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus, which causes the illness COVID, the US military will provide millions of masks to support civilian public health agencies and other responders, Pentagon leadership said Tuesday. COVID has spread to more than 5, people and killed nearly people in the US. As the illness spreads domestically, masks and other protective equipment are becoming harder to find.

Additional support measures include providing up to 2, deployable ventilators to HHS and making 14 certified coronavirus testing labs available to test non-DoD personnel. He added that the Pentagon is also looking at the activation of National Guard and Reserve units to assist states as needed. The National Guard is already assisting in 22 states. US Navy. The military is preparing its hospital ships for possible deployment to assist during the crisis, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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The US Navy has two hospital ships available, the USNS Comfort in Norfolk, Virginia, and the USNS Mercy in San Diego. The defense secretary explained that US military assets like hospital ships and field hospitals are designed for trauma response rather than matters like infectious diseases, so these assets would likely be used to take the pressure off civilian medical facilities with regard to trauma care.

Esper also said that the Army Corps of Engineers could be made available to assist states in need but suggested there might be more effective options. During a press conference on Jan. Sisolak said he would look into several options for the plutonium, which had been taken to the Nevada National Security Site.

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In a court filing, the Energy Department reportedly revealed it had completed the shipment of plutonium, but declined to provide specifics due to security reasons. It noted that the transfer was completed before Novemberprior to an injunction the state had filed during negotiations.

The plutonium was shipped from the Savannah River Site in South Carolina in order to comply with a federal court order in the state, according to a National Nuclear Security Administration official cited in a Las Vegas Review-Journal report.

The National Nuclear Security Administration, the federal agency responsible for nuclear applications in the US military, claimed the plutonium would only be temporarily stored in Nevada before being moved to another facility in New Mexico or elsewhere, The Review-Journal reported.

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Lawmakers from Nevada sought an injunction and raised questions about the safety of transporting the nuclear material, including the impact it could have on the environment. The state also claimed the Energy Department failed to conduct a federally mandated study to assess the risks in transportation, and neglected to study alternative sites for depositing the plutonium, according to The Review-Journal.

Sisolak said the state filed a temporary restraining order on Wednesday to prevent future shipments, and that he was seeking retribution from the Energy Department.

Throughoutstate and the federal officials were in preliminary negotiations for the transportation of plutonium, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford said in the press conference. On Oct. In Novemberthe state also sent a request to the Energy Department for specific commitments and timelines.

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The transportation of nuclear waste is traditionally kept under close guard due to safety concerns. The Office of Secure Transportation within the Energy Department reportedly contracts hundreds of couriers to transport radioactive material using truck convoys.

The decision comes after the US Supreme Court lifted two injunctions on the ban in January to allow it to go into effect. However, due to an injunction in the Maryland case of Stone v. Trump, which was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of transgender plaintiffs who are either currently serving in the armed forces or plan to enlist, the ban was never fully implemented. The ban, which was later officially released by then-Secretary of Defense James Mattis in a memorandumblocks anyone with a condition known as gender dysphoria from serving in the military.

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The case in Maryland was filed days after the president ordered the Pentagon to not allow the recruitment of transgender people, The Washington Post reported. A Department of Defense spokesperson told INSIDER that there is no timeline yet for when the policy will actually be implemented.

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