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After a successful 11 year run - including a popular anime adaptation - the Fairy Tail manga ended in Part of the series' charm was the large roster of vivid characters and how distinct each wizard was. Fairy Tail mainly followed the lives of Lucy, Natsu, Erza and Gray with Wendy and Gajeel being added later and was great at organically developing their relationships. Unlike Naruto with the exception of Shikamaru and Temari , the romantic relationships, in particular, felt real and earned. Lucy and Natsu, the two main protagonists, are Fairy Tail 's main ship known as "NaLu" to fans but creator Hiro Mashima has always kept the jury out on their true relationship.

After he caught Lucy, Natsu saw Lucy crying which startles him. Happy and Natsu ask Lucy the reason why she is crying to which Lucy tearfully answers that everything is her fault. She states how she doesn't want to leave because she loves being a part of Fairy Tail. After that touching answer, Natsu states that she is one of them and that she doesn't have to leave. He then asks if she can stand, to which Lucy remains silent.

Natsu decides to carry a tearful Lucy on his back, promising to himself that he will get revenge on Phantom Lord for what they have done. Later on, Lucy is once again captured by Phantom Lord and subsequently beaten and tortured by Gajeel. Natsu manages to break in and save her from a potentially lethal blow at the last second. During their fight with Phantom Lord, Natsu fights with Gajeel with all his might to take revenge for hurting Lucy and the Guild.

However, seeing how badly Natsu was getting beaten, Lucy began to cry for him. She calls out Sagittarius to help Natsu, asking him if there is anyway he can create fire. After Sagittarius successfully causes an explosion next to Natsu and Gajeel, which results in Nastu consuming the flames, Natsu begins his counterattack. Lucy was amazed after Natsu became victorious.

When Lucy left to confront her father, Natsu, along with everyone else, became very frustrated, thinking that she has decided to leave the Guild. He, along with Erza, Gray and Happy, goes to her mansion to bring her back.

Upon arriving, they discover that she only went to warn her father to never bother Fairy Tail again and to give him her final goodbye. It was later stated by Happy that Natsu cried for Lucy when she left. As Natsu is incorrectly playing pool with Gray, Lucy takes on a "Special Mission" from Mirajane.

As Team Natsu travels to their destination, Natsu succumbs, once again, to his motion sickness, and lies motionless. There, they find that their mission is to help a theater house with their production, which they do, but, consequently, they destroy the theater house in the process.

However, to everyone's surprise, the play becomes quite popular. After defeating some troublemakers in Balsam Village, Natsu and the others decides to stay at an inn for the night. As they are talking, they notice Loke in the distance, and try to speak to him, but Loke, upon noticing Lucy's presence, runs away. During their stay at the inn, Natsu starts a pillow fight between Gray, Erza, and himself. With Gray apparently winning, Natsu, unable to accept his loss, calls on Lucy to make a judgement.

Upon noticing Loke's disappearance, Natsu sears for his fellow Fairy Tail Mage. Later on, Loke gives Lucy and Team Natsu tickets to a resort, as he proceeds to carry her bridal-style, and claim to talk about their future.

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Some time later, the team arrives at their vacation spot, and decompresses. However, problems arise and Erza gets kidnapped by her old friends. Lucy and her team, along with Juvia, aided by Natsu's heightened sense of smell, follow Erza into the Tower of Heaven. There, they go on a quest to rescue Erza from the cluts of Jellal Fernandes and his minions. After the abduction of both Erza and Happy, Natsu, incensed by Wally's attempt to kill him, assists the others, with the newly arrived Juvia Lockser, in tracking Erza, which he successfully does by using his keen sense of smell, resulting in the group's arrival at the Tower of Heaven.

Upon their arrival, the team uses Juvia's oxygen bubbles to sneak into the Tower's basement via an underwater tunnel, and Natsu's urge to fight is quelled, as the guards attempt to stop them. After meeting up with Erza, Natsu separates from the group, seeking to locate Happy.

After this, Simon asks Gray to lead everyone off the Tower and Lucy wats from afar in a boat as Natsu defeats Jellal, and completely destroys the tower.

As Erza's friends leave to try to learn more about the "outside world" before truly trying to live a new life, Lucy sees them off, together with the rest of the Fairy Tail members, by making some fireworks with her Celestial Spirit Magic.

Before going to her bed, Lucy notices Natsu's scarf and pulls him out of her bed. She tells Natsu and Happy to leave, but Natsu falls back on her bed, the side effects of consuming Etherion affecting him.

Lucy is informed by Happy that the two came to her house to tell her about the "Miss Fairy Tail" contest. A contest that would soon be held during the Harvest Festival, with areward of the winner of the contest, an amount enough to cover Lucy's rent.

After the spell Evergreen casted which turned Lucy and the other girls of Fairy Tail into stone was lifted, Natsu teasingly chased Lucy and believed that she could defeat Bickslow, though Gajeel had doubts that she could. After her fight with Angel, Lucy, in spite of a deep and badly bleeding wound on her left arm, rushes towards a motion sickness struck Natsu. However, Angel rises from the water and tries one final attack with Caelum, but the attack misses. Although it failed, it did make the raft Natsu was on detach from the log that it was stuck against.

Lucy, having boarded it to protect her friend, sails down rapids and is shocked to see an approaching waterfall. Noticing that there isn't enough time to react, Lucy firmly cluts Natsu, refusing to let go as they fall down the roaring waterfall. Some time passes before they regain consciousness. When they come to, they realize that Lucy's celestial spirit, Virgo, passed through the celestial gate on her own and saved the two of them.

She also is responsible for bandaging Lucy's wound and giving them both matching sets of clothes, with Lucy stating that it really isn't necessary. Natsu then turns to Lucy and thanks her for saving him, making her blush, which Virgo teases Lucy about how the two like each other. Note: The events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. When Natsu was captured by Daphne, Lucy told him that "A Natsu that doesn't know the feelings of his friends isn't the Natsu I know.

When Natsu and the others, who were hiding after being nearly captured by the guards, discover Lucy being interrogated and almost captured by the guards. Natsu rushes out of their hiding place despite having no magic power in hopes to save Lucy.

In the Royal city of Edolas, Natsu becomes furious after finding out that his guildmates have been turned into a Lacrima. He attempts to cause a scene but is stopped by a tearful Lucy holding him back.

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When they were captured, Natsu became enraged after over hearing that Lucy was going to be executed. He threatened to turn everyone into ash if they so much as toud her. Later on after being saved by Earthland's Gray and Erza, Lucy and Gray locate where Natsu and Wendy are being held captive. After discovering the two being unconscious due to having their magic drained, Lucy worryingly holds Natsu. During their fight with Hughes and Sugarboy, Lucy did her best to free Natsu, who was trapped on the Hell Rollercoaster.

After Natsu got off, he and Lucy were blown away by Hughes' attack to a place called Monster Academy. Lucy was trapped in a costume actor box. When Natsu found out the secret of the box, he started playing with it, making Lucy change into various weird outfits, much to her annoyance.

Lucy also did the same to Natsu in return. Natsu tried to use Lucy's sexy seduction method to lure Hughes and was very disappointed when it failed.

At the Tenrou island, Natsu was continually encouraging Lucy. During their fight with Kain Hikaru, Natsu and Lucy fought together, putting aside their rivalry of the S-class exams and temporarily reforming their team. But, Lucy's ugogreenbabyshop.comedictable movements prove too much for him to handle.

Eventually, Natsu manages to restrain her and restrict her movement. He then asks her if she is more powerful being controlled by Kain's curse magic. Once Kain sees the two in the locked hold, he grows angered pointing towards them yelling "H-hey don't get all lovey dovey! Upon seeing this, Happy rolls his tongue and says that they like each other.

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When Natsu was trapped under a pile of rocks after taking a blow from Kain, Lucy was being brutally attacked by him. Natsu told her to run so that she could save herself but Lucy refused, stating that it has always been more fun when they are together and she would not run away by herself. During their fight with Hades, when Natsu was almost about to get killed, Lucy begged Hades not to kill him.

Natsu grabs Lucy's arm, who is tightly hugging him due to fear. He then states how they have nothing to fear as their friends are this close by. This encourages everyone and they continue their fight.

During the final part of the battle against Hades, Natsu's scarf comes off. Knowing how important the memento of his foster father is to Natsu, Lucy dives after it, almost falling off the airship in doing so, but managing to save it and holds onto it until the battle's end. Lucy then nicely gives Natsu back his scarf, knowing how much it means to him. When Acnologia was about to attack and destroy the island, Natsu was the one to comfort Lucy and give her hope.

He held her hand, saying that they won't let it end here and that they will all return to Fairy Tail. Lucy along with the rest of the members trapped in Tenrou Island, returns to the Fairy Tail Guild after being found by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and The Trimens from Blue Pegasus.

She wats as Mavis Vermilion reveals that she was the one who saved them, before disappearing again. Lucy, along with the other returning members, is welcomed back by Romeo. However, she is told by a member that her father died over a month ago, which greatly shocks her. A distraught Lucy, along with Happy and Natsu, is later seen walking on the road home. Here the group encounters two girls complaining about their fathers and wishing they were dead. This angers Natsu and results in him yelling at the girls.

Lucy tells him to stop and apologizes for making them worry about her. When Lucy says that she thinks she hates her father, Natsu replies that simply because she can't cry that doesn't change how she feels. Later, Natsu and Happy arrive with a job to er Lucy up. However, they are shocked when the Landlady informs them the letter that came for Lucy also came with seven years worth of rent.

As they run off to do the job now apparently the only ones without food or money they tell Lucy that they'll bring her back some food. As they say this, she thinks to herself that despite the seven years that had passed without them, they will be living in this world regardless, so she tells Happy and Natsu that she is coming along as well. Natsu and Happy take up a job that requests to have a man named Velveno captured and put in jail.

The client of the job, Count Balsamico, hosts a ball every seven years which only wizards may attend. The purpose of the ball is to find an appropriate husband for Balsamico's daughter, Aceto. The wizards going on the mission must practice social dancing because the event is a ball. Lucy and Natsu dance together when they practice for the ball, but Natsu keeps stepping on Lucy's foot. Lucy, Natsu, Warren, Gray, Erza, Elfman, Happy, Carla and Wendy take the quest.

After their job had a touching ending, Lucy wishes that one day someone would propose to her in a similar manner.

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Natsu approas to Lucy from behind and calls her name. Blushing, Lucy turns around but finds that he is actually planning to go back because he has eaten too much, showing his round belly. Lucy begs him to stay and asks him to dance with her.

Natsu and Lucy are seen dancing together while Natsu is still stepping on Lucy's feet, and the Troia that Wendy cast on him to prevent his motion sickness on the moving dancing platforms runs out. As Natsu and Happy barges into Lucy's apartment again and read her novel, Lucy gets mad and embarrassed with them.

Lucy asks why are they here, which Natsu replies that they have and job to do and says that work isn't the same without Lucy. Lucy, then gets toud by this but then gets annoyed and angry when Natsu and Happy ask for food, which makes Lucy kick them out.

While Lucy was asking the guild what to do about her invisibility. Natsu comes with an idea to "burn all the potion stuff", which fails. After a lot of attempts to reverse the potion effect. Lucy starts disappearing out of existence with no one remembering her. After Natsu finishes his meal, he call upon Happy and Lucy, which Natsu now remembers Lucy and brings her back to existence.

Lucy then thanks Natsu for bringing her back. When Lucy was getting depressed about getting the message from Key of The Starry Heavens incorrect, Natsu ered her up by telling her is was not her fault; when Lucy asks if he was actually trying to er her up he admitted it but also blushed when he told her to not get used to it.

At this, Gray remarks on how Natsu needs a lesson on flirting. When Lucy was captured by Reborn Oracion Seis, Natsu bravely fought and defeated Midnight to free Lucy. Natsu was very worried for Lucy the entire time. He also opposed the idea of putting Lucy's life in risk to free her. Lucy used her power to control the Real Nightmare to help Natsu in his fight against Midnight and told him to apologize to Mille and give Natsu back when he was trapped in Genesis Zero.

When Natsu regained consciousness after Lucy reversed the anti-link which caused the Infinity Castle to fall apart, he notices she isn't present, and begins to worry.

After being told to calm down by Erza, he states that it is impossible for him to do so until she is found. During this exchange, Natsu recognizes Lucy's scent and rushes off to catch her as she was falling down. While running to catch his friend, he tripped and fell which caused Lucy to shed tears when she saw what happened to him. Despite this, he quickly gets back to his feet and cats her just as she was about to hit the ground, resulting in Lucy blushing as she looks at him.

While Lucy is losing the fight to Flare, Natsu's excellent hearing allows him to hear that Flare is ating.

He helps Lucy by freeing Asuka, and then smiles when she casts Urano Metria. After Lucy's loss to Flare Corona, she cries due to the frustration that she lost. Natsu is there to encourage her and even held out his hand, stating that having zero points makes it fun and that they would turn it around from that point on. He also told Lucy to save the tears for when they win. Lucy replies by saying how she is now fired up.

Later, when she was in the infirmary due to several injuries, Natsu was one of the first people who noticed she wasn't there, as well as Wendy and Porlyusica. When Lucy was taking a shower after her loss to Flare, Natsu immediately turned around and said "I will go ck up on her," resulting in Elfman saying he can't. Natsu at first doesn't understand why, but then realizes before he is stopped by Erza, preventing him from peeping.

In addition, when Lucy lost both mats against Flare and Minerva, Natsu was supposedly the first one to be at her side, and even rested her head on his lap. On the Fourth Day, Lucy requested to participate in Naval Battle to make up for her failings on the First Day. Lucy survives attack after attack from the other competitors, most notably, Juvia, and eventually, she and Minerva are the only ones left in the water, invoking the five minute rule.

Despite her best efforts, Lucy is brutalized and tortured by Minerva, who uses her as an example. She also refuses to let Lucy get off easily by being disqualified.

There are also the more general, recurring hints, beginning with the most obvious: Natsu has seen Lucy naked several times and hasn't exactly shied away As she approad the group, Natsu saw two people approaching with her one was boy who has white hair and blue eyes and was wearing a blue suit with a white under shirt and red bow tie. The other person is a young girl with short white hair and blue and she was wearing a pink dress with red shoes "Middle school. There was this girl who matured much earlier than the other girls. It was a big pool party and my buddy and I were sitting in the hot tub. It was a raised hot tub attad to the pool. Well the girl I mentioned earlier climbs from the pool and into the hot

After the five minute rule is over, Minerva holds Lucy outside the sphere, battered and broken, in a trophy-like fashion, before dropping her to the ground below. Luckily, Natsu and Gray ran from the stands and caught Lucy moments before she was about to hit the ground.

As Lucy is being treated by Wendy and lia, Natsu, filled with anger, almost attacks Minerva but is stopped by the rest of the Sabertooth guild as well as Erza. After being taken into the infirmary, surrounded by both Fairy Tail teams, Lucy apologizes to everyone.

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Instead everyone encourages her commenting on good she did and she falls asleep holding her keys. After Makarov informs them that they will have to combine the teams into five members, Natsu stands up enraged saying that he will get revenge for Lucy and that he won't forgive them for laughing at his friend. As the new Fairy Tail takes the field Lucy wishes for everyone to give it their all. Lucy awakens to Wendy and Carla informing her of what is going on in the tournament and that Natsu would come and see her before his match.

Before Natsu and Gajeel's fight against the Sabertooth mages, Sting and Rogue, Natsu went to Lucy to see if she was feeling any better. Lucy asks if his match is next and he says that it is and that he would win it for sure. Before Natsu left, Lucy told Natsu that she believes in him and always had ever since she joined the guild. As he heads out, he asks Wendy and Carla to take care of her. Right before the battle starts between Natsu and Gajeel vs.

Sting and Rogue, Lucy is seen smiling and whispering Natsu's name in her sleep. After Natsu and Gajeel's fight with the twin dragons of Sabertooth, Gajeel brings them to a dragon graveyard below the arena where they encounter Yukino and Arcadios, who states that he would need the help of a Celestial Spirit Mage for their Eclipse project.

Natsu immediately confronts him and demands to know why he needs one. Later, the group learns about the Eclipse project and its purpose, but were interrupted when the Fiore army comes to arrest both Lucy and Yukino.

Lucy angrily fights against it and Natsu attempts to save her, but his magic was drained by the Eclipse gate like the rest of the other Fairy Tail mages and he's thrown out of the castle. When Lucy was captured, Natsu was seriously worried about her and every second he just wanted to break into the castle and rescue her.

Despite this, Erza and the others tied him down in order to prevent a scene. When the rescue teams comes to save Lucy, she expresses her joy by calling out to them, only for Natsu to cover her mouth, telling her to keep her voice down. Just when they thought that the rescue operation had been a success, the group falls and find themselves in the "Abyss Palace", the last freedom allowed to criminals.

While trying to find a way out, Lucy questions Natsu as to why he did not participate in the final tournament and Happy replies, telling her that he could not keep himself still and only thought about rescuing her, causing Lucy to blush and say that they are flattering her.

While searching for a way out, Carla finds a narrow passage way that they think they might be able to get through. The passage way being as narrow as it is causes everyone a hard time trying to squeeze through. Lucy ends up getting stuck, to which Natsu claims that she probably gained weight. Lucy says that she doesn't need his rudeness and asks him to help pull her out.

While trying to pull her out, and successfully doing so, Lucy winds up sitting on Natsu's face. Blushing heavily, Lucy claims it was an accident. Moments later, they encounter a group of mysterious people who call themselves the Garou Knights, the most powerful executioners of Fiore.

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The Garou knights manage to split up Lucy, Yukino and the rescue team and fights each of them separately. Natsu, before his fight, asks his opponent what the point is in conducting the rescue operation if he were to lose sight of Lucy for even a moment. After they defeat the Garou knights and resume their search on finding an exit, they meet a cloaked figure, who sobs and asks them to lend her their power. The cloaked figure is revealed to be Lucy from the future, and she collapses before them, which afterwards Natsu decides to take her with them.

When she awakens, she tells the group that a herd of 10, dragons were going to attack Fiore and she wonders if anyone would doubt her premonition, to which Natsu answers her that no one would doubt the words coming out of Lucy's mouth, causing her to blush. As future Lucy explains to the group what happened in her timeline and what will happen in in their timeline, Lucy claims that she came without any plan of action and that she doesn't know what else to do.

Natsu steps in telling her to leave it to them. With tears in her eyes and a slight blush, Natsu tous his forehead to hers while thanking her for giving them future. Later, she takes the group through an underground passage where they face off with many guards of the Royal Army, as well as the Garou Knights once again.

Just then, a shadow swallows the enemies while Lucy and the rest of the group stands there in shock. A man then appears before them, saying that he is the Rogue from the future and that he came here to kill a person that would interfere with the opening of the Eclipse gate, which was the key to defeating the 10, dragons.

This person who led the world to destruction was identified as none other than Lucy herself. Rogue lashes out at her as Natsu cries for his friend. Lucy's future counterpart leaps in front of her, acting as a human shield and protecting Lucy from the attack. Though gravely wounded and surrounded by her grieving friends, she tells them that she is not from this time, as well as this world, and that the Lucy in this world would continue living on with her friends.

Future Lucy then asks her present self to show her the guild mark on her right hand. Noticing that future Lucy had lost her right arm, Natsu pursed his lips as he remembered the time when Lucy proudly showed him her Fairy Tail guild mark. Future Lucy makes a statement on how she was glad that she had the chance to see everyone again and how she wanted to go on more adventures.

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She then proceeds to tell Natsu to protect the future before passing away. Angered by the death of her future self, Lucy argues with Rogue about her future actions. Just as he was about to lash out another attack, Natsu puns him with tears flowing down his ek, saying that nobody would steal Lucy's future and that he promises to protect it.

He tells Lucy to leave, though she protests before Loke pulls her away, telling her to leave it to Natsu. As they run down the hallway, Lucy turns to take a look at her friend once more, before disappearing out of sight. As Natsu's fight with the future Rogue continues, he tells him that he stole something precious to him before his eyes and that his way of protecting the future was shitty and they were going to protect it their own way.

Sometime later, Lucy is stripped naked and almost eaten by the dragon, Zirconis. Mirajane and Wendy attack, causing an angry Zirconis to throw Lucy across Crocus.

Flying through the air, Lucy crashes straight into Natsu as he battles future Rogue, sending them both toppling off of the dragon and landing them in a church bell. As the two move about trying to get Natsu off of Lucy's naked form, they cause the bell to teeter and fall from where it was perd, crashing them into the ground.

Telling Natsu not to look, Natsu hastily grabs Lucy's boobs to try and cover them from his eyes, which only insults her more and she puns him. Much to her further embarrassment, Happy arrives with her keys, teasing the two. As Lucy covers herself with a blanket, she points out that all of the dragons are strong, and becomes upset thinking about how she could have almost been eaten. Natsu however, suddenly smiles, and, grabbing her making the blanket fallgleefully states that she has helped him to come up with a strategy to defeat the dragons.

As Natsu and Happy take off with their strategy in mind, they leave Lucy behind because she took too long picking out her outfit from Virgo. Lucy comments, saying that he's gone and done it now by coming up with a ridiculous strategy, but she says that he'll figure something out because that's Natsu. Virgo butts in and says that the two did share a naked embrace with one another, however Lucy states that's not it.

Rouge denies it. Near by it shows Ultear wanting to kill present Rouge to prevent future Rouge from ever coming. We then go to a flashback when Natsu was being swallowed by one of future Rouge's shadows.

Meredy and Ultear try to pull him out. Natsu grabs Ultear's hand and gets out himself saying that he made a promise to future Lucy to protect the future. He walks over to future Lucy dead body and sobs. Ultear suggests to kill the present Rouge to prevent his future self.

Natsu says no, and that you'd be killing an innocent human. And that he's a different person then his future self and asks her to promise him that he won't. She promises.

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Then we go back to the present moment, and Ultear says there's no other way. After the dragons and future Rogue begin to vanish, future Lucy is seen laying in a field somewhere. She questions where she is before hearing a voice and turning around to see Natsu and Happy telling her to get over here. Natsu then happily drags her to where the rest of Fairy Tail is and tells her that is it time to continue on their adventure, resulting in Lucy crying from happiness.

Back in the real world Lucy is seen crying for no reason due to future Lucy crying and goes behind Natsu and hugs him from the back. Natsu asks her if something is wrong, and Lucy tells him that its nothing and that she just wanted to say "thank you". At the banquet, Princess Hisui asked Lucy where Natsu was as the latter admitted she didn't know.

Lucy was also amused to see Natsu dressed up as the king. Due to Fiore's sudden drastic changes in weather, a lot of people start to send job requests to Mages guilds for help with the weather.

There have been so many requests that Mirajane Strauss, Kinana, Lucy, Natsu, and Happy are the only people left at Fairy Tail. Among the Mages who have gone on these jobs are Gray and Juvia, who cool down a town suffering from heat waves; Erza, who is helping with repairs for damages caused by weather; and Wendy together with Carla, who moves a ship that can't move due to lack of wind.

There don't seem to be any jobs left for Natsu and Lucy, but Mirajane has saved a job suited for the latter in a village called Seabellus. The goal of this job is to help investigate whether or not the strange weather is related to Celestial Spirits somehow.

Arriving at their destination, the Mages wonder if it really is Seabellus, seeing as there doesn't seem to be a village anywhere. They don't have much time to ponder this as a giant sea slug comes out of the water and starts attacking them. Lucy attempts to summon Aquarius, but strangely, nothing happens. Natsu tries hitting the sea slug with his Magic, but unfortunately gets swallowed by the slug.

Lucy tries to summon another spirit, but none of her golden keys work. Natsu gets out of the slug, and defeats it by using Fire Dragon's Roar into its mouth, which blows it away.

Meanwhile, Lucy tries summoning all her Spirits, but to no avail. After a while she realizes she hasn't tried using one of her silver keys, so she summons Crux, who falls over as soon as he arrives. Seeing that Crux is beat up, the Mages ask him what happened to him.

Crux tells them something terrible has happened to the Celestial Spirit World but before he can say much, a mysterious person arrives, and grabs Crux with a whip. They aren't sure who it is, but Natsu recognizes the scent, and to their surprise, it's Virgo, who looks and acts extremely different from before. Virgo forces Crux back to the Celestial Spirit World while Natsu and Happy question if she really is Virgo, but Lucy can tell that she is still the same Spirit, even if she's completely different.

Natsu tries to fight Virgo, but Lucy stops them, saying that she will take care of it as they have a contract. Virgo seems confused by this, and Lucy asks if she has forgotten about her.

Virgo replies, telling Lucy that all of her memories are gone, and attacks Lucy with her whip. Lucy brings out Fleuve d'etoiles and fights Virgo. Lucy gains the upper hand and is about to defeat Virgo but she is stopped by the memories of the Spirit's former self, giving Virgo a chance to strike Lucy.

Natsu tries to help, but Lucy tells him to stop. However, as Natsu is seeing Lucy getting beaten up, he then goes on to attack Eclipse Virgo and saves Lucy. During the final battle of the Celestial Spirit Beast, while Natsu and Happy are inside of the Beast, Natsu cats a glimpse of the true Celestial Spirit King.

While Natsu tries to destroy the chains surrounding the King, he tells him that he owes a sincere apology to Lucy for making her cry and that if he ever made her cry again, he would not hesitate to defeat him.

When Natsu and Happy are blasted out of the Celestial Beast, Lucy calls out to Natsu telling him to "hang in there" while Natsu responds back with a faint "Lucy. While in the guild's new bathhouse, Lucy talks with the other members about their jobs. After mentioning that Natsu and Gray left on a job together, Cana questions Lucy about Natsu groping her breasts, which she heard from Happy.

After returning to the guild, Lucy, Natsu and several other learn of E. Natsu resolves to "beat up" E. D, Gajeel immediately agreeing. But Lucy is quick to oppose the idea, pointing out the guild's lack of knowledge of E. However, Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers protest, each wanting to get as much information on their dragon as soon as possible.

Before their conversation can go any further, Jet rushes into the guild, bringing bad news. Then after the guild members are assigned to protect council members, and Lucy, Natsu And Wendy are beat by Jackal, Natsu frees Lucy from the magic circle.

While Lucy, Happy, Wendy and Carla were being attacked by Franmalth, Natsu rushes in and saves them. With Lucy relieved and saying that Natsu always comes in the nick of time.

As Natsu, Lucy and Happy were getting their souls drained, all three were determined not to have their souls drained. Lucy then calls back Aries and Taurus, which forces Franmalth to release them from his body to prevent him from going into the celestial spirit world. Lucy then tricks Franmalth that Natsu is a celestial spirit, causing Franmalth to release Natsu. Natsu then started attacking Franmalth again, defeating him by throwing giant rocks at him.

With Natsu, Lucy and Happy victorious, they watch all the souls being released from Franmalth. But despite himself, Gray moaned at the sudden pressure of Natsu's erection pressing against his own. Before the situation could escalate, in his first stroke of luck that night, Gray saw Natsu collapse on top of him, finally coming down from his drunken high, and falling into a deep sleep suddenly.

But that only slightly alleviated Gray's problem. Natsu lay atop him, naked, vulnerable, hot as hell. Gray was still painfully hard, and could feel Natsu's abs on his cock. How easy would it be to just grind his orgasm out on the amazing body of Natsu that had handed itself to him on a silver platter? How simple, to turn the boy over and fuck him, easily.

Gray heaved a heavy sigh, and lifted Natsu up, preparing to dress him and put him to bed. The One That Doesn't Count "Is this it, Gray? Is this how you want it? In a spacious, romantically red room, lit only by candles, and furnished only by a king size bed, a mahogany wardrobe, and an armchair, Natsu presented himself to Gray, who stood before him, naked and aroused.

Natsu was turned away from Gray, bent naked over the bed, his ass pointed at Gray, an offer, an invitation. Gray, still silent but moving on lust instead of thought, stepped forward. He placed a hand on either of Natsu's hips, and pressed his erection up to the crack of the Salamander's plump ass, sighing at the inviting tightness.

Deciding to at least try to go ahead with this, Gray read for the tube of lubricant on the bedside table, as his other hand explored the boy under him. He traced up Natsu's abs, and the Dragon Slayer purred at his touch. Gray planted a kiss on the back of Natsu's neck, and moved a hand up to touch his lips, passing the scar on Natsu's clavicle- Except the scar that should be there, that Gray knew was exactly on the spot his hand had frozen, was not there.

The illusion shattered around him, and Gray dropped the lube, backed off of the man beneath him and sank into the armchair.

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It's not you, I just-" "It has to be him," the man with Natsu's face spoke understandingly. In a flash of smoke, his face changed, the Fairy Tail mark on his shoulder ceased to be, his abs faded and he became leaner, and his hair turned to a white blond. A now entirely different naked man sat on the bed and frowned at Gray. I'm no longer ' Shinya: The Shapeshifter That Never Fails to Satisfy ', but ' Shinya: The Shapeshifter That Only Failed to Satisfy That One Time '.

Doesn't have the same ring to it. I thought I did a pretty spot on Natsu Dragneel. He has a scar on his neck. Not even my Transformation Magic can make something I don't know. We can still do it if you want. Anyone else you want me to be? I still remember how to do Lyon from your first time here. And I think I could find a picture of Siegrain if you want him again-" "No," Gray cut across him.

You've liked this guy for a while, you told me about him before, but you would still fuck me then. Was it the onsen incident you told me happened a few months ago? Shinya lay on his side on the bed, in the classic Paint-Me-Like-One-Of-Your-French-Girls position, as tastefully nude as was humanly possible, but Gray couldn't bring himself to want to fuck him.

A$AP Ferg - Butt Naked (Official Audio) ft. Rico Nasty

I mean, he might actually like me back. He stood up and walked over to Gray. The Transformation Mage put his hand on the Ice Mage's shoulder, and while the seriousness was lessened slightly by their nudity, it was made up for by the determination in Shinya's eyes. At your guild's Halloween party next week.

Why then? Gray took a steadying breath. Shinya was right, he always was. Sex workers are always surprisingly wise. Yeah I will. Thanks," Gray smiled, standing up and fist bumping the whore that had become his best confidant. Now stand still for a second. Gray blushed under his scrutiny. He smirked. Sting and Rogue got you beat though. Consider it your frequent flyer miles adding up," Shinya said in a lofty tone. You're a good ride," Gray grinned devilishly. Mirajane spritzed Natsu with water from a spray bottle from behind the bar.

In other words, everyone but you," Mira said, dressed in a stunning Corpse Bride outfit, gesturing around the guild hall as the Halloween party continued in full swing. The place had an overwhelming smell of pumpkin and everything seemed to have an orange tint to it, but other than that the guild's only difference was the attire of its members.

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Erza stole the show with her Satsuki Kiryuin, but Lucy's Rapunzel was no slouch either. Wendy had dressed up as Kiki of Kiki's Delivery ServiceCarla adorning her broomstick and granting it flight. Levy and a reluctant Gajeel wore Ravenclaw and Slytherin uniforms respectively, while Jet and Droy were stuck as Hufflepuffs. Elfman came as the Hulk, Lisanna as Wonder Woman. Cana had clearly cosplayed as Gildarts, despite her furious insistence that she was "Shanks", whoever that was.

Laxus had aquired an interesting human costume of Scar, with the Raijin Tribe proudly in Freed's case posing as his hyenas. The Master had, hilariously, using his Titan Magic to assume the proper proportions, come to the party as teenage Laxus, complete with attitude, much to the Lightning Mage's chagrin.

Gray watd Natsu's pathetic begging with amusement from down the bar counter, but he was also combating his nerves. He had promised Shinya that he would confess to Natsu tonight, but suddenly he had no idea how to start a conversation with the Dragon Slayer. Gray had come in costume, having arrived covered head to toe with bandages, making a very convincing mummy with Juvia's help, who somehow found time for both him and her own Lapis Lazuli costume.

This meant Gray had been permitted by Mira to take from the massive banquet table. Admittedly, most of his bandages and the torn pants he had been wearing over them had vanished over the course of the night, Gray being Gray, but it wasn't even his fault. Well, the pants weren't. A very drunk Loke, dressed in a host club uniform, had stolen Gray's pants, hoping the Ice Mage had neglected to put bandages on under them.

Gray had luckily foreseen this, and was now covered only by a dwindling number of bandages where underwear should be.

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Oh well, Mira had seen him in costume and that's what mattered. That meant that he could offer some food to Natsu, have the Dragon Slayer sit next to him and just talk, but unfortunately, Gray knew Mira wouldn't allow it until Natsu was in costume. Gray watd him go longingly, unconsciously freezing his martini as he did so. Lucy saw right through him, as always. I meant to tonight actually. So, how d'you think he'll take it? Lucy shrugged.

You know the way you look at him when he can't see you? The practice continues at a dwindling number of hot springs konyoku outside of urban areas. Their nakedness was not shocking, since women farmers often worked bare-breasted during the summer. The late fourth century CE was a period of both Christian conversion and standardization of church teachings, in particular on matters of sex.

A man having sex outside marriage with a respectable woman adultery injured third parties: her husband, father, and male relatives. His fornication with an unattad woman, likely a prostitute, courtesan or slave, was a lesser sin since it had no male victims, which in a patriarchal society might mean no victim at all. The period between the ancient and modern world-approximately to CE-saw an increasingly stratified society in Europe.

At the beginning of the period, everyone other than the upper classes lived in close quarters and did not have the modern sensitivity to private nudity, but slept and bathed together naked as necessary.

Later in the period, with the emergence of a middle class, clothing in the form of fashion was a significant indicator of classand thus its lack became a greater source of embarrassment. Until the beginning of the eighth century, Christians were baptized naked to represent that they emerged from baptism without sin.

The disappearance of nude baptism in the Carolingian era marked the beginning of the sexualization of the body by Christians that had previously been associated with paganism. Although there is a common misconception that Europeans did not bathe in the Middle Agespublic bath houses-usually segregated by sex-were popular until the 16th century, when concern for the spread of disease closed many of them. In Christian Europe, the parts of the body that were required to be covered in public did not always include the female breasts.

Inbreasts were associated with nourishment and loving care, but byartistic representations of the breast were either erotic or medical. This eroticization of the breast coincided with the persecution of women as wits.

In the medieval period, Islamic norms became more patriarchal, and very concerned with the chastity of women before marriage and fidelity afterward. Women were not only veiled, but segregated from society, with no contact with men not of close kinship, the presence of whom defined the difference between public and private spaces.

While Christians were mainly concerned about mixed-gender bathing, which had been common, Islam also prohibited nudity for women in the company of non-Muslim women. The Christian association of nakedness with shame and anxiety became ambivalent during the Renaissance.

The rediscovered art and writings of ancient Greece offered an alternative tradition of nudity as symbolic of innocence and purity which could be understood in terms of the state of man " before the fall ".

Subsequently, norms and behaviors surrounding nudity in life and in works of art diverged during the modern history of individual societies. Due to concerns about the spread of disease, many European public bath houses closed in the 16th century.

This led to the establishment of public bath houses for those who had no bathing facilities in their homes. In a number of European cities where this included the middle class, some bath houses became social establishments.

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With the adoption of showers rather than tubs, bathing facilities were added to schools and factories. In the United States, where the middle class more often had private baths in their homes, public bath houses were built for the poor, in particular for urban immigrant populations. The Tokugawa period in Japan was defined by the social dominance of hereditary classes, with clothing a regulated marker of status and little nudity among the upper classes. However, working populations in both rural and urban areas often dressed in only loincloths, including women in hot weather and while nursing.

Lacking baths in their homes, they also frequented public bathhouses where everyone was unclothed together. In England during the 17th to 19th centuries, the clothing of the poor by Christian charity did not extend to those confined to "madhouses" such as Bethlem Royal Hospitalwhere the inmates were often kept naked and treated harshly. The Victorian Era is often considered to be entirely restrictive of nudity.

However, throughout the United Kingdom in the 19th century, workers in coal mines were naked due to the heat and the narrow tunnels that would catch on clothing. Men and boys worked fully naked, while women and girls usually employed as " hurriers " would generally only strip to the waist, but in some locations, they were fully naked as well.

Testimony before a Parliamentary labour commission revealed that working naked in confined spaces made "sexual vices" a "common occurrence". The medical opinion in the 18th century that bathing in cold water and exposure to the sun had therapeutic benefits created tension between swimmers and defenders of Victorian Christian opinion that the body is shameful, and must be covered when exposed to public view.

In addition, mixed bathing with otherwise appropriate costumes was also sinful. Until the early 20th century in New South Wales this led to the enactment of regulations banning public bathing except at limited times, segregated by sex, and in costumes that covered the body from neck to knees. The age of colonialism was marked by frequent encounters between Christian and Muslim cultures and indigenous peoples of the tropicsleading to the stereotypes of the "naked savage".

This also meant that they were less than fully human, and exploitable. In travels in Mali in the s, Muslim scholar Ibn Battuta was shocked by the casual relationships between men and women even at the court of Sultans, and the public nudity of female slaves and servants. Non-western cultures during the period were naked only by comparison to Western norms, the genitals and sometimes the entire lower body of adults being covered by garments in most situations.

Lacking the western concept of shame regarding the body, such garments might be removed in public for practical or ceremonial purposes. Children until puberty and sometimes women until marriage might be naked as having "nothing to hide". From the 17th century, European explorers viewed the lack of clothing they encountered in Africa and Oceania as representative of a primitive state of nature, justifying their own superiority, even as they continued to admire the nudity of Greek statues.

A distinction was made by colonizers between idealized nudity in art and the nakedness of indigenous people, which was uncivilized and indicative of racial inferiority. Depictions of naked savages entered European popular culture in the 18th century in popular stories of tropical islands.

In particular, Europeans became fascinated by the image of the Pacific island woman with bare breasts. In the 19th century, photographs of naked indigenous peoples began circulating in Europe without a clear distinction between those created as commercial curiosities or erotica and those claiming to be scientific, or ethnographic images.

Given the state of photography, it is unclear which images were posed, rather than being representative of everyday attire. The book described images of unclothed but elaborately decorated Igbo women as indicating their high status as eligible brides who would not have thought of themselves as naked. In the early 20th century, tropical countries became tourist destinations. A German tourist guide for Bali beginning in the s added to the promotion of the island as an "Eden" for Western visitors by describing the beauty of Balinese women, who were bare-breasted in everyday life and unclothed while bathing in the ocean.

Soon however, the Dutch colonial administration began issuing conflicting orders regarding proper dress, which had limited effect due to some Balinese supporting tradition, others modernization. Indigenous woman in German East Africaearly 20th century. Aboriginal people at Cape Dombey, north of Port KeatsNorthern Territory Fijian girl The locks of hair falling on her right shoulder show that she is unmarried.

When she weds they will be cut. With the opening of Japan to European visitors in the Meiji erathe previously normal states of undress, and the custom of mixed public bathing, became an issue for leaders concerned with Japan's international reputation. A law was established with fines for those that violated the ban on undress. Although often ignored or circumvented, the law had the effect of sexualizing the naked body in situations that had not previously been erotic.

Nudism in German Freikorperkultur"free body culture" originated in Europe in the late 19th century as part of working class opposition to industrialization. Nudism spawned a proselytizing literature in the s and s. Nudism's other common name, naturism, signals its core contention that the naked body is natural and that modesty and shame are cultural impositions with deleterious effects on psychological, sexual, and social well-being.

Nudism was in dialogue with early sexology and feminism in a critique of society and its future.

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In the early 20th century, the attitudes of the general public toward the human body reflected rising consumerism, concerns regarding health and fitness, and changes in clothing fashions that sexualized the body. However, members of English families report that in the s to s they never saw other family members undressed, including those of the same gender. Modesty continued to prevail between married couples, even during sex.

Bodily modesty is not part of the Finnish identity due to the universal use of the sauna, a historical tradition that has been maintained, which teas from an early age that nakedness need not have anything to do with sex. From to men in the UK and America were required to wear suits that covered the upper torso when swimming in public.

Early swimsuits made of knitted wool made swimming difficult. In Germany between and nudist attitudes toward the body were expressed in sports and in the arts. In the s a number of solo female dancers performed in the nude. Adoree Villany performed the Dance of the Seven Veilsand other stories based upon middle eastern themes, for appreciative upper class audiences.

Eventually acquitted, she was forced to leave Bavaria. Adolf Koch founded thirteen Freikorperkultur FKK schools. The bourgeoisie were not ideological, while the socialists adopted the views of Adolf Koch, seeing education and health programs including nudity as part of improving the lives of the working class.

While not unanimous in their support, some Nazis used nudity to extol the Aryan race as the standard of beauty, as reflected in the Nazi propaganda film Olympia directed by Leni Riefenstahl. Public swimming pools in the US were the product of municipal reform movements beginning in the midth century. In New York City, municipal baths and pools were first opened in not only to improve the health of the inhabitants of tenementsbut to control the use of the waterfront by men and boys who violated Victorian norms by behaving boisterously and swimming nude where women might see them from passing boats.

This effort had mixed effect, with boys continuing to swim nude in rivers into the s; preferring unsupervised play to rule-bound recreation. Initially, working-class men and boys swam in the nude, as had previously been customary in lakes and rivers. division, finding that their suits slowed them down, competed in the nude. A article on the elementary school swim program in Troy, New York stated that boys swam nude, but that girls were expected to wear bathing suits, continuing the practice of prior decades.

In the 21st century, the practice of nude swimming is largely forgotten, or even denied to have ever existed. Both hippies or other participants in the counterculture of the s embraced nudity as part of their daily routine and to emphasize their rejection of anything artificial. Communes sometimes practiced naturism, bringing unwanted attention from disapproving neighbors.

However, some traditional nudists at the time decried the trend as encouraging sexual exhibitionism and voyeurism and threatening the viability of private nudist clubs. Norms related to nudity are associated with norms regarding personal freedomhuman sexualityand gender roleswhich vary widely among contemporary societies. Situations where public nudity is accepted vary. Some people practice nudism within the confines of " nudist camps " or clothing-optional resorts, while naturists seek more open acceptance of nudity in everyday life and in public spaces.

Historically in Western societiesthere are two cultural traditions relating to nudity in various contexts. The first tradition comes from the ancient Greeks, who saw the naked body as the natural state and as essentially positive. The fundamental teachings of these religions prohibit public and sometimes also private nudity. The interaction between the Greek classical and later Abrahamic traditions has resulted in Western ambivalence, with nudity acquiring both positive and negative meanings in individual psychology, in social life, and in depictions such as art.

Naturism in the United States, meanwhile, remains largely confined to private facilities, with few "clothing optional" public spaces compared to Europe. In spite of the liberalization of attitudes toward sex, Americans remain uncomfortable with complete nudity. In Africa, there is a sharp contrast between the attitude toward nudity in Islamic countries and the attitude toward nudity in certain sub-Saharan countries that never abandoned, or are reasserting, precolonial norms.

In Asia, the norms regarding public nudity are in keeping with the cultural values of social propriety and human dignity. Rather than being perceived as immoral or shameful, nakedness is perceived as a breach of etiquette and perhaps as an embarrassment. In China, saving face is a powerful social force.

In Japan, proper behavior included a tradition of mixed gender public baths before Western contact began in the 19th century, and proper attire for farmers and other workers might be a loincloth for both men and women. In India, the conventions regarding proper dress do not apply to monks in some Hindu and Jain sects who reject clothing as worldly.

The encounter between the indigenous cultures of Africa, the Americas and Oceania with Europeans had a significant effect on both cultures.

Acharya Vidyasagara contemporary Digambara Jain monk. Mru women working in Bangladesh. Kayapo women, Para StateBrazil. Two women of the Zo'e tribe of Para StateBrazil. Embera manPanama - A Swazi woman participating in the Umhlanga ceremony in Eswatini - Young Hamer woman in southern Ethiopia near Turmi - Himba herders the Kaokoveld desert. In India, priests of the Digambara "skyclad" sect of Jainism and some Hindu Sadhus refrain from wearing clothing to symbolize their rejection of the material world.

Most retain their own religion, which includes elements of Buddhism and Animismas well as traditional clothing: a loincloth for men and a skirt for women. In sub-Saharan Africafull or partial nudity is observed among some Burkinabese and Nilo-Saharan e.

Nuba and Surma people -during particular occasions; for example, stick-fighting tournaments in Ethiopia. In Brazilthe Yawalapiti -an indigenous Xingu tribe in the Amazon Basin -practice a funeral ritual known as Quarup to celebrate life, death and rebirth.

The ritual involves the presentation of all young girls who have begun menstruating since the last Quarup and whose time has come to choose a partner. This minimalist dress code reflects the spirit of the hunt and being overdressed may be considered ridiculous or inappropriate.

In Western cultures, shame can result from not living up to the ideals of society with regard to physical appearance. Historically, such shame has affected women more than men. With regard to their naked bodies, the result is a tendency toward self-criticism by women, while men are less concerned by the evaluation of others.

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In much of the world, the modesty of women is a matter not only of social custom but of the legal definition of indecent exposure. In the United States, the exposure of female nipples is a criminal offense in many states and is not usually allowed in public.

The " topfreedom " movement promotes equal rights for women to be naked above the waist in public on the same basis that would apply to men in the same circumstances. The law in New York State was challenged in by nine women who exposed their breasts in a public park, which led to nine years of litigation culminating with an opinion by the Court of Appeals that overturned the convictions on the basis of the women's actions not being lewd, rather than overturning the law on the basis of equal protectionwhich is what the women sought.

While the decision gave women more freedom to be top-free e. while sunbathingit did not give them equality with men. Other court decisions have given individuals the right to be briefly nude in public as a form of expression protected by the First Amendment, but not on a continuing basis for their own enjoyment.

Breastfeeding in public is forbidden in some jurisdictionsnot regulated in others, and protected as a legal right in public and the workplace in still others. Where public breastfeeding is a legal right, some mothers may be reluctant to breastfee and some people may object to the practice. The social context defines the cultural meaning of nudity that may range from the sacred to the profane. The nudity of the ancient Olympics was part of a religious practice.

Natsu Dragneel (??? Natsu Doraguniru) is a Wizard of the Fairy Tail Guild, he is a member of Team is the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel, having originally died years ago, being subsequently revived as his brother's most powerful Etherious: E.N.D. (END, ???, I Enu Di).Natsu is also among the five Dragon Slayers sent to the future from

In other contexts athletic activities are appreciated for the beauty of bodies in motion as in dancebut in the modern media athletic bodies are often taken out of context to become purely sexual, perhaps pornographic. Although nudity is linked to sexuality there is also recognition of situations in which nakedness or minimal clothing is non-sexual. These include bathing, changing clothes, medical treatment or examination, and strenuous physical activity.

The sexual nature of these situations is defined by the gaze of others. In the United States in the s and s, the number of non-sexual contexts for nudity expanded to include both social practices such as streaking or nude beas and acceptance of nudity in the arts. In the 21st century, many of these situations have become sexualized. Studies of naturism find that its practitioners adopt behaviors and norms that suppress the sexual responses while practicing social nudity.

High and low context cultures were defined by Edward T. The behaviors and norms of a high context culture depend upon shared implicit intuitions that operate within a social situation, while in a low context culture behavior is more dependent upon explicit communications. Germans are extremely low in cultural context. They are characterized by individualism, alienation, estrangement from other people, little body contact, low sensitivity to nonverbal cues, and segmentation of time and space.

By contrast, the French, in their personal lives, are relatively high context: they interact within closely knit groups, they are sensitive to nonverbal cues, and they engage in relatively high amounts of body contact. To maintain public propriety on a nude beach, German naturists avoided touching themselves and others and avoid any adornments or behaviors that would call attention to the body. French naturists, on the other hand, were more likely than Germans to wear make-up and jewelry and to touch others as they would while dressed.

Societies in continental Europe conceive of privacy as protecting a right to respect and personal dignity. In America, the right to privacy is oriented toward values of liberty, especially in one's home. Europeans maintain their dignity, even naked where others may see them, including sunbathing in urban parks. Americans see public nakedness as a surrender of "any reasonable expectation of privacy ".

Such cultural differences may make some laws and behaviors of other societies seem incomprehensible, since each culture assumes that their own concepts of privacy are intuitiveand thus human universals. The moral ambiguity of nudity is reflected in its many meanings, often expressed in the metaphors used to describe cultural values, both positive and negative.

One of the first-but now obsolete-meanings of nude in the 16th century was "mere, plain, open, explicit" as reflected in the modern metaphors "the naked truth", "the bare facts". Naturists often speak of their nakedness in terms of a return to the innocence and simplicity of childhood.

The term naturism is based upon the idea that nakedness is connected to nature in a positive way as a form of egalitarianismthat all humans are alike in their nakedness. Nudity also represents freedom: the liberation of the body is associated with sexual liberation, although many naturists tend to downplay this connection. In some forms of group psychotherapynudity has been used to promote open interaction and communication. Religious persons who reject the world as it is including all possessions may practice nudism, or use nakedness as a protest against an unjust world.

Many of the negative associations are the inverse of positive ones. If nudity is truth, nakedness may be an invasion of privacy or the exposure of uncomfortable truths, a source of anxiety. The strong connection of nudity to sex produces shame when naked in contexts where sexuality is deemed inappropriate. Rather than being natural, nakedness is associated with savagery, poverty, criminality, and death. To be deprived of clothes is punishment, humiliating and degrading. Confronted with this ambiguity, some individuals seek to resolve it by working toward greater acceptance of nudity for themselves and others.

The majority of naturists go through stages during which they gradually learn a new set of values regarding the human body. Shame is one of the moral emotions often associated with nudity. While guilt is the emotion experienced in response to a particular wrong action, shame is a more general and long-lasting self-assessment. However, shame is often negative as the response to perceived failures to live up to unrealistic expectations. The shame regarding nudity is one of the classic examples of the emotion, yet rather than being a positive motivator, it is considered unhealthy, standing in the way of developing a positive self-image.

Others argue that the shame felt when naked in public is due to valuing modesty and privacy as socially positive. This state is more difficult for women in Western culture, given the social presumption that women's bodies are always being observed and judged.

In a naturist environment, because everyone is naked, it becomes possible to dilute the power of social judgements and experience freedom.

The universality of shame is not supported by anthropological studies, which do not find the use of clothing to cover the genital areas in all societies, but instead the use of adornments to call attention to the sexuality of the body.

Among ancient cultures, the association of nakedness with sexual sin was peculiar to Abrahamic religions. In Mesopotamia and Egypt, nakedness was embarrassing due to the social connotations of low status and deprivation. The meaning of the naked body in JudaismChristianityand Islam was defined by a creation narrative in which Adam and Evethe first man and womanwere naked and unashamed until they ate the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evilafter which they sought to cover their genitals.

The philosophical meaning of this myth is unclear. Was nakedness innocent before, but after gaining the forbidden knowledge, became evil? The feeling of shame is also problematical, since it is understood as a response to being seen by others, a social context that did not exist. As a result, the nudity of women is deemed more shameful personally and corrupting to society than the nakedness of men. Sects of Christianity through history have included nudity into worship practices, but these have been deemed heretical.

Some Hindu and Jain practitioners of asceticism reject worldly goods, including clothing, wearing only a loincloth or being naked. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network issued a report in on child sexual development in the United States. The report asserted that children have a natural curiosity about their own bodies and the bodies of others that ought to be addressed in an age-appropriate manner. According to the report:. The report recommended that parents learn what is normal in regard to nudity and sexuality at each stage of a child's development and refrain from overreacting to their children's nudity-related behaviors unless there are signs of a problem e.

anxiety, aggression, or sexual interactions between children not of the same age or stage of development. In childcare settings outside the home there is difficulty in determining what behavior is normal and what may be indicative of child sexual abuse CSA.

In an extensive study of Danish childcare institutions which had, in the prior century, been tolerant of child nudity and playing doctor found that contemporary policy had become restrictive as the result of childcare workers being charged with CSA. However, while CSA does occur, the response may be due to "moral panic" that is out of proportion with its actual frequency and over-reaction may have unintended consequences.

Strict policies are being implemented not to protect children from a rare threat, but to protect workers from the accusation of CSA. The policies have created a split between childcare workers who continue to believe that behaviors involving nudity are a normal part of child development and those that advocate that children be closely supervised to prohibit such behavior.

It is noted that modern psychology generally agrees that children can benefit from an open environment where the bodies of others their own age of both sexes are not a mystery.

However, there is less agreement regarding children and adults being nude. While some doctors have taken the view that some exposure of children to adult nudity particularly parental nudity may be healthy, others-notably Benjamin Spock -disagreed. Spock's view was later attributed to the lingering effect of Freudianism on the medical profession. In their study on the effects of social nudity on children, Smith and Sparks concluded that "the viewing of the unclothed body, far from being destructive to the psy, seems to be either benign or to actually provide positive benefits to the individuals involved".

France, Norway, the Netherlands and the United States show a broad range of openness toward nudity and sexuality as indicated by childhood experiences and sex education practices. In general, the United States remain uniquely puritanical in it moral judgements compared to other Western, developed nations. Tous a Poil! Everybody Gets Naked! In a cable news appearance, Jean-Francois Copethen leader of the political party Union for a Popular Movement UMP decried the book as undermining the dignity of persons in authority.

As part of a science program on Norwegian public television NRKa series on puberty intended for 8-year-olds includes explicit information and images of reproduction, anatomy, and the changes that are normal with the approach of puberty.

Rather than diagrams or photos, the videos were shot in a locker room with live nude people of all ages. The presenter, a physician, is relaxed about close examination and touching of relevant body parts, including genitals.

While the videos note that the age of consent in Norway is 16, abstinence is not emphasized. In a subsequent series for teens and young adults, real people were recruited to have sex on TV as counterbalance to the unrealistic presentations in advertising and porn. As of7 U. states required that sex education curricula include lessons on abstinence and 25 required that a "just say no" approach be stressed.

Studies show that early and complete sex education does not increase the likelihood of becoming sexually active, but leads to better health outcomes overall. Young children often play outdoors or in public wading pools nude. In a survey of predominantly white middle-class college students in the United States, only 9. Many were accidental walking in on someone and were more likely to be remembered as negative by women. Only 4. A majority of both women A report issued by the CDC comparing the sexual health of teens in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States concluded that if the US implemented comprehensive sex education similar to the three European countries there would be a significant reduction in teen pregnancies, abortions and the rate of sexually transmitted diseases, and save hundreds of millions of dollars.

InGordon and Schroeder contended that "there is nothing inherently wrong with bathing with children or otherwise appearing naked in front of them", noting that doing so may provide an opportunity for parents to provide important information.

They noted that by ages five to six, children begin to develop a sense of modesty, and recommended to parents who desire to be sensitive to their children's wishes that they respect a child's modesty from that age onwards.

In a article for the New York Times "Home" section, Julie Scelfo interviewed parents regarding the nudity of small children at home in situations which might include visitors outside the immediate household. The situations ranged from a three-year-old being naked at a large gathering to the use of a backyard swim pool becoming an issue when the children of disapproving neighbors participated.

While the consensus was to allow kids to be kids up to the age of five, there was acknowledgment of the possible discomfort of adults who consider such behavior to be inappropriate.

While opponents of child nudity referred to the danger of pedophilia, proponents viewed innocent nudity as beneficial compared to the sexualization of children in toddler beauty pageants with makeup and "sexy" outfits. Recreational swim in the Greenbrier RiverWest Virginia Bathing in the center of East BerlinEast Germany A nude family at Lake Senftenberg in East Germany s.

In some situations, nudity is forced on a person. For example, imposed nudity full or partial can be part of a corporal punishment or as humiliationespecially when administered in public. For example, instudents at a girls' school in the north-east Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh were forced to undress as a form of punishment, police say.

Although not as common as corporal punishment, it is not unusual for stripping to be used as a form of punishment in Indian schools. Nazis used forced nudity to attempt to humiliate inmates in concentration camps.

This practice was depicted in the film Schindler's List InAbu Ghraib prison in Baghda Iraq gained international notoriety for accounts of torture and abuses by members of the United States Army Reserve during the post-invasion period. Photographic images were circulated that showed the posing of prisoners naked, sometimes bound, and being intimidated and otherwise humiliated, resulting in widespread condemnation of the abuse. A strip search is the removal of some or all of a person's clothing to ensure that they do not have weapons or contraband.

Such sears are generally done when an individual is imprisoned after an arrest, and is justified by the need to maintain order in the facility, not as punishment for a crime. Worldwide, laws regarding clothing specify what parts of the body must be covered, prohibiting complete nudity in public except for those jurisdictions that allow nude recreation. Specific laws may either require or prohibit religious attire veiling for women.

In a survey using data from tothere were 11 majority Muslim countries where women must cover their entire bodies in public, which may include the face. There were 9 countries, mostly in Europe, that had some prohibition of religious attire, in particular face coverings in certain situations, such as government buildings. Within Russia, laws may either require or prohibit veiling depending upon location. The brief, sudden exposure of parts of the body normally hidden from public view has a long tradition, taking several forms.

In the United Kingdom, nudity may not be used to "harass, alarm or distress" according to the Public Order Act of Most naturists comply with the law by being nude only where others cannot see them. His claim was ultimately rejected. In the United States, public nudity is a matter of local laws with the exception of First Amendment protection of free expression, which is generally recognized with regard to performances in an artistic context.

However, in Barnes v. Glen Theatre, Inc. the owner of a bar and an adult bookstore in South Bend, Indiana sought to overturn the state law prohibiting "indecent behavior". The US Supreme Court upheld the Indiana law, but with difference in opinion between justices.

Since regulation of everyday public behavior is more often a matter of social convention than written law, some jurisdictions may have no specific law against nudity in public. This was the case inwhen three young men who had been skinny-dipping outside Brattleboro, Vermont decided to go into town to see what would happen if they disrobed there. They were not arrested, and the following two summers saw a number of incidents of public nakedness until an ordinance banning nudity was passed.

In the 21st century in the United States, the legal definition of "full nudity" is exposure of the genitals. Where the law has been challenged by asserting that nudity by itself in not lewd or disorderly, laws have been amended to specify indecent exposure, usually of the genitals but not always of the breast.

Public indecency is generally a misdemeanorbut may become a felony upon repeated offense or always if done in the presence of a minor.

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In the state of Oregon, public nudity is legal and protected as free speech as long as there is not an "intent to arouse". After incidents in July of ticketing women for sunbathing topless, the Minneapolis Parks board moved to change the regulation that prohibits the exposure of female breasts on park property, which is legal elsewhere in the city and the state of Minnesota.

Some tickets were issued when sunbathers were spotted in isolated areas by drones with cameras. Nudity is used to draw public attention to a cause, sometimes including the promotion of public nudity itself. Particular issues represented include animal rights by the group PETAenvironmental issues by the World Naked Bike Rideand women's rights by the organization FEMEN.

Bathing for cleanliness and recreation is a human universal, and the communal use of bathing facilities has been maintained in many cultures from varying traditional sources. When there is complete nudity, the facilities are often segregated by sex, but not always. The sauna is attended nude in its source country of Finlan where many families have one in their home, and is one of the defining characteristics of Finnish identity.

For example, the Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden has designated times when mixed nude bathing is permitted. The German sauna culture also became popular in neighbouring countries such as Switzerlan Belgiumthe Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The sauna came to the United States in the 19th century when Finns settled in western territories, building family saunas on their farms. When public saunas were built in the 20th century, they might include separate steam rooms for men and women. In Japan, public baths Sento were once common, but became less so with the addition of bathtubs in homes. Sento were mixed gender konyoku until the arrival of Western influences, [46] but became segregated by gender in cities.

In Koreabathhouses are known as Jjimjilbang. Such facilities may include mixed-sex sauna areas where clothing is worn, but bathing areas are gender segregated; nudity is required in those areas. In addition to the health benefits, a woman wrote in - suggesting the social benefits for women and girls having real life experience of seeing the variety of real female bodies-even more naked than at a beach-as a counterbalance to the unrealistic nudity seen in popular media.

In Russiapublic banyas are clothing-optional and are usually gender-segregated.

According to a U. Historically, certain facilities associated with activities that require partial or complete nakedness, such as bathing or changing clothes, have limited access to certain members of the public. These normal activities are guided by generally accepted norms, the first of which is that the facilities are most often segregated by gender; however, this may not be the case in all cultures.

Changing rooms may be provided in stores, workplaces, or sports facilities to allow people to change their clothing. Some changing rooms have individual cubicles or stalls affording varying degrees of privacy. Locker rooms and communal showers associated with sports generally lacked any individual space, thus providing minimal physical privacy.

The men's locker room-which historically in Western cultures had been a setting for open male social nudity-is, in the 21st century United States, becoming a space of modesty and distancing between men.

For much of the 20th century, the norm in locker rooms had been for men to undress completely without embarrassment. That norm has changed; in the 21st century, men typically wear towels or other garments in the locker room most of the time and avoid any interaction with others while naked. This shift is the result of changes in social norms regarding masculinity and how maleness is publicly expressed; also, open male nudity has become associated with homosexuality.

By the s, communal showers in American schools had become "uncomfortable", not only because students were accustomed to more privacy at home, but because young people became more self-conscious based upon the comparison to mass media images of perfect bodies. The change also addresses issues of transgender usage and family use when one parent accompanies children of differing gender. Other studies indicate that not showering, while often related to being naked with peers, is also related to lower intensity of physical activity and involvement in sports.

This shift in attitudes has come to societies historically open to nudity. In Denmark, secondary school students are now avoiding showering after gym classes.

In interviews, students cited the lack of privacy, fears of being judged by idealized standards, and the possibility of being photographed while naked. Attitudes toward public nudity vary depending on culture, time, location, and context. There are particular contexts in which nudity is tolerated, accepted, or even encouraged in public spaces. In Europe, such contexts include nude beaswithin some intentional communities such as naturist resorts or clubs and at special events.

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Such special events can be understood by expanding the historical concept of Carnivalwhere otherwise transgressive behaviors are allowed on particular occasions, to include other mass nudity public events. Examples include the Solstice Swim in Tasmania part of the Dark Mofo festival and World Naked Bike Rides. Germany is known for being tolerant of public nudity in many situations. In the United States inthe city council of San FranciscoCalifornia, banned public nudity in the inner-city area.

This move was met by harsh resistance because the city was known for its liberal culture and had previously tolerated public nudity. Naturism or nudism is a subculture advocating and defending private and public nudity as part of a simple, natural lifestyle.

Naturists reject contemporary standards of modesty that discourage personal, family and social nudity. They instead seek to create a social environment where individuals feel comfortable being in the company of nude people and being seen nude, either by other naturists or by the general public. The social sciences, until the middle of the 20th century, often studied public nakedness, including naturism, in the context of deviance or criminality.

A nude beach, sometimes called a clothing-optional or free beach, is a beach where users are at liberty to be nude. Such beas are usually on public lands.

Nude beas may be official legally sanctione unofficial tolerated by residents and law enforcementor illegal but so isolated as to escape enforcement. In a picture-making civilization, pictorial conventions continually reaffirm what is natural in human appearance, which is part of socialization. In Western societies, the contexts for depictions of nudity include informationart and pornography. Any ambiguous image not easily fitting into one of these categories may be misinterpreted, leading to disputes.

The nude human figure has been one of the subjects of art from its Paleolithic beginnings, and a major preoccupation of Western art since the ancient Greeks. In The Nude: a Study in Ideal FormLord Kenneth Clark states that to be naked is to be deprived of clothes, and implies embarrassment and shame, while a nude, as a work of art, has no such connotations.

Distinct from the nude artworks created, sessions where artists work from live models are a social situation where nudity has a long tradition. The role of the model both as part of visual art education and in the creation of finished works has evolved since antiquity in Western societies and worldwide wherever western cultural practices in the visual arts have been adopted.

At modern universities, art schools, and community groups " art model " is a job, one requirement of which is to pose "undraped" and motionless for minutes, hours with breaks or resuming the same pose for days as the artwork requires. Photography of groups of nude people in public places has been done around the world with or without official cooperation.

The gathering itself is proposed as performance art, while the resulting images become statements based upon the identities of the people posing and the location selected: urban, scenic landscapes, or sites of historical significance. The photographers including Spencer Tunick and Henning von Berg state a variety of artistic, cultural, and political reasons for their work, while those being photographed may be professional models or unpaid volunteers attracted to the project for personal reasons.

Limits on the depiction of nudity are based upon the legal definitions of indecency and obscenity. Inthe Supreme Court in Miller v. California established the three-tiered Miller test to determine what was obscene and thus not protected versus what was merely erotic and thus protected by the First Amendment. Depictions of child nudity or of children with nude adults appear in works of art in various cultures and historical periods.

These attitudes have changed over time and have become increasingly frowned upon, especially in the case of photography. During the years when film was developed by commercial photo labs, snapshots taken by parents of their nude infant or toddler children were reported to the police as possible child pornography. Nudity may be used as a part of live performances, such as dance, theater, performance art and nude body painting. Danceas a sequence of human movement, may be ceremonialsocial or one of the performing arts.

Partial or complete nudity is a feature of ceremonial dances in some tropical countries. However, some claim that modern practices may be used to promote "ethnic tourism" rather than to revive authentic traditions. Models posing on stage nude was a feature of tableaux vivants at London's Windmill Theatre and New York's Ziegfeld Follies in the early 20th century.

Right as his thoughts read conclusion, the subject of them emerged from the river. The wild dragon boy, Natsu, that had joined Gray's guild recently, climbed out, naked, and lay down onto the warm and dry grass, not opening his eyes, looking relaxed About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Before there wasn't really many ways to develop and show the NaLu relationship and feelings toward one another. Usually throwing a love triangle help to see the people concerned(in the triangle) feeling more apparently. Now we may just see how Lucy react and feel about Natsu getting it on with another chick. But I doubt Mashima will go that

By nudity was freely employed by playwrights, directors and producers not only on subjects of sexuality but regarding social injustice and war. A well-known performance that included nudity was the Broadway musical Hair in The nudity in Hair was benign compared to later productions.

Dionysus in 69a modern version of The Bacchaeincluded a chorus of nude and partially nude actors who staged a birth ritual and interacted with the audience.

Public performances that have the intent of arousing the erotic interest of an audience have an indeterminate history, generally associated with prostitution. The striptease did not end with performers entirely nude until the twentieth century, but has since evolved into the live sex show. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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