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Katie Kampenfelt Britt Robertson is an artypal version of a Lolita - a seductive, attractive, dishonest, underage girl who desires nothing more than feeling wanted and loved. She takes gap-year before beginning college and with the advice from a concerned tear, starts an anonymous blog that chronicles her thoughts, affairs and adventures. She ats on her high school boyfriend Max Carver with a year-old college film tear Justin Long who is in turn ating on his girlfriend. After he moves away, Katie is left stranded, ignored, and car-less, unable to contact him of her own accord. Despite breaking up, he still occasionally contacts her whenever he feels lonely, and after having sex, says that he regrets it. He uses his adult status as a defense for ending the relationship, saying that she is immature and he has to be the grown up in this situation. That is, until the next time he wants to use her.

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