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Semen is a viscous liquid made up of sperm, aka male reproductive cells, and various other secretions from the male reproductive system that are released during ejaculation.

Oct 0, - Explore Melissa Comstock's board "Naughty Cartoons", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about bones funny, funny, funny cartoons pins Welcoming the next generation. At Cypress Cove, we are eager to welcome and encourage the next generation of nudists. We know that many young nudists are still struggling to make it financially, and we don't want that to be an obstacle HOT NASTY TEEN depicts a seemingly well-known Sweden. But underneath the ordinary surface it simmers from suppressed desires and oppression. HOT NASTY TEEN brings a new and daring perspective to male exercise of power and sexual abuse. The cast consists of some of Sweden's most well-known actors

The concoction is masterfully designed to help sperm make their way out of the penis, reach their target, and fertilize some eggs. Mother Nature thinks of everything, right?

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Sperm cells are produced in the testicles in densely coiled tubes called seminiferous tubules. Say that 10 times fast!


After this step, called spermatogenesissperm hang out behind the testes in a long, coiled tube called the epididymiswhere they mature. When sexytime comes around, sperm conga-line through the vas deferens and the ejaculatory ducts and finally out through the urethra.

A lonely little sperm cell without any help or protection would never get to the end zone. The prostate produces a milky substance called prostatic fluid that thins the semen.

The seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands also produce fluids that go along for the ride. And each of these add-ins has an important function in baby-making.

Prostatic fluid neutralizes the slightly acidic vaginal environment, seminal fluid contains nutrients to nourish the spermand bulbourethral fluid cleans out any urine in the urethra and even provides a little lubrication for the whole cocktail to slide on through.

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Those nutrients in semen are largely there for the sperm, folks. Also remember that semen is by no means a risk-free snack. Having a smaller-than-average penis means nothing.

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Cartoon Jokes Funny Cartoons Funny Comics Funny Shit Haha Funny Funny Dogs Funny Stuff Freaking Hilarious Stupid Stuff. HOT NASTY TEEN depicts a seemingly well-known Sweden.

But underneath the ordinary surface it simmers from suppressed desires and oppression. HOT NASTY TEEN brings a new and daring perspective to male exercise of power and sexual abuse.

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The cast consists of some of Sweden's most well-known actors. Why Vimeo?

Just like all of my thoughts they always get a bit naughty When I'm out with my girls I always play a bit bitchy Can't change the way I am sexy naughty bitchy me I'm the kind of girl that girls don't like I'm the kind that boys fantasize I'm the kind that your mamma and This hot nurse and kinky doctor will make your temperature rise as both get naughty in the hospital! This sexy nurse that has a special way of getting her doctor to relax. Sexy nurse in hospital, look and laugh Click Subcribe to view more funny hot prank videos. Please leave your comments or feel free to discuss in the comments section. Your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks for watching Since we're all adults here, we can acknowledge that sometimes semen ends up in unexpected places. Fortunately, a bit of love juice isn't likely to ruin anyone's low-fat, low-cal, gluten

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