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Deviation Actions. By bullied-loser-Dork Watch. I was in the ninth grade when this incident happened. I was walking through the hallway at high school when I suddenly felt two hands on the waistband of my tighty whities. Then my underwear was pulled very hard up my butt crack. The guy that gave me the wedgie was so strong, he easily lifted me up by my underwear so I kicked around with my legs and squealed with a whiny voice:"Please let me down! Do you not like to hang out with me?

To make things worse Jake and the other jocks took up my clothes and ran away while laughing.

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The crowd of students all pointed at me, laughed at me and mocked me merciless. A few of them took pictures, some other chanted:"Baby Dick!

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Baby Dick! I left the school naked with a red head and tried to cover my teeny weeny.

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As I sat naked in the car, my mother looked at me with disbelief in her face. I started to cry from the embarrassment and humiliation and I knew that I would be bullied and mocked for the rest of my high school time.

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See More by bullied-loser-Dork. It's very coold right now and there is a lot of snow where I live. That remembers me at the snowy days at school.

Wintertime and snow offers a lot of opportunities for bullies to torment their victims. And that's exactly what my bullies did to me at school.

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One very popular winter-specific bullying technique was the "snow wedgie". That means that my bullies put snow into my underwear and then gave me a big wedgie.

It is very uncomfortable to get snow wedgied up your butt crack. My bullies really enjoyed giving me snow wedgies so I often got a cold and wet butt and wet underwear during wintertime at school.

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Sometimes they stuffed very much snow into my underwear to make it look like I wet my pants. All the other kids at school teased me about it and said I peed myself, but that wasn't true!

Something that was even worse at the schoolyard during winter was when they stripped me. Yes, sometimes they stripped me completely naked and shoved me into the snow.

Submitted by iCHIVE user KateVeg (+ Points) Nerdy chicks with glasses: code for "will ROCK you in bed" Women or girls in nerd glasses hug on pink background. Love, lgbt, relationship, romance, lesbian, lifestyle. Fashion, beauty look concept. Shy nerd. Shocked nerd men sitting near beautiful young women and looking at camera. Nerd and beauty. Confident nerd men sitting on the couch near beautiful young women and holding her hand "Would you like to see the little nerd completely naked?", asked Jake. The crowd hooted. "Took off the nerds underwear", yelled a girl and laughed. Then the jocks pulled on my underwear. I really tried to hold them but I wasn't strong enough. Two jocks forced my Arms to the ground and then Jake took off my tighty whities and threw them away

What really sucked was when. So in my sophomore year of high school I learned a valuable lesson about getting changed in a bathroom stall.

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thats a good question, anyways I went into the bathroom and got into the stall, got my uniform out and draped it over the stall doormistake number one. I stripped down to my underwearwhich may have still been tighty whitiesmistake number two, and for some reason, I put my clothes over the door right next to my uniform, at this point a quarter or something fell out of my pocket and I bent it over to pick it up, I heard a noise behind.

Nerd girls topless

loser nerd strippednaked dork embarrassing embarrassment stripped smallpenishumiliation. Published: Jan 18, Comments 5.

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Girls Order Food NAKED to Thanksgiving Dinner ??

Log In. TheRanger Feb 19, I'm sorry that happened to you. that's a riveting story.

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