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I couldnt get into this series. But Divide made something beautiful and its my obligation to share with as many people as i can. I wanna be that moody but still relatively endearing dorky girl who likes lava lamps, comics, and geeky rock music. Wait I think I am her. A new song from Divide Music and this one, this hits differently. If you are still following this page, go give this man your ears for 5 minutes and tell me you didn't fall in love with his music.

And I mean your little bear cub arms and your feet.

Did a picture inspired by mcfrontalot 's Gold Locks. Remember to lock the doors at night, young cubs. You wouldn't want to let her in now, would you?

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YES I must draw Nerd Core in what I think his God Tier would be. I will have to think about it but yes.

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Recent Top. Art Gold Locks McFrontalot Nerd core Fairy tale Question Bedtime. Examples would be Blackaliciousa group which does not claim to be nerdcore, despite science-oriented songs like "mical Calisthenics", and MF DOOMwho is heavily inspired by comic book supervillains but is generally seen as more conventional hip hop.

Conversely, one does not need to concentrate on those topics to be nerdcore: most of the songs by Frontalot do not focus narrowly on stereotypically nerdy topics. The difference is largely one of self-identification; the group Blackalicious does not identify as "nerds", while Frontalot does.

Being more defined by lyrics, nerdcore has no unifying musical sound, and the sound of nerdcore varies wildly from artist to artist. One common theme, especially in the early days of the genre, is uncleared sampling.

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MC Frontalot addressed this directly in his song "Good Old Clyde", a thank you of sorts to Clyde Stubblefield for the " funky drummer " break - which was sampled to provide the song's beat. YTCracker 's Nerdrap Entertainment System is an entire album made up primarily of samples from 8-bit Nintendo games. Another notable artist, Randomcreated an album dedicated to the Mega Man video games in titled MegaRan.

Though some artists have moved away from this-Frontalot, for example, completely remixed several songs to remove uncleared samples before releasing them commercially on his album Nerdcore Rising -it is still quite common, as most nerdcore tracks are released non-commercially and thus attract little to no attention from the RIAA. Several DJs have provided beats and done remixes for multiple nerdcore artists, most notably Baddd Spellah, who currently mixes the majority of Frontalot's tracks.

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Spellah also won a remix competition in The earliest known recorded use of the term "nerdcore hip hop" was in by MC Frontalot. However, prior to that time artists as varied as the Beastie BoysKool KeithDeltronMC Ft. JesusMC Paul BarmanDr. DreCompany Flowand MF Doom began exploring topics far outside the traditional hip-hop culture, including stereotypically "nerdy" topics like space and science fiction.

Though these underground artists were generally outside geek culture and are not considered nerdcore, they can be said to have set the stage for artists like Frontalot, who has listed several of them as influences. The Beastie Boys outer-space sci-fi themed album Hello Nasty in ; including, among other potentially influencing tracks, the spacey robotic " Intergalactic " and the distinctively video game sound themed song " Unite "; garnered mainstream recognition years ahead of the popular movement.

In the summer of the fledgling genre took a large step forward when the popular web comic Penny Arcade held its first convention, The Penny Arcade Expoin Bellevue, WA. Though the expo was primarily devoted to video and table top gaming, geek-friendly musicians also performed including Penny Arcade's "official rapper" MC Frontalot and Optimus Rhyme.

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The next year, two full concerts took place at the Penny Arcade Expo and included nerdy hip-hop acts MC Frontalot and Optimus Rhyme. Thanks to the popularity of these acts, the nerdcore fan base began to form and in some cases those fans would go on to become nerdcore artists themselves.

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Also inthe new subgenre of geeksta rap named for gangsta rap emerged, largely independently of more traditional nerdcore.

The difference was in both lyrics and attitude; the geeksta artists mostly computer scientists focused on proclaiming their prowess with computers and other technical abilities.

Innerdcore rapper Jason Z. Christie, AKA High-C created the first websites dedicated solely to the genre of nerdcore, NerdcoreHipHop. org and RhymeTorrents. Along with the websites, High-C also created the world's first all nerdcore hip-hop compilation CD. Soon after the release of the cds, Nerdcore as a genre began getting mainstream press attention.

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Each summer from July tonerdcore rappers and other nerd music acts gathered in Orlando, Florida for an event named Nerdapaloozaa nerd music charity festival based on bringing various genres of "nerd music" together into one large production. Two feature-length documentaries about the world of nerdcore were completed in earlyNerdcore Rising and Nerdcore For Life. Nerdcore Risingdirected by New York filmmakers Negin Farsad and Kimmy Gatewoo follows nerdcore pioneer MC Frontalot as he embarked on his first US tour in Nerdcore Rising premiered at the SXSW Film Conference and Festival on March 9,Nerdcore For Life at the tenth annual Wisconsin Film Festival on April 5, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Working on a League of Villains song! I got Dabi and Tomura's verses down so far and I wanna know what y'all think ???? also please do not steal this or share this without credit, I have worked pretty hard on the lyrics and I'm not even done, and I'm going to work on the music to it as well.

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If anyone sees these lyrics or this post without credit please message me, I am only posting it here. It's Shigaraki walking up on the scene, time to bow before your ruler it's the new world king.

Nerdcore is a genre of music characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds and nerdcore musician MC Frontalot has the earliest known recorded use of the term (to describe this genre) in the song "Nerdcore Hiphop". Frontalot, like most nerdcore artists, self-publishes his work and has released much of it for free online See a recent post on from @ultima about nerdcore. Discover more posts about nerdcore Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Nerdy GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY

Let the heroes try to beat me while they're sending their best, I'll make sure to turn them all to ash and ace this test! You better start running I've upgraded my Decay, pray for mercy you won't get cuz this is judgement day!

Nerdcore women gif

I'm insane they all say! Better step out of my way, cuz today, I will slay, all you heroes are my prey!

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Out in the frey, it's either die or obey, I'll leave a gory display, for all of those that betray, so just stay out of my way, while this war is underway! See it raining down ashes leave this world in decay!

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Everything that you now know will be in disarray, and the students forced in the battle who've been led astray, they don't acknowledge that there are shades of grey, thinking only in black and white we'll make them pay! Blue flames, reaching towards the sky your gonna see it!

And from the ashes of this world will rise a Phoenix!

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