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Most teenage boys first crushes come watching girls of the same age on television shows and in the movies. Belvedere or Shannon Elizabeth in American Pie. Wells has gone on to be a realtor and Elizabeth is a professional poker player. For those females who decide to stay in Hollywood after their big teenage debut and make a run at it, there are only two outcomes: success and failure. For every child star like Jodie Foster who went to amazing careers there are a hundred whose IMDb listings are full of jobs that almost nobody ever heard of and even few people have seen. The problem is, the formula is broken. It almost always results in a negative career hit, not the boost that is intended.

Here are 1 Former Disney Stars Gone Naughty. 1 Ashley Tisdale - Scary Movie 5 Ashley Tisdale had a career before Disney, but it was the TV movie High School Musical that made her a star. She also appeared as the superficial Sharpay Evans in High School Musical 2, High School Musical , and the spinoff movie Sharpay's Fabulous gogreenbabyshop.comted Reading Time: 7 mins Share innocent pictures of yourself being naughty - either obliviously or deliberately. k. Members. Online. Created Mar 10, nsfw Adult content. Get verified. Verification is not required, but can help keep you safe as well as seeming more credible. How to get started From topless to bottom-less, to full-on nude, here are the celebrities who shared naked pictures of themselves on Instagram. Rihanna, Bella Hadid, the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus and more!

Some actresses have no trouble transitioning from television to movies and others just never get the traction they need. Jessica Biel, who was carving a nice career out for herself as one of the leads in the popular, and wholesome show 7th Heaven decided to play against her good-girl image when she appeared in Powder Blue.

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The forgettable film features Biel as a stripper and includes your stereotypical gratuitous scene. Despite small roles in a few films over the years, her lasting legacy will be less about her film work and more about the fact she became Mrs.

Justin Timberlake. Katie Holmes appeared to be on the brink of major stardom when she disappeared. Shortly thereafter she became Mrs. Tom Cruise and her work sdule got very sparse. Thankfully, before she married Capt. Scientology, she appeared topless in the forgotten film The Giftas a two-timing woman trying to frame Greg Kinnear. Most of the world was introduced to Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family movies of the early s.

She spent the rest of the decade popping up regularly in movies such as Now and Then, The Ice Storm and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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InRicci crossed the clothingless threshold in the opening minutes of Proac Nationa horrible movie based on a terrific book. The next five years were bleak, with a role opposite Charlize Theron in Monster being her only big screen work of note.

Perhaps to try and jumpstart things, she took it all off again in in Black Snake Moan. She went on to regular roles in TV shows Melrose Place, Charmed, My Name is Earl and Mistressesbut her IMDb listing is decidedly lacking on movies following those two nude bombs.

In the late s, Neve Campbell looked like she was going to go onto a great career in Hollywood. She was at the end of a six-season run as the star of popular teen drama Party of Five and had top billing in the first three Scream movies.

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When she took on roles in sexy films, such as Wild Things, 54 and Investigating Sexshe kept her clothes on to the chagrin of her many male fans. Then, after a slowCampbell appeared in an extended topless scene in the forgetable When Will I Be Loved. Plato left the show due to drug abuse problems toward the end of the series.

She disappeared from Hollywood to allegedly get her act together, but found a tough time getting mainstream roles upon her return in After taking her first role with nudity in B-movie Compelling EvidencePlato was pigeonholed and soon found B-movies out of her league as softcore straight-to-video movies were the best she could get. After a handful of these, she allegedly fell back into drug use and was found dead of suicide after an overdose in After small roles in the films Lost and Delirious, Notting Hill and The Sixth SenseBarton got her first major television role in Once and Againwhich ran for a couple of seasons and then her star-making turn in The OC.

Her first role after that popular teen drama was - film Closing the Ringwhich is remembered less for its plot and more for Barton making love to her boyfriend outdoors.

Her resume shows plenty of work since then, but maybe she should have waited to take her top off for a few years to see if the career took hold first.

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The one-time wife of Lenny Kravitz whose mother played Helen Willis on The JeffersonsBonet created the template by which Elizabeth Berkley would follow years later in taking on a role with heavy sexual overtones and nudity for her first starring role in a feature film.

Playing a voodoo priestess who enjoys getting it on with Mickey Rourke while chicken blood falls from the ceiling seems like a great career move, right? As her time on Baywatch was coming to an end, Eggert, likely eager to show her more adult side appeared topless in the movie Blown Away. Nonetheless, Elizabeth Berkley, known only to the world at that point for her work as brainiac Jessie Spano on the NBC Saturday morning high school sitcom Saved by The Belldecided her first big-budget film should be one given the dreaded NC rating and feature her completely naked for a good portion of the movie.

She has guest-starred on plenty of network shows, been in a handful of Lifetime woman-in-peril movies and will never be forgotten because of Showgirlsbut if she was hoping for career quality, perhaps her top and bottom With his music and his acting choices, it's clear that Nick Jonas isn't interested in being a poster boy for innocence anymore.

It even won an Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program. The show aired for four seasons, eventually spawning a TV movie.

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InGomez took a major step toward adult stardom as a cast member of the very racy Spring Breakers. She portrayed the "good girl" in a group of hard-partying college students who fall in with a gangster while on spring break. Two years later, she made another R-rated picture, Behaving Badlythat solidified her desire to no longer be a Disney princess. She plays Nina, the high school hottie and fantasy figure for a geeky male student.

That guy of course bets a classmate that he can bed her. If you're in the mood to roll your eyes, here's the trailer.

Gomez once again plays a character who is slightly angelic in the midst of all the raunchiness, but her appearance in Behaving Badly indicates a genuine step away from the kiddie comedies in which she made her name. Additionally, Gomez's thriving musical career has been built on highly sexual songs and videos, like Hands to Myself. She has obviously kissed Waverly Place goodbye. Like Gomez, Demi Lovato got her start alongside the purple dinosaur Barney.

When she was slightly older, Disney cast her as Sonny Munroe in Sonny with a Chancetheir program about a teenager from the Midwest who gets the opportunity to join her favorite sketch TV show. Lovato quickly developed a large fan following, thanks to her ery nature and huge smile.

Disney capitalized on her popularity, having the actress star in their TV movies Princess Protection Program and Camp Rock opposite the Jonas Brothers.

Lovato eventually got more into music - and serving as a judge on The X Factor - than acting, but she did recently take a small role in two episodes of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. Based on Robert Rodriguez's ultra-violent vampire movie, the show cast her as a sexy, leather-wearing, gun-toting badass.

Not only did Lovato get to engage in some action, she even had the opportunity to do something unfathomable on the Disney Channel: drop the F-bomb. Her bid for adult recognition is even more visible in her successful pop music career.

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The hit single Cool for the Summerfor example, is an ode to bi-curiosity. Clearly, Demi Lovato is dedicated to naughtiness. When Zac Efron made his debut as Troy Bolton in 's High School Musical, you could practically hear the hearts of millions of young girls fluttering.

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Efron was a good old-fashioned heartthrob: handsome, athletic, talented, and possessing an All-American quality. The two HSM sequels confirmed that he was the real deal. As he got older, adult women started swooning as much as tween girls had previously.

Efron's non-Disney movie career failed to flourish, though. TRansitional films like 17 Again and Charlie St. Cloud didn't pull in big audiences. It wasn't until he embraced his naughty side that he found a true hit. Neighbors cast him as Teddy, the ultimate college frat boy who becomes embroiled in conflict with the couple Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne living next door. Neighbors depicts Efron drinking, taking drugs, having sex, and doing all the things Troy never would have taken part in.

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Surprisingly, the actor demonstrates a real knack for this type of comedy, giving a performance that is funny without veering into caricature, and it would seem he's found his nitch. January saw him teamed with Robert DeNiro in the appropriately titled Dirty Grandpaand he will next be seen in the Neighbors sequel and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Datesfollowed by the reportedly R-rated adaptation of Baywatch.

Efron's love interest in High School Musical was Vanessa Hudgens, who was also his girlfriend in real life for a time. The actress captivated fans young and old with her beautiful singing voice, winning personality, and movie star looks.

Unlike some of the other Disney starlets e.

11 Former Teen Stars Whose Naughty Scenes Hurt Their Career. Most teenage boys first crushes come watching girls of the same age on television shows and in the movies. Quite often, as with music, it's one-and-done and you never hear from the girl ever again sucEstimated Reading Time: 9 mins

Tisdale and Duffshe also projected substance and depth onscreen. You didn't have to look hard to see that she had something special, and young girls related to her in a big way. That's why it was so shocking when Hudgens agreed to star in Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers.

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The role finds Hudgens drinking, doing drugs, using a gun, screaming obscenities, having a swimming pool threesome with Franco and co-star Ashley Benson, and even doing a brief bit of nudity.

At the time of Spring Breakers ' release, there were reports of her young fans going to see the movie thinking it was more like an ated Beach Blanket Bingothen being horrified by the hardcore adult subject matter. Many went online to condemn her for appearing in such an intentionally provocative film. It made sense, though. Hudgens has always had a glint of mischief in her eyes, and Spring Breakers made everyone look at her in a whole new light. Even Stevens ran for three seasons and told the story of a family with two conflicting siblings, one of whom was played by a young actor named Shia LaBeouf.

His character, Louis, was known for pulling pranks and engaging in disgusting behaviors like picking his nose. LaBeouf displayed natural comedic skill in the role, effortlessly making even the most absurd of jokes work.

The show ended, but it didn't take long for him to establish himself outside the Disney corridors.

His talent was too great to be ignored. Roles in feature films like TransformersDisturbia, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull turned him into a mainstream star.

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But LaBeouf was a rebel, and apparently one not entirely comfortable with blockbuster success. He retreated to independent films, especially those that contained challenging subject matter.

A naughty streak, of course. What did these silver screen sirens have in common, other than their classic good looks and talent? Jessica Walter, 'Arrested Development' and 'Arr' star, dead Estimated Reading Time: mins 19 Disney Stars Who Grew Up To Be Very Naughty Featured 0/01/ in wow A collection of famous childhood actors who are all grown up and have a bit of a wild side Sydney Leathers stars in new Naughty America porn movie. e-mail; 0. Shares. Read Article. News videos. Horrifying moment drag racer climbs guardrail and crashes into fans. share Read Article

His naughtiest role was in enfant terrible Lars von Trier's two-part Nymphomaniac. Designed specifically to make audiences uncomfortable with all manner of sexual activity, the movie features LaBeouf's character taking a girl's virginity.

The extremely graphic, nudity-filled scene inspired the actor to toy with the press, implying that the sex was real and suggesting that he won the role only after sending von Trier pictures of his privates. Regardless of whether either of those claims are true and they probably aren'tthere's no doubt that Nymphomaniac ranks among the naughtiest projects any Disney alum has ever tackled. Perhaps no performer on this list has been more closely associated with Disney than Miley Cyrus. Her long-running show Hannah Montana was nothing short of a phenomenon.

Skai Jackson Dedicates Her Dancing With The Stars Performance To Cameron Boyce Joey King Is Teaming Up With Netflix For An Adaption Of Dystopian Novel Estimated Reading Time: mins Most of the rising stars at the top of the list are female celebs like Elle Fanning, Millie Bobby Brown, Peyton R. List, and Ariel Winter. Several of these up and coming celebrities, such as Chloe Grace Moretz and Maisie Williams, are turning 21 this year and will be removed from the list, leaving room for the next generation of Hollywood actors and actresses who will take their place 15 Teen Stars With The Hottest Bikini Bodies. Celebrities with hot bodies are always wanted, but when they show up in a tight and sexy bikini, that is a whole new story. People nowadays are hungry for their favorite celebrities showing a little b. By Aleksandra Boric Published Apr 10,

Ratings went through the roof, and Miley's face was plastered over every type of merchandising tie-in imaginable. The latter was so popular that it ranks among the highest-grossing concert docs ever.

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As far as movies go, we're cutting Miley some slack here. Most of her films have stayed firmly in the PG realm. She did, however, do a cameo in last year's Seth Rogen holiday comedy The Night Beforea movie that celebrates drug use, friendship, the yuletide, and using drugs with friends during the yuletide. Her big scene entails dispensing some profanity-laden romantic advice to Joseph Gordon-Levitt before singing the hit song "Wrecking Ball" with him.

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In real life, Cyrus makes up for the naughtiness she hasn't shown a whole lot of onscreen. She has made no secret of her drug use, while her live performances and music videos are often filled with sexual innuendo.

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She also has no compunction about being photographed nude or nearly-nude, either. Somewhere, Hannah Montana is clutching her pearls.

What's the most un-Disney-like thing you can imagine? Drug use? Nope, the answer would be "going full Nazi. The actor got his start as a cast member on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, alongside Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake.

After his time on the show ended, Gosling kicked around in various bit parts on different TV shows. Then, inhe played the role that would establish him as one of the most talented and risk-taking actors of his generation.

The Believer was a character study that cast him as a young Jewish man who turns into a Neo-Nazi.

The role required Gosling to shave his head, wear clothing emblazoned with swastikas, and spout anti-Semitic dialogue. He was nothing short of electrifying in the role, and critics and audiences sat up and paid attention. Once the movie hit DVD, it found a much bigger audience than it did in theaters.

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Gosling quickly became an in-demand actor, going on to deliver acclaimed performances in comedies Crazy Stupid Lovedramas Half Nelsonand romances The Notebook. But his career was really laund into overdrive because he had the courage to leave his Disney days behind and play the kind of character most actors would be too terrified to go anywhere near. Do you have any other favorite examples of former Disney stars who went naughty?

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