About Us

My name is Katie and I’m a green Mom. I have a wonderful supportive husband, Kenny, and a spunky daughter, Brynne, born in February 2010.

Like all new mothers, my pregnancy got me thinking about my role as a parent. I wanted to make decisions that were natural and healthy for her and had a limited impact on the environment.

Our Passion for Sustainability and Living Green

Our family is a huge advocate for living green, and we feel it’s an even more important lifestyle choice now that we have a baby. We use only cloth diapers, love to grow vegetables in our garden, make our own baby food, shop locally, and buy second hand or re-use products to minimize our contribution to the landfill. Initially many of our friends and family were skeptical about cloth diapers and natural parenting. However, our experience has shown how fun and easy it can be, even when using cloth diapers.

Go Green Baby Company is a reflection of our passion for sustainability, and desire to share our experience with those who want to live green while raising a family. My background as a social worker and working with adoptive families has helped me to appreciate the power families have to make a positive impact on the world. Each of your personal choices make a difference, and you can start by teaching your child about sustainable living at a young age.

Our goal at Go Green Baby Company is to provide families with information and support, offer a way to connect with like-minded parents, and serve as a resource for fun, affordable, top quality green products for kids. Most importantly, we want to educate people about the cost savings, positive environmental impact and health benefits of using cloth diapers.

About Our Products

At Go Green Baby Company, we are dedicated to carrying and selling products in alignment our ethical and moral beliefs. That means all items listed on our site are sourced from sustainable materials (hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, etc.) that use low impact dyes. We also disclose all ingredients for body care products and list the origin of each brand.

We take care to source as many items as possible from small, independent manufacturers and companies that share our beliefs and dedication to fair trade values.  One of our personal passions is supporting local companies run by Mom’s or families with similar green values, and selling items that educate or curb environmental impact.

It’s important for you to feel confident your money is going to support companies and earth-friendly products that benefit and fairly compensate workers around the world, and we are here to make that easy and fun.

Our Dedication to Customer Service

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible customer service and to let you know how much we appreciate you! We are well aware you have many choices for shopping online, and are grateful you chose Go Green Baby Company.

If you have any questions about products, materials or cloth diaper services, please email us at gogreenbabyco@gmail.com or info@gogreenbabyco.com or call us at 303-775-9906.

We love talking to customers, so please leave a message if we are unable to connect right away.

Here’s to living green!